10 Creepy ways characters Died in the Horror Movie; ‘The Collection’

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Just like we know what always happen in Horror movies which The Collector is among. Everyone knew it holds nothing more that spontaneous deaths of victims of the villain who meets their mischief in one way or the other, Now let’s explore deep into the one famous movie ‘The Collection’ where Randal Archal as the Collector kills his victim with many method as he pleases

10* Massacre from a rolling, rotating cycle of blades


When Elena sees a trunk in a room she ran into, she then hears something moving inside. She cautiously opens it, only to have a person fly out of it. That person is Arkin O’Brien (Josh Stewart). Arkin is bloody and incoherent, and pleads for Elena’s help. She is freaked out by his appearance. Suddenly, Arkin tells her to watch out and pushes her out of the way. We see why. A crossbow planted in the vent just shot off an arrow that would have killed her. Unfortunately, that trap has set off every other trap in the club including the main attraction, a rolling, rotating cycle of blades in the main dance floor.

As Brian is tending to his broken nose (caused by Elena) in the party dance floor filled with teenagers, he notices the blades and promptly freaks out. He tries to warn people to no avail. The blades cause a wave of destruction, eviscerating everyone in their path (at least 40 to 50 people), including Josh.

9.Large blades shoots off from the hallway killing Brian and a party goer

Brian death

In the hallway were Elena came to escape, there are other trip wires. Brian and others try to escape down the hallway, but set off a trap, throwing out large blades that stab Brian and another partygoer to death.

8.Steel Iron roof compresses down on victims in a trapped steel cage.

2_The crushing metal roof2

Missy and a few others try to escape down another hallway, but steel doors surround her and a dozen others in a cage. The Collector is on top and presses a switch that pushes the roof down. He intends to compress them to mush. Elena sees this and must watch in horror as her best friend missy and many others are crushed to death. The Collector looks at Elena. She runs back the way she cam.

7.Brutal Knife Stabbing

4_The stabing
Arkin and the mercenaries head inside while Lin stays outside. However, in picking the lock of the door of the hotel where the collector was hiding for years, Arkin has set off an alarm. The Collector forgets his pursuit of Elena and goes to handle his new problem. Lucello told Lin to wait outside to guide the door. Then as Lin was waiting outside, looking sideways in anticipation of what is to come. Suddenly the collector appears in front of him right with a Sharp knife, holds him on the neck, pulls him down and began to stab all around his torso including his chest and Lin was shouting without a chance to withdraw himself from the uncountable brutal stabbing. When the collector was about to give what looked like one final strike, Lin held the sharp Knife from the sharp edge without minding he was hurting his palm. The collector pulls it from his palm cutting deep into his palm, the he gave Lin a one final death stab and he went cold.

*The same brutal stabbing when back in the aquarium trophy room, Paz and Elena are shocked by what they see. The Collector quickly jumps up behind them and kills Paz with a double knife stab into her shoulder blades depriving her to even gasp for breath.
7_paz death3

* After killing of Paz Just as The Collector is about to kill Arkin, Lucello surprises them all by showing up alive.
Lucello and The Collector who was about to kill Arkin got into a knife fight. They take turns stabbing each other until The Collector gets the drop on Lucello and stabs him. Elena sees this and cries in horror. Lucello directs Arkin to kill The Collector, then the killer stabs him deeply a few more times until Lucello dies.

8_collector stabing the leader of the mescenery

6.Brasil head was blasted by a bomb.

5_Head exploded by bomb-Basil
Arkin and the group are walking down a hallway when they see a man coming towards them. They tell him to stop. The man who was Brasil was crying and pleading when they hear beeping. The killer put an explosive around his neck.  The poor boy head exploded, shocking the group

5.Metal spikes shots down on Dre


In the process of Brasil head blasting, Dre sets off a trap that causes several metal spikes to shoot down and skewer him in several places, killing him.

4.Merciless slitting of throat of a crucified woman.

The woman on the wall

Arkin hears a woman call out. He finds the  woman crucified to the wall, begging for help. Arkin hears The Collector coming and has to hide. The Collector comes up to the woman, quetly held his left pointing finger across her mouth, signalling her to shut up. The woman did even though she was still snuffing, the Collector quickly slit her throat with his sharp Knife. The horrified Arkin was unable to do anything.

3.sharp hook, hooks Wally through the jaw.


Arkin sees the door for the main room when he is knocked out from behind. It is Lucello and the surviving members of his team, Wally and Paz. Arkin sees The Collector in the rafters preparing a sharp hook and tries to warn them, but they aren’t willing to listen, given he tried to bail on them. The Collector hooks Wally through the Jaw which came out from the mouth and yanks him up hard,  he struggles till life run out of him

2.Shooting of Innocent deranged victims of the collector.


They are suddenly attack by a deranged person who tackles Arkin. Paz puts a bullet in the person’s head and pulls Arkin up. Investigating further, they realize it was a Collector victim. Arkin explains the ones that displease him the most, The Collector drugs to the point of madness and uses them as crazed foot soldiers for his games. Arkin and the team are rushed by many more of the hopeless zombie-like victims released by The Collector who found them. Lucello and his team open fire, killing several. Arkin even kills one by stabbing them in the face with his pen light. They get into another room and board the door, shocked by what they have already witnessed.

1.Mechanized iron maiden closed up on Abby.


Abby then turns on the group, locking the door with them stuck in the room, and starts screaming and waving at the camera to get The Collector’s attention. Being his captive so long has afflicted Abby with Stockholm syndrome. Paz tries to shut her up, but Abby says The Collector will kill them all. Paz punches her, and Abby steps on some planted nails. Those nails set off a mechanized iron maiden that takes her and stabs her from all sides, killing her.

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