10 supernatural appearances of the Blessed Virgin Mary recognized by the Catholic Church

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I hope you hadn’t forgotten that ghost do appear to people in some occasions which is known as apparition. In this case we are going to explore the warmly and lovely appearance of Blessed Virgin Mary to certain individuals around the world that were generally accepted by the Church of Rome, because of their authenticity. The apparition of Virgin Mary comes with an astonishing pattern that will take you on aback after reading this.

10. Apparition in Fatima; Portugal (May 13 – October 13, 1917)

In May 13,1917, in Fatima, Portugal, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three young peasant children: Francisco, Jacinta, and Lucia; ages 10, 9 and 7. As was the custom, these youngsters were tending their family’s sheep when “a Lady all in white, more brilliant than the sun… indescribably beautiful,” standing above a bush, appeared to the youngsters.
From May through October 1917, the Lady appeared and spoke to the children on the 13th day of each month.
News of these apparitions began to spread throughout the region. The children recounted that the Virgin told them that God had sent her with a message for every man, woman, and child living in the century. She promised that God would grant peace to the entire world if her requests for prayer, reparation and consecration were heard and obeyed. While many people believed the children had actually seen the Virgin, many others discounted the children’s story, subjecting them to much derision and ridicule. When it became known the Lady would visit the children for the last time on October 13, 1917, and had promised a sign that would convince the world she had appeared, many pilgrims made plans to attend.
The woman asked them to pray and devote themselves to the Holy Trinity and to “say the Rosary every day, to bring peace to the world and an end to the war.”
She also revealed that the children would suffer, especially from the unbelief of their friends and families, and that the two younger children, Francisco and Jacinta would be taken to Heaven very soon but Lucia would live longer in order to spread her message and devotion to the Immaculate Heart.
In the last apparition the woman revealed her name in response to Lucia’s question: “I am the Lady of the Rosary.”
That same day, 70,000 people had turned out to witness the apparition, following a promise by the woman that she would show the people that the apparitions were true. They saw the sun make three circles and move around the sky in an incredible zigzag movement in a manner which left no doubt in their minds about the veracity of the apparitions.
By 1930 the Bishop had approved of the apparitions and they have been approved by the Church as authentic  .This apparition is known as our lady of Fatima.

9. Apparition in Lourdes; France (February 11 – July 16, 1858)

9_Our Lady of Lourdes, France and Bernadette Picture Gallery
In the year 1858, a 14 year old girl name Bernadette Soubirous, the first child of her family, witnessed the appearance of a Lady, young and beautiful in her presence. The lady appeared to the girl subsequently for 18 times in which the last terminated on Friday, July 16, 1858
The first appearance entails when she went to gather woods with her sister, Toinette, and a neighbor friend, Jeanne Abadie. Bernadette heard a great noise like the sound of a storm, but nothing was moving. She was frightened and stood straight up, losing all power of speech and thought. She turned her head towards the Grotto of Massabieille and saw in the opening of the rock a rosebush, one only, moving as if it were very windy. Almost at the same time, there came out of the interior of the grotto a golden-colored cloud, and soon afterwards, a Lady, young and beautiful –exceedingly beautiful — the likes of whom she had never seen, came and placed herself at the entrance of the opening above the rosebush. She looked at Bernadette and immediately smiled and signaled her to advance, in a way that a mother motions her child to come near. Bernadette took out her rosary and knelt before the Lady, who also had a rosary on her right arm. When Bernadette tried to begin saying the rosary by making the sign of the cross, her arm was paralyzed. It was only after the Lady had made the sign of the cross herself that Bernadette was able to do the same. As Bernadette prayed the rosary, the Lady passed the beads of her rosary between her fingers, but remained silent. She did recite the Gloria’s with her, however. When the recitation of the rosary was finished, the Lady returned to the interior of the rock and the golden cloud disappeared with her.
Several other appearance of the lady was noticed by her for 17 other times, each every month till Friday, July 16, 1858.She died a holy death on April 16, 1879 at 34 years old.


Bernadette Soubirous, the seer of Our lady Lourdes

9_Bernadette today inside the gold and glass coffin

Bernadette today inside the gold and glass coffin in Chapel of St Bernadette at the motherHouse Nevers France

Mystical Visit to the Incorrupt Body of Bernadette Soubirous.

The apparitions in Lourdes are fully approved in January 18, 1862, by the Holy See, a body in Roman Catholic Church. The apparition was known as Our lady of Lourdes.

