10 Artistic things you may not know improves your lifestyle

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Maybe you know or you don’t know them. Or maybe you do them but haven’t taken them seriously, not having in mind that they are what can add spices to your life, making it adorable. Well if you don’t know or you know but haven’t taken the act of mind relaxation and spiritual fulfilment seriously, let us go deep on those things that when you do can improve the way you live your life in artistic way.

10) Strolling

Have you ever taken a simple walk with someone maybe from residence to a little far distance on a cool evening and then to come back after a while. Upon doing that you may feel the cool gentle bleeze of the evening sun reaching your innermost soul. You were talking with your partner, looking around and down the beautiful street as you while away time along the street with gentle and steady movement. That is a leisurely stroll. It’s one of the free gifts where you do forget your worries and enlightens your spirit. Staying one place for a long time may clump your muscles and let irrelevant thoughts or sorrowful experience to be flashing our mind which might even lead to depression. To ease the dreadful thought and straighten out you mind, you may choose to take a stroll down the street and take a sightseeing
You’ll need to stroll for about three hours to burn 600 calories if you are the kind that wants to walk on your body fitness. Making strolling enjoyable by walking through the mall for three hours or by taking your children to the zoo for the afternoon can be a way to get body fitted and then elevate your lifestyle. ..Life well manage is a life lived in a creative way

9) Going For Shows

As an enlightened being, all knows the power of watching. Though it may mare us but it can make us higher humans. Nature has it that we are so endowed and so pleased when we saw beautiful things of art. Art has its one thousand spiced up ways of making itself very interesting. Music is an art and musicians has shown us over the years many ways they can thrill and make us happy on stage to the extent that people collapse on a heat of happiness, just like the days of Michael Jackson The happiness you get from being excited as you watch your best music star performing right on stage is one hell of an addition to life and health improvement . If you are not a music fan something else like Cinema can enhance your lifestyle and improve you happiness. You may map out the movie genres you cherish and choose to attend them with your special ones during film festival. It will make you feel spiritually satisfied when you remember the good times you have had.

8) Picnics or Historic Travelling

Do you remember those ancient Egyptian pyramids in Africa or the wonderful ruin Pompeii city in Rome you use to hear without seeing them in reality? There is nothing like going afar for the sake of life pleasure. Those who go as far as a they could wander far places to see special artefacts in museums, ruined ancient sites, tourist centres, wonderful forest, mountains etc were not doing it to show off how far their legs can go. Its just for fun and lifestyle improvement. Even for ages, companies and government has understood the need of giving leaves to their workers. It was just for them to have time to travel to some place and have fun to cool their brain down from too much pressure experiences in working environment; cause all work and no play makes jack a doll boy. The memories of ancient artefacts, precious rocks from mountains, artefacts from museums and the stories you heard about them, tourist centres and many more can replace one hell of a depressing thought that choose to wreck your spiritual energy. Thus a mind filled with images of beautiful adventures is lively mind.

7 Playing Musicals

Music is an organised sound which is pleasing to the ear. It’s a universal language of the soul. Feeding you soul with a better music is one of those things that make you feel like your feet are not touching the ground, just like the influence of drugs. If you don’t know how to play any of the musical instruments you have to go and find your favourites to learn how to play them. Ask a pianist how fulfilled and energetically aroused they feel when they express their feelings with their magic fingers on the key board. The way the mind directs the fingers under a reflex action in combination with the sounds of different notes which is a result returned messes up with their souls and chase away unhappiness. If you already have a favourite instrument which you know how to play, don’t let it rot. You may even choose to join orchestra in your church, school or any nearby musical band because it will bring you happiness

6) Playing Like a Child

Playing like a chiild
You play like a child they used to say. But do you know that children way of playing most a time brings more happiness that adult method of playing. The beautiful child’s method of playing is in resonance with the nature of their brain; a brain not yet filled with sorrow, a brain free from grudges, a brain free from desires from earthly pursuit of materialism, a brain free from too much worries. Trying to be in resonance with a child brain can keep off chunk and chunk of desires of filthy things of nature which has been killing the peace of a matured mind for ages. So how can you achieve this inner peace; playing like and with children once in a while.

