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We know that diminishing return tells us what happens when you kept on incrementally increasing a single factor of production, that there would be a decrease in the marginal (incremental) output of a production process…. But the thing is that this would not only have effect on agriculture but behaviours of human in the society as well. There is limit to which one can receive an effect before he began to feel feed up and be triggered to back off. This effect of diminishing return has been there in the society but the truth is that the effect is now being felt heavily, all the way down to the modern society. People who have been tolerating some cause of an effect were now gradually being feed up and fighting back to the cause. Some of the retaliations has fully emerged that we don’t need to guess what is happening. Just like woman were now feed up to the effect of the cause of maltreatment, let’s look more in dept to more effect of this so called diminishing return on our modern society.


10) Transgender people On The Loose


People who were identify as transgender or transsexual were usually people who were born with typical male or female anatomies but feel as though they’ve been born into the “wrong body.” For example, a person who identifies as transgender or transsexual may have typical female anatomy but feel like a male and seek to become male by taking hormones or electing to have sex reassignment surgeries. These people have internal experience of gender identity that is opposite to the one assigned to them at birth. Because of these conditions they found it difficult to blend with the society since a male who was having internal experience of having a female gender identity can barely hide the expression from the cultural humans and female who was having an internal experience of having a male gender identity can barely hide the expression from the cultural humans. They were maltreated because a society believes a man should be a man and a woman should be a woman.

A man who was assigned a male from birth and really having internal expression of his gender to be male must have an opposite attraction for the opposite sex; female likewise  who was female sex assigned from birth and really was feeling as woman must have an attraction to men. Perhaps this is what the society condones, But however the case is different for those transgender ones who were feeling as though they were trapped into the body they don’t deserve. They were unfortunately attracted to the sex which they totally were having internal experience that they shouldn’t have been assigned by birth. In other wards a male who feels he shouldn’t be male and have a female expression must be attracted to his own sex; male. In the other hand a female who feels she shouldn’t  be female and have a male expression must be attracted to his own sex; female. But unluckily this type of attraction wasn’t fit in the society and was never accepted. Marginalization due to religious beliefs tied their own attraction down.

They don’t openly express their sexual urge to themselves and to the same sex. In some society one can violently stone you to death if you were caught in the act.  Several laws were already there to prohibit the act of this kind. Me myself I will personally kill you if you make such advances towards me. Most transgender were not open to their want because many were maltreated and even sentenced and killed in the process.

Joseph Lobdell (born in 1829 as Lucy Ann Lobdell), lived as a man for sixty years and due to this was arrested and incarcerated in an insane asylum.

But Behold; enough is enough, it happened that the rate at which transgender people hides their nature started decreasing, they began to speak out without fear. All these turn over set in around 19th century.

In 1895 in USA, a group of self-described androgynes in New York organized a club called the Cercle Hermaphroditos, based on their wish “to unite for defense against the world’s bitter persecution”.

In 1965 150 gender non-conforming people came to Dewey’s Coffee Shop in Philadelphia to protest the fact that the shop was refusing to serve young people in “non-conformist clothing.  After three protesters refused to leave after being denied service they, along with a black gay activist, were arrested.

In june 2 2016, The USA Massachusetts House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a bill that would protect transgender people and permit them to use restrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity

Bill H.4343 passed 116-36 after hours of heated debate, the Boston Globe reported. The bill protects transgender people from discrimination in shopping malls, libraries, restaurants and other public places.


9) More Young Men Into Hard Business

9_drugs Cartels

Thai police officers watch over alleged Malaysian members of a drugs trafficking gang sitting behind a haul of confiscated heroin and crystal methamphetamine during a press conference at Central Investigation Bureau in Bangkok, Thailand, on 24 March 2016. Photo: EPA

Poverty as we know it today has been there for ages. Always up to 90% of the population of the world were found in the left side of Robert Kiosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant. On this left side of the quadrant was made of two groups of people, the employees who have their own job and self employed, those who own their own job. Despite that large number of people has a job, the salaries were somehow not even close to enough to satisfy their numerous want. Even though some has their own job, most of the income they get were channelled  not only in one pressing needs but as many as pressing needs of the self own job person; to the extent that he barely have the money with which to get more goods to furnish his business. At last it now generally happen that those two groups in the left side of the Cash flow quadrant would never set themselves into financial freedom and therefore constitute up to 90% of the population.

This kind of positions where found mainly in West Africa and the Asia. But in a bid to remove one self from this hardness into a world of financial freedom, people began to engage into hard business more and more. Most people now believe that the only way out of poverty is by doing Hard business. Drug trafficking began to go on increase. Robbery of any kind is rampant, whether by embezzlement or by robbery itself.

