10 ways Nature has drastically embarrased you and reduced your ego

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A man was bragging and boasting about himself, his self worth and his achievement when a small boy provoked him by neglecting him and his dignity. He now got seriously annoyed and asked the small boy, ‘do you know who I am’ to which the guy answered ‘you’re just a bunch of living meat which will produce a putrefying smell when dead’ Truth be told that is frankly how his ego will be embarrassed as a cause of nature. No one’s ego is made whole without some eventful phenomenon which usually occurs or occurs ones to let us know we are just nothing. They are moments of embarrassment that has come to stay to tell on us that we are just bunch of yet-to-decay meats, which was why we will take those events one by one

10) Full bladder or colon  makes us uneasy

urinate uneasy
You will not even remember who you are, that awkward moment when you can’t even feel anything around you, except paying attention to the pain in the ass you feel when it’s forcing itself out from your colon as you are counterbalancing the force; holding up to avoid embarrassing you self. Sometime you feel like crying when you think you almost can’t endure it again. Woe-betide you if you are still afar from a toilet or someone is already in the toilet. When you are caught up by the tough one in public, you will drastically embarrass yourself holding up your buttock or walking like a man shot in the ass because less would you care to maintain your foolish charisma. It’s only when you finish in the toilet and comes out that you will recall you indeed messed up around a little. . That is one of the free insult we receive from nature once in a while. Alan Sheppard was just about to become America’s first man in space before he was insulted by an inconvenient call of nature in 5th May 1961. Alan Sheppard an increasingly desperate astronaut radioed the launch centre up to three times from his tiny conical metal capsule mounted on a 20 metre tall missile which was full of tens of thousands of litres of highly explosive rocket fuel; which his motive was if they could give him permission to pee inside his spacesuit before the take off. As his bladder emptied, gravity took its course and the wee formed a pool under his back. At this point, as well as a long “Aaaahhhh”, he uttered the words “I’m a wetback now!”

9) You Bleed On your Cycle.

As a woman you bleed once in a while and if not careful you mess up yourself in the public. Thanks to tampon and pad which was meant to absorb the embarrassment. Those with heavy bleeding who are not light bleeders when free bled on their cycle would look like someone pierced with a fork knife; living stinking lumps of stained blood underneath and might even make kids run away. Yes, bleeding is a good natural sign in a woman that shows fertility, but if you could understand how it has gone far to make you constantly changing your tampon and always watch out yourself in the bathroom. Imaging how our grandparents in 2000 years before were handling such embarrassment. Christina Aguilera, (a musician on the page) was caught up in camera bleeding, while singing at Etta James Funeral, well may be she felt no embarrassment after it happen. An Indian woman Kiran Gandhi, free bred while running, even though she claimed not to be ashamed of doing her run without a tampon, but indeed many a woman has said that they would never dare do a marathon without tampon on their period because its one hell of an embarrassment. One lady named Margaret Cho said “I am the worst when it comes to period stains. That is why I never move because my mattress is so so so so stained that whenever I change the sheets it just looks like a murder scene. I’m serious. Somebody should put crime scene ‘do not cross’ tape up. It’s awful!………’’.  Sometimes you have to take some tampon in your bag while leaving your house to avoid just one thing.

8) you stick jumps up when you are aroused

stands out
As a man, when you great a gorgeous lady, she will know that you were crushing on her and probably wants to have sex with her if you dare do that without wearing men’s pants under your pairs of trousers, because it surely will reach out to the lady saying ‘Hi’; what an embarrassment. But it’s not your fault, it’s how nature has chosen to show you. When that gorgeous female co-worker on a mini skirt has come to flirt with you in public, even when you have worn your shin guard, it still will be struggling to force its self out to tell the world how you are feeling at the moment. One guy once told me that when it happens he looks for a seat and sit down. Another guy told me that he has to let it subsidize and will delay him getting up to walk when it came uninvited but still it sometimes tends to push itself against the wall after the delay and walking, except that he uses is mind to suppress it. But it does manage to have its way sometimes. And that is the way nature has given you some sort of an embarrassment.

7) You were pushed out like a bunch of tissue from her piss hole

bunch of meat
Whether you are the most notorious person, the richest person, miss universe, the most handsome man around the best neurosurgeon around or that lad with men flocking around like sheep, we are all reduced to the same thing. You brag about being the richest musician and were feuding with anything around or a big boy or lady putting up an act of an ego because you claim to be better than every guy around. Hey, you have forgotten one thing and one funny news; you are still that bunch of meat that was pushed out from a woman’s pussy clothed with membranes, amniotic fluids, bloods here and there and toughs and toggles of one dirty stuffs or the other. Your ego is reduced to shit by being bundled out like a meat which isn’t up to 20 pounds of weight. Have your mother ever told you how she use to piss from the same hole before she decided to throw you out from the same hole. Has she told you how you looked like when she popped you out like a gun?