8. Apparition in pontmain; France (17 January 1871)

8_Our lady of pontmain-Mother of Hope
In 17 january 1871, at the height of the Franco-Prussian War (War of 1870); a small boy named Eugene along side with his brother Joseph 10 and 12 respectively and later with two other girls 9 and 11 of age, witness a beautiful lady starring at them. The two boys were helping their father in the barn when the elder, Eugene walked over the door to look out. As he gaze at the star studded sky, he noticed one area practically free of the stars above a neighbouring house. Suddenly she saw an apparition of a beautiful lady smiling at her. Their father sees nothing except three large bright stars forming a triangle in the sky, but Joseph also sees the lady. She is wearing a long blue cloak strewn with golden stars; a black veil and a crown about 20cm wide with red stripe in the middle. The lady is also wearing blue shoes and her hands reach out slightly to the side as on the miraculous medals. Undaunted they called their mother, who also fails to see anything after going back to the house for her eyeglasses. It was believed that this appearance helped to stop the Franco-Prussian war.
The news spread quickly, people gathered, with them the cure, M. Guerin. The Magnificent was intoned, and Eugene shouted, “Look what she is doing!”
Slowly a great white streamer unfolded and in large letters they read: “Pray, my children, God will answer your prayers very soon. He will not allow you to be touched.”
On the 28th of January, the armistice was signed at Versailles. After long and searching inquiry, Mgr. Wicart, the Bishop of Laval, proclaimed the authenticity of the vision, and at the very spot where Our Lady had appeared, a basilica was erected in honor of Our Lady of Hope of Pontmain

7. Apparition in Guadalupe; Mexico (Dec 9 – Dec 12, 1531)

7_Our lady of Gaudrolope mexico
At dawn on December 9, 1531, Juan Diego a 57 year old man, and an Indian convert, was going to Tlatelolco to attend catechism class and hear the Mass. As he was passing Tepeyac Hill, he saw a brilliant light on the summit and heard the strains of celestial music. Filled with wonder, he stopped. Then he heard a feminine voice asking him to ascend. When he reached the top he saw the Blessed Virgin Mary standing in the midst of a glorious light, in heavenly splendor. The beauty of her youthful countenance and her look of loving kindness filled Juan Diego with unspeakable happiness as he listened to the words which she spoke to him in his native language. She told him she was the perfect and eternal Virgin Mary, Mother of the true God, and made known to him her desire that a shrine be built there where she could demonstrate her love, her compassion and her protection. “For I am your merciful Mother”, she said, “to you and to all mankind who love me and trust in me and invoke my help. Therefore, go to the dwelling of the Bishop in Mexico City and say that the Virgin Mary sent you to make known to him her great desire.”
In general the lady appeared up to 5 times to juan Diego, in which the last of which she cured Diego’s uncle, Juan Bernardino on December 12 1531, and restored him to health as she had told Juan Diego as he was going to the Church at Tlatelolco in order to bring a priest to his dying uncle in the third apparition.
On the 12th of October, 1895, by decree of Pope Leo XIII, the Image of the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe was crowned with great solemnity showing that the church in deed approved it

6. Apparition of our lady in Beauraing; Belgium (November 29, 1932 – January 3, 1933)

6_The statue of Our Lady of Beauraing, in Belgium
On the evening of November 29 1932, Fernande Voisin, age 15, and Andree Degeimbre, age 14, and her sister Gilberte, 9, were with Albert Voisin, 11. They made their way to the local convent school to meet Albert’s sister, Gilberte, who was staying to study. While waiting for the front door bell to be answered, Albert looked towards the embankment over the grotto and cried out: “Look! The Blessed Virgin, dressed in white, is walking above the bridge!” The girls paid no attention to him. But then Fernande turned around, partly because of the way Albert’s voice sounded, and partly because of the expression on his face. She looked up and froze in her tracks. The other girls,
meanwhile, were still facing the door. “It’s only the light of an automobile, silly” they said. Albert insisted and made them turn around. As they looked up, they all went into shock. There she was, above the bridge. They all saw the greatly illuminated figure of a woman in white, wearing a long flowing gown. She seemed as though she were walking on a cloud. They were able to distinguish that she was bending her knees, walking on air. They didn’t know what to do. The girls began pounding on the door. They yelled and cried at the same time. Sister Valeria answered the door, and they said, “Look, sister, the Virgin is walking above the bridge – She’s all dressed in white – We’re afraid.” The good nun tried to see what they were talking about. She looked in the direction to which they pointed, but she couldn’t make anything out. She thought perhaps they were referring to the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes in the Grotto. She turned on a light so they could see better. “It’s only a branch in the wind.” she said. “Statues don’t walk.” The children insisted the Blessed Mother was walking above the bridge. The sister strained her eyes, but could see nothing. About this time, Gilberte V. walked out the door, and immediately saw the vision, exclaiming: “Oh, Look!” That period, the children were in a state of panic.

6_Five childreen-BEAURAING, BELGIUM

The Five childreen, seers of the Marian apparition in Beauraing; Belgium

From the 29th of November until January 3 of 1933, Our Lady appeared almost every day to these five children. Sometimes, she came multiple times in the same day; thus, the total number of apparitions was 33. The content of her message was very brief, two or three words, but strong. Some tried to add to it, but the children kept the message in its original state. The apparition was approved by the Holy See in July 2, 1949.