  • 2,143 Mexican women have been arrested in the U.S. over the past decade for involvement in drug trafficking — and 46 female cartel leaders have been arrested by Mexican authorities as of last October — as cartels have been increasingly placing women in key management roles.
  • In 2009 U.S. authorities found 2,400 marijuana plants belonging to La Familia Michoacana cartel in rural North Carolina.
  • 8,500 trucks from Zetas’ stronghold in northeastern Mexico cross into Texas on a daily basis.

Busted drug traffickers in 2013 were primarily male, approximately 85.8 percent with an average age of 35 years; 73.7 percent were US citizens and almost half, 49.5 percent, had little to no prior criminal history. The majority of drug trafficking offenders arrested in 2013 were Hispanic, at 47.9 percent, while 26.7 percent were black, 22.3 percent were white, and 3.1 percent were other races. Almost all drug trafficking offenders sentenced in 2013 went to prison, 96.3 percent, with an average sentence length of 72 months.  Sentences varied depending on the type of drug trafficked, with the biggest penalties for crack cocaine and meth, and the lightest sentences for marijuana-related offenses. Over 30 percent of all offenses in 2013 in USA  were related to drug trafficking, and 22,215 cases of drug trafficking were reported to the United States Sentencing Commission in the 2013 fiscal year.

West African country like Nigerians  go abroad in bid to make money to set themselves free from poverty, but unfortunately they ended up doing drug trafficking. In 2015 King Emeka Emehelu,39, and Aduaka Chuka Christopher, 38, are automobile technician and baker respectively. They had travelled to Brazil in search of greener pastures but failed, thus promoting their return to Nigerian. They were, however, apprehended with cocaine at the Lagos Airport . Emehelu was caught with two parcels of cocaine that weighed 1.595kg hidden in his luggages, while Aduaka was found to have ingested five wraps of cocaine weighing 80 grammes.


8) Free The Nipple Movement On The Loose (Women are tired of putting their breast behind bars)


Along the line in time, every gender has to cover up any areas of the body deemed as sexual. Women have to wear bras to cover up the part of the body that was felt to arouse men when bared. More especially the nipple has to be covered. Even when your breastfeeding your baby, it has to be done out of the sight of men and even women. It was considered indecent in many societies when a woman breast is seen let alone her breast.

At a point, female fashion has been engineered that most dressing need to be worn without bras and some women followed that idea and began to go out braless at times. They began to feel what its like to avoid the scorching effect of bras, as some claims. A woman would be working at which you can only detect she was braless was by her dangling breast from within.

As if that was not enough, as if that was not affecting the peace of men, On July 5, 1946, French designer Louis Reard unveils a daring two-piece swimsuit at the Piscine Molitor, a popular swimming pool in Paris. Parisian showgirl Micheline Bernardini modeled the new fashion, which Reard dubbed “bikini,” In prudish America, the bikini was successfully resisted until the early 1960s, when a new emphasis on youthful liberation brought the swimsuit en masse to U.S. beaches. Women began to wear some bras that almost cover nothing to beaches.

As if that was not enough, in a bid to still prove that women have to be treated equally as men. A woman should go topless since their male counterparts were accepted by norm to go topless. Now the effect of diminishing return has set its course straight that women now fight to be topless not even with tiny bras again. The debate about exposed nipples intensified in 2015.: the search term “Free the Nipple” surpassed phrases like “equal pay” and “gender equality” in terms of interest, according to Google trends, to the extend there was a twitter page dedicated to it. Free the Nipple is a gender equality campaign named after Lina Esco’s 2014 film Free the Nipple.

In June 2016 Hundreds of men and women gathered topless on Brighton beach for the ‘Free the Nipple’ campaign to make the sight of breasts more normal. Two hundred women and men paraded topless around Brighton Beach at the weekend to highlight controversial social media policies about banning female nipples.


7) Sexual Violence Outbreak

Sexual Violence Photo credit: consented.ca

Sexual Violence Photo credit: consented.ca

Before 21 century, when the rate of sexual violence was minimal, people do hold onto their control. As sex and its gadgets were being promoted through internet, media and prostitution, people began to lose control of their urge for sex. The rate of rape around the world began to increase that in most cultures not a day will go without a case of rape. It is estimated that there are as many as 200,000 surviving rape victims living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo today. A new study says more than 400,000 women are raped in the Democratic Republic of Congo annually.

In 2012 in Brazil, there were 6,029 rapes in the state of Rio de Janeiro; 4,993 of the victims were women. On average, 416 women a month were raped that year and according to Rio’s state Institute of Public Security (ISP) the rate of rape in the state is 37 per 100,000 population for victims of both sexes. Rio’s civil police state that in the first quarter of 2013, 1,822 rapes were committed, while only 70 persons were arrested for these crimes; the victims were generally women between the ages of 20 and 30, coming from any social class.

