Flexible Privacy Screens That Act as Sound Absorber

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Imaging when you want to endulge your mind into a new level of thinking or meditation while sitting on a chair, but you don’t want any extra distrations except the ones from your innermost mind, but things around you would not let you concentrate but kept interfering. Or may be you want to read but there were noise interference cutting into your peace, but unfortunately you got hold of a flexible privacy Screen that not only shield you away from the view of those disturbances but went further to do wonders


A Hungary-born, Austria-based industrial designer Brigitta Nemeth designed a privacy screen concept that not only looks pretty cool, it adapts to your needs as they change. Most screens are fixed or they’re big and awkward making it difficult to move around, but PAIS lets you set your own boundaries when you need them.
PAIS privacy screens are flexible letting them be rotated around your work surface thanks to a magnets. Besides increasing privacy, the screens act as acoustic panels to absorb any sound you make as well as the sounds around you helping to dial down the noise.

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The embedded magnets let you attach it to any table with a metal edge.



The irregular shapes add more visual interest as do the fun colors.


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