5. Apparition of our lady in Banneux; Belgium (Jan 15 – march 2, 1933)

5_our lady of the poor
On Sunday, January 15, 1933, twelve days after appearance of the beautiful lady to five children in Beauraing, Belgium (known as Our Lady of Beauraing), she made her presence felt again in Banneux, Belgium, some fifty miles to the northeast, to a girl named Mariette Beco. Mariette Beco was born on March 25. She was 11 years old, the eldest of seven children.The feast of the Annuncation coincided that year with Good Friday.
It was dark, around 7 in the evening, on this freezing night. Mariette sat by the front window of her house, looking into the black of night for some sign of her brother Julien, who was late returning home. As she opened the curtain to look out, she saw a Lady standing in their front yard, surrounded by a bright light. The Lady was short, about five feet tall, and exceptionally beautiful. She wore a long white gown with a blue sash. One of her feet could be seen. She was barefoot, with just a gold rose in between her toes. In this kind of weather, she should be freezing. Mariette noticed that she stood just above the ground, sort of on a cloud. She didn’t seem to be cold at all.
Now Mariette had a very logical mind, even at age 11. The scene she saw before her eyes didn’t make sense. It was probably the reflection of the oil lamp. She took the oil lamp from the table, and put it in another room. Then she went back to the window and looked out. The Lady was still there. She resorted to the next natural course of action – she called her mother. Mariette explained what she was looking at. Louise Beco responded in a natural way also. “Rubbish”, she said.
Mariette was persistent. She described the Lady. Her mother replied jokingly, “Perhaps it’s the Blessed Virgin.”
The child insisted her mother come over to the window and see for herself. Feeling very foolish, Louise went over to the window and looked out. She saw a white shape, but she couldn’t make out any figures.
“It’s a witch.” she said, and let the curtain fall, blocking the image from Mariette’s eyes. The child opened the curtain again.
“She’s beautiful, Mama. She’s smiling at me.” The mother ignored her eldest daughter.
On January 18, 1933, at 7:00 pm, Mariette left her house in a hurry and ran around the yard, as if pushed by some compelling inner force. Then she fell to her knees and seemed to enter a state of silent prayer. Her father, Julien, ran after her and found his daughter on her knees, a highly unusual pose in their family.
As at the first time, Mariette saw a “bright ball” fast increasing in size, passing between the pine trees and growing, to finally change into a “woman’s silhouette.” The Virgin was now facing Mariette, just a little more than a yard away, fully clothed with light. Her feet didn’t touch the ground, but rested on a sort of “luminous cloud” resembling the many representations of Our Lady of the Poor and matching the testimonies of the appearance of Virgin Mary since the beginning of the 19th century .
Up to eight apparitions was reported by Mariette Beco, the last of which occurred on March 2, 1933 when there was a torrential rain pouring down since 3pm. Finally, the lady said to her:”I am the mother of saviour, mother of God, pray much Adieu”
The apparition was fully approved by the Holy See in 1949, it was called” our lady of the poor”;

4. Apparition in La Salette; France (September 19th, 1846)

4_Apparition in La Salette; France
On September 19, 1846, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Maximin Giraud and Melanie Calvat on the mountain of La Salette, France. Melanie and Maximin came from the town of Corps near Grenoble, in a poor part of south-eastern France. Maximin Giraud was 11 years old at the time and Melanie Calvat , 15. On September 19th, they were looking after their employer’s cattle, high up on the pasture above La Salette, a village near Corps, when they saw a wonderful apparition of Mary.
A globe of light opened to reveal a resplendent woman seated on a stone with her head in her hands. The children later described her as very tall and beautiful, wearing a long, white, pearl studded, sleeved dress, and a white shawl, with some sort of tiara or crown on her head. Hanging from her neck was a large crucifix adorned with a small hammer and pincers, with a brilliantly shining figure of Christ on it.
In one of her message to the two kids she said: In the year 1864, Lucifer together with a large number of demons will be unloosed from hell…they will put an end to faith little by little, even in those dedicated to God….
The Bishop of La Salette named two theologians to investigate the apparitions and all the healings that had occured. For five years detailed investigations took place. In approximately 80 different places throughout France, bishops named canon lawyers to investigate the miraculous healings that had occurred as a result of prayers to Our Lady of La Salette and from the water of the fountain. Hundreds of miracles  were registered.

4_Maximin Giraud and Melanie Calvat

Maximin Giraud and Melanie Calvat, the seers

After a thorough investigation by the Catholic Church, the account was approved for the faithful and published in Lecce on November 15, 1879 with the imprimatur of Bishop Zola of Lecce.
The Holy Father also, Pius IX, approved the devotion to Our Lady of La Salette.