And so were other statistics from other country having an increase in the rate of rape as years goes by. Sexual harassment was not free from the game as its also were eating deep into the society. In a recent survey of schoolgirls in Lusaka, Zambia, 53% reported that girls in their school have experienced sexual harassment.

Check out the 10 Weird New Child Rape Cases and see some individual case of rapes meted out on children.

All these were reduction in self control of libido due to how the society is being structured day in and day out. Finally, bear you in mind that not all rape, sexual violence and sexual harassment cases are being reported or treated annually as they occurred, this is to keep you of guard that rape and sexual violence cases are still on rampage but not decreasing.


6) Feminism On The Loose.


Over the course of time throughout ancient histories around the world, women were sidelined in societal duties. As civilizations transformed from matrilineal and communal societies into male-driven (patriarchal) societies with rigid class divisions and emphasis on property ownership, those male-driven cultures reduced the status of women.

The first signs of patriarchy were the ancient humans of the Neolithic Era, which encompassed from about 10,200 BCE to between 4,500 and 2,000 BCE, who relied on a system where men were the hunters of a tribe and women the gatherers.

Patriarchy was furthered at the end of the Neolithic Era when women began to be traded as commodities. This was seen in arranged marriages between families or villages, women being used to have sex with visitors as a deed of hospitality by tribal chiefs, and the ritual rapes during festivals to insure prosperity. Women were treated as commodities, and from a young age became accustomed to this identification. Women’s values lay in their reproduction, especially in farming villages. In these villages, more people were needed to work the land and sustain the population, so women were expected to produce a large amount of offspring. Children became an economic asset, and if women were unable to produce them, they were seen as all but worthless.

As culture evolved, the patriarchal society grew increasingly misogynistic. Ancient Greece played a large role in the increase of patriarchal practices. A woman during this time did not even have custody over her children as they belonged to her husband. Additionally, if a woman committed adultery, they would either be banished or executed where men, who would occasionally suffer penalties, had many legal sexual outlets.

But unfortunately, diminishing return began to set in; women began to feel tired of the malicious deeds brought upon them by men.In a number of domains women have gained more rights in recent times. For example, as we have noted, women have gained the right to vote, there are now more women elected to parliaments and there are now women in military and elite schools although they remain a small minority in most cases. These changes have been achieved through the revolutionary struggles in the 19th and 20th Centuries for women’s suffrage.There are an increasing number of women in leadership positions. Even among religions, there are a few sects in which women can now become priests, although that is still not the case for some of the largest religious bodies such as the Roman Catholic Church. In relationship girls hardly allow the male to be a dominating one, rather they want it equal to equal relationship if not for them to be the leader.

As of now a woman is about to be the next president of United State, a position which has never occurred in history.


5) Children with Violence and Disrespectfulness on increase


We’ve all heard the complaints. Today’s children are more disrespectful, undisciplined, and have a greater sense of entitlement than ever before. Alfie Kohn talks about this in his article Spoiled Rotten: A Timeless Complaint. He notes that “Parents today, weren’t informed, either can’t or won’t set limits for their children. Instead of disciplining them, they coddle and dote and bend over backward to shield them from frustration and protect their self-esteem. The result is that we’re raising a generation of undisciplined narcissists who expect everything to go their way, and it won’t be pretty — for them or for our society — when their sense of entitlement finally crashes into the unforgiving real world.”

For decades upon decades, we have raised children with fear (Do you want a spanking?), punishment (You’re grounded for a week!), shame (You’re such a naughty little girl), and coercion (If you don’t pick up your toys, I’m throwing them in a trash bag!). We’ve become so wrapped up in “raising them right” that we’ve forgotten how to love them right. We’ve bought into the so-called experts advice of not spoiling them with too much attention, letting them cry it out, and not sparing the rod, and we’ve pushed aside our own instincts. Thus, parents have drawn a line between themselves and their children that dare not be crossed. “I’m your parent, not your friend!”

Even at these modern time when  Instead of punishing a child ,you teach. Instead of hitting, you hug. Instead of isolating, you get close. Instead of coercion, you cooperate. Instead of conditional love,you  love unconditionally; still the rate at which the number of disrespectful and undisciplined children were output into the society increases. Modern children now lack respect and are involving into violent as days goes by. In July 2015 An 8-year-old boy was shot and wounded by a 16-year-old boy during a fight between two groups of people in Charleston, South Carolina.

A boy named Jordan Brown who was 11 when he was accused of killing his father’s pregnant fiancée and her unborn son in 2009 was found guilty of the slayings in 2012.

In Nigeria, teenagers are now involving in what is known as Junior cult which is even violent like the senior counterpart.


4) People Are Tired Of Suffering; Immigration To better Land On Increase.