5) Meditation

Side view of woman sitting in lotus position on lakeshore with focus on stack of stones

Side view of woman sitting in lotus position on lakeshore with focus on stack of stones

Brutal force is just a mare force it comes from the body, a force you give out when you are full of strength is the real force, and it’s an inner art or spiritual art. A force not so stressed to let out to do work makes you at ease. Meditation is a practice where an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realise some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content, or as an end in itself. It’s meant to enable its practitioner to enjoy an indestructible sense of well-being while engaging in any life activity.
Meditation means awareness. Whatever you do with awareness is meditation. “Watching your breath” is meditation; listening to the birds is meditation. As long as these activities are free from any other distraction to the mind,
It describes a state of consciousness, when the mind is free of scattered thoughts and various patterns . The observer (one who is doing meditation) realises that all the activity of the mind is reduced to one. Meditation gives you relaxation, inner peace of mind and automatically builds a natural strength inside you without stress. With this inner strength, it prepares you for any life activity were the full strength is converted to a real force. When you engage in meditation, you are not shaken by any sudden attack as our mind is already trained to absorb effects thus improving your lifestyle and then living longer.

4 Listening to you favourites

Everybody has their favourite music, TV shows, games etc. We have many genres of music of which everyone has its own peculiar taste. Some aged men and women loves old blues which reminds them how beautiful was life even during their youths. It reminds them those things they did that were one of the best things they have ever done in life. Reminding your best in life is one of the best assurance that you are worth living your life. Some people love Jazz music in which the love was directed to some jazz music made by special artist like Tony Bennett, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Antonio Adolfo etc.
TV shows has its own favouritism, where some shows are loved more by some people than other people who in turn have the ones they loved most. Shows like Britain Got talents, Big brother Africa, Big Brother Naija, Opera show, Game of Thrones, The Big Band Theory, Telemundo etc has their own speciality. It gives a great joy knowing full well that your favourite show is by the corner……by that way you are fulfilled.

3) Time for Fruit meal

Fruits and lots
Fruits and lots of fruits are used to spice up the taste of life. There is no person on diet in this world that was ever advised to stay away from fruits. A person who makes fruit his/her constant meal speciality has made his/her own world of freshness. Looking fresh both in mind and in body makes you a real living human. The natural Vitamins it gives as we know it is one of the best nourishing nutrients. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

2) Waters

Water for drinking, water for swimming, water for playing, water for cooking, water for life, and water for many many things. Drinking a cup of water in the morning before meal, before going to bed, apart from the intermittent times you take water is one of the best thing that will happen to your circulatory system. A Well digesting digestive system leads to a well circulatory system which in turn leads to a healthy life . A healthy life is a happy life. Indulging in a constant swimming frees your mind from depressing thoughts and nourishes your skin. Women who love to swim always are adding to their cosmetic beauty without further ado. An improved beauty is an improved happiness and lifestyle. Showering yourself once in a while whether sweating or not or whether coming back from days work or not refreshes you mind and set it into a new dimension of thought and ideas. You can really tell how you feel when you shower after sweating or feeling bodily unease. Imagine when you do that not less than three times a day and tell me how you will easily divorce you spouse due to marriage problem. Scuba Diving, Canoeing and other forms of sports done in waters is a perfect way to uplift you spirit and make you really present in the world

1) Going a Little Off-limits

Have you ever done prank on a close co-worker in your office, may be mildly shouting on him that his car is burning outside or behaving to be dead in your office chair while your co-worker barged in, making him/her to be tensed up for a while. As a lady have you ever gone out to work without undies knowing full well that men might find out you are bare inside, haha don’t say i told you. As a man, have you ever gone out with a polo with ‘Fuck you lady’ written in the front. Well don’t misunderstand me, even if you can’t do those, there are many funny taboos that your mind can accept and have never done before by you. Even if you have done them, do them once in a while again. . In the movie ‘That Awkward Moment’ Jason went a little off limit when he went to Ellie’s party wearing a dick that was dangling around as he walks, which the reason of why Ellie’s father liked him. Look how happy Ellie was because her boyfriend did a little awkward thing.
Just like what Ryan (Jake Johnson) and Justin (Damon Wayans) did in the movie ‘Let’s be Cops’ when they wore Police Uniform claiming to be going to a Costume party which turn out to be a masquerade party. Look how happy they were claiming to be cops because it’s what they have never experienced before: the respect and the buzz in being a cop. The fun they had on the uniform were like no other fun simply because they choose to go a little off limit.
By Aneke Francis

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