3. Apparition of our lady of Laus; southern France (From May 16 1664)

3_Our Lady of Happy Meetings
Benedicta was caring for the animals of some neighbors and praying the rosary when she saw a dazzling lady standing on a rock, holding a beautiful child in her arms. “Beautiful Lady!” she exclaimed. “What are you doing up there? Do you want to eat with me? I have some good bread which we can soften up at the fountain.” The girl’s simplicity brought a smile to the Lady’s face, but she said nothing. “Beautiful Lady! Could you give us that child? He would make us so happy.” The Lady smiled again without responding. After remaining a few minutes with Benedicta, she took the child in her arms and disappeared into a cave.
“During the winter of 1664-1665, Benedicta went up to Laus frequently, each time receiving a vision of the Blessed Mother, who told her to ‘pray continuously for sinners.’ News of the apparitions spread throughout the entire region. . . .
“Mary revealed herself in Laus as the reconciler and refuge of sinners. For four months, the Lady appeared to Benedicta every day, talking to her and preparing her for her future mission. Benedicta told the woman who owned the flock that she cared for about the visions, but she did not believe her. One day, however, the woman secretly followed her to the Fours valley. She didn’t see the vision, and she did hear Mary’s voice, who told Benedicta to warn her that her soul was in danger.
“She has something on her conscience,” Mary said. “Tell her to do penance.” The woman was deeply moved by the message, returned to the sacraments and lived piously for the rest of her days
On August 29, 1664, Benedicta asked the Lady what her name was. She replied, “My name is Mary.”
During a Mass on May 4, 2008, attended by Roman Curia officials, Bishop Jean-Michel de Falco of Gap noted these are the first Marian apparitions to be approved in the 21st century by the Vatican and the Church in France

2. Apparition of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal; France (July 18-19, 1830 – November 27, 1830)

2_Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
on the night of July 18-19, 1830. A child (perhaps her guardian angel) awakened Sister Catherine Labouré, a novice in the community of the Daughters of Charity in Paris, and summoned her to the chapel. There she met with the Virgin Mary and spoke with her for several hours. During the conversation, Mary said to her, “My child, I am going to give you a mission.”

In the Second Apparition, Mary gave her this mission in a vision during evening meditation on November 27, 1830. She saw Mary standing on what seemed to be half a globe and holding a golden globe in her hands as if offering it to heaven. On the globe was the word “France,” and our Lady explained that the globe represented the whole world, but especially France
In the Third Apparition, she gave a miraculous medal to Catherine and then Mary spoke to Catherine: “Have a medal struck upon this model. Those who wear it will receive great graces, especially if they wear it around the neck.”

2_Miraculous Medal

Miraculous Medal

Catherine explained the entire series of apparitions to her confessor, and she worked through him to carry out Mary’s instructions. She did not reveal that she received the Medal until soon before her death 47 years later.
With approval of the Church, the first Medals were made in 1832 and were distributed in Paris

1. Apparition of Knock; Ireland (Feast day 1879)

1_Our Lady at Knocck
On the evening of August 21, 1879 Mary McLoughlin, the housekeeper to the parish priest of Knock, County Mayo, ireland, was astonished to see the outside south wall of the church bathed in a mysterious light; there were three figures standing in front of the wall, which she mistook for replacements of the stone figures destroyed in a storm. She rushed through the rain to her friend Margaret Byrne’s house.
After a half hour Mary decided to leave and Margaret’s sister Mary agreed to walk home with her. As they passed the church they saw and amazing vision very clearly: Standing out from the gable and to the west of it appeared the Blessed Virgin, St. Joseph and St. John. The figure of the Blessed Virgin was life-size, while the others seemed to be neither as large nor as tall. They stood a little away from the gable wall about two feet from the ground. The Virgin was erect with her eyes toward Heaven, and she was wearing a large white cloak hanging in full folds; on her head was a large crown.
Mary Byrne ran to tell her family while Mary McLoughlin gazed at the apparition. Soon a crowd gathered and all saw the apparition.

1wet Thursday evening, 21st August 1879

wet Thursday evening, 21st August 1879

On a wet Thursday evening, 21st August 1879, at about 8 o’clock, a wondrous miraculous heavenly vision appeared at the south gable of the Church of St. John the Baptist in Knock, Co. Mayo, in the west of Ireland. Fifteen people – men, women and children – ranging in age from six years to seventy-five, watched the Apparition in pouring rain for two hours, reciting the rosary. Though they themselves were soaked, no rain fell in the direction of the church gable, where the ground remained perfectly dry.

The Church approved the apparition in 1971 as being quite probable, although it has never been formally stated. The Shrine at Knock is opened year round. In 1994 three life-sized statues were erected of Our Lady, St. Joseph and St. John.

Written By: Aneke Francis Chinedu

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