Ethiopia, Two hundred suspected human smugglers (Source: Reuters)

In most societies, people are tired of the environment they found themselves probably because of poor standard of living, decease outbreak or government insecurity. Where must we go, we who wander this wasteland, in search of our better selves. They began to sought for better livelihood of which most of them had believe it can only be found outside of their premises. Though migration to another land has been a thing of history…But not until the fact that people were tired of where they are and now searching for a better livelihood in other places. Emigration to other country began to increase most from low countries of the third world.

In 2014, Mexican immigrants accounted for approximately 28 percent of the 42.4 million foreign born in the United States, making them by far the largest immigrant group in the country. India, closely trailed by China (including Hong Kong but not Taiwan), and the Philippines were the next largest countries of origin, accounting for about 5 percent each. El Salvador, Vietnam, Cuba, and Korea (3 percent each), as well as the Dominican Republic and Guatemala (2 percent each), rounded out the top ten. Together, immigrants from these ten countries represented close to 60 percent of the U.S. immigrant population in 2014.

In 2015 there is 46,627,102 immigrant to USA,19.8% of the world immigrants, still in 2015 in Germany 12,005,690 immigrants entered , a  4.9% of the world immigrant that year, probably most of these people were looking for a better livelihood than from where they are before.

Illegal immigration from Africa to Europe is significant. Many people from poor African countries embark on the dangerous journey for Europe, in hopes of a better life. In parts of Africa, particularly Mauritania and Morocco, trafficking of immigrants to Europe has become more lucrative than drug trafficking. But some illegal immigrants die during the journey and most of them who do not get asylum get deported back to Africa

Refugees currently residing in the Turkish Republic are now considered ‘guests’ and therefore count towards the immigrant population of the Republic. News outlets and governmental bodies have all taken to the use of the word ‘migrant’ than ‘refugee’.


3)More Cases Of Tooth For A Tooth And Eye For An Eye

2_Eye foe an eye

Gone are the days when people ignore the action their fellow human meted out on them. People now live by the sword, ready to defend themselves from incomings. People are now eager to guard themselves and fight you if you fight them. A tooth for a tooth is now the slogan. In a bid to fight when fought and get ready to defend oneslf has resulted to gun right movement in USA. People now found the need to hold gun to get ready for whatever violence on the way against them. Most   times those gun activist has it that they need not to wait for police to come for help when in serious trouble threatening their life rather they should take out action before they are consumed on waiting for police help

The number of legally owned guns in England and Wales is at its highest level for 20 years, new figures reveal. There were more than 1.3 million shotguns and 525,125 other firearms covered by licences at the end of March, official data showed. It was also revealed that the number of holders of some guns is at its highest level for more than a quarter of a century. There were 153,603 firearms certificates, which cover guns other than shotguns such as rifles, on issue earlier this year – the highest number since 1988. A certificate can cover several guns.

In western Africa were guns are not easily within the reach of the masses, they go by other means to individually protect themselves such as local charms from the native doctors. In Igbo tribe in Nigeria, one can report you to a native doctor in charge of a deity for a wrong done on him.


2)The Numbers Of People Who Venture Into Science Field On A Decrease

Art is life, art is nature and natural. It is where the gift of nature is expressed. Because the world can be enjoyed from the expression of art, more people were found in art and art related fields than science and science related field. Most people feel that science is boring and in this 21 century, one can enjoy the beauty of nature and free himself from burdensome by engaging in the world of art.

In almost every institution of learning, there were more number of people who venture into art and art related disciplines than science and science related disciplines. People are more likely to choose law, art, sociology, Music, Business administration than physics, geology, Engineering etc.

They feel that those gives ease of life and one can have an outmost flirt of his life through those means.  Music, art of painting and sculpting and the others were made for the lovers of art disciplines and honestly musicians are one of those people who know how to flirt life through art. But little has we remembered that science is what has given the modern art its aura of beauty.


1) Total Output Of Men Finishing Schools On A Decrease.

Smoke from the Soberanes Fire combined with a marine layer reduces visibility over Bixby Bridge on State Route 1 north of Big Sur, California, July 26, 2016. REUTERS/Michael Fiala

Would you finish this race or drop it for any other thing

The days when men are sticking with academics were on a decrease. More men are leaving school for one reason or the other. Teenagers drop out of high school for all sorts of reasons: lack of motivation, little support from parents, poor academic performance. But for some low-income students, the decision to leave is purely economic. Many are going to work so they can start making money to help their families.

Using data from the 2008-2012 American Community Survey, researchers at the Urban Institute found that nearly a third of the 563,000 teenage dropouts left school to work. These 16- to 18-year-olds were disproportionately male and Hispanic, and ended their education either at the beginning of high school or nearing the end. Roughly 75 percent of them are native-born Americans, the new study said.

In west Africa country like Nigeria, more teenagers were not able to continue with high institution after secondary school for the reason to go for hustling.



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