6) It has made it a must ‘open up’ or ‘hold it out’ while easing

open up and urinate
Whether you like it or not, you are that man who would hold out his dirty dong to pee. Upon after dressing perfectly and putting up a nice pants or boxers under a costly pairs of colourful trousers to cover up and entice ladies, you still will foolishly stand like a tree, push out your waist and hold out your dong to still expose your cover up in a embarrassing way. Whether you like it or not you are that lady who would spread eagle like a moving car tires about to be dislodged from their wheels or that lady who must squat down like a chimp to pee, still you will have waters tipping on your legs; oh what a disgusting thing. If there is no toilet, some women would go as far as a hidden corner to do it because they know quite for sure what a woman urinating posture looks like; very embarrassing for a man to see you, if you must understand what I mean.

5 Pubic hairs was by nature but how does it look on you when naked

PARK CITY, UT - JANUARY 23: Actress Tracie Dinwiddie from the film "Find Love" poses for a portrait at the Getty Images Portrait Studio during the 2006 Sundance Film Festival on January 23, 2006 in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)
Just stand up on a long standing mirror and look at you whole foolish self when naked and unshaved in every corners, now tell me how you look. You are a total shit with ego reduced to nothing. Mankind has been wondering what actually is the need to grow hairs in-between you and under your armpit. Some felt it’s disgusting and embarrassing to have it. Well let me tell you what; its indeed will be a very disgusting and embarrassing thing to have a lady or a guy whom you have been wishing to have to see you with hairs all around when you are probably naked to make love with him/her. Imaging when you took a beautiful girl home and find out she is grown thick hairs under her legs; would you still eat her out immediately without her showering. Because of these, we have to keep on shaving and shaving and waxing and waxing till we die.

4 Smell your fart; it will probably tell you how filthy you are

smell your fart
A girl was looking and admiring a handsome guy at the other end of the Bus when everybody started fussing and covering their nose, it happen that this thick foul smell has filled the air. It was later found out the Handsome guy was the initiator; and suddenly his handsomeness was reduced to shit in front of that girl who been admiring him; don’t ask me how they know. Without doubt, do the usual experiment; smell yourself when you release a dirty foul fart and tell how bad you hated yourself at that moment. Perhaps; sometimes you feel like running out of your body when it happens unexpectedly. Nobody has to tell you how you feel embarrassed when you mistakenly released one in public gatherings, probably when you’re having a stomach ache or when a pinching air filled your stomach. We have to leave a table of dinner for one person who messed bad and now it got me thinking why won’t we release nitrogen peacefully through other means without insulting ourselves.

3) Bees were making Honey while you’re busy making shit

bees making honey
Hahaha, as matured as you are and as big as you are, you still have to poop, with the dirty smell filling up the air while the bees where busy converting their meals to natural beautiful Honey. Do you look at yourself when you poop in a heat of foul smelling air pressurizing the environment? After everything and after being a Boss to you workers, you still have to tailor yourself down to the toilet to disgrace the environment. I know you will be thinking what they are thinking when you are done and coming out from the public toilet; ‘so you are done shitting the whole toilets’ might be what they are thinking. Haha sometimes I have to let the air dissipates for a while when someone finishes; what an embarrassment to the person

2) Your best moments is likely when you are foolishly naked

best moments
You wear the hottest mini gown, with these red high heels on, matching it up with a red shinning bangle and a golden necklace. Then all these have managed to get men enticed. Behold; you would not even know when you took off all of them when you are on heat and ready to go. Even if you dress up like queen, guys taking you to dinner and you going to parties; you still have to foolishly and embarrassingly go gaga in other to have the real fun. Any man who has dressed up under a nice pairs of trousers, nice T-shirts and a black ankle shoe in other to be able to get girls and have fun must throw away all those wears to be foolishly naked for the sake of the real fun.

1 When you die; let’s just leave you un-embalmed for three days.

Our body decays
Hey man, we are nothing and nothing but a chunk of meat that will decay when blood stops flowing. You claim to be a doctor, a professor, a president, or that man who claimed to be of no level to others, you will be an embarrassment to others the day you will die and left like that for three days. Anybody who even managed to come close to your dirty putrefying smelly body must wear a mask or cover his/her nose with a clothe ‘cause that’s a sign of disgrace and embarrassment which the nature has bestowed on you whether you like it or not. If you doubt it, make a Will that when you die you should be left un-embalmed for three days, then let the funeral home decorate you and lie you in state and see who will come close to view you. Even if I myself would, I have to wear a strong filtering mask. That is when you will see that nature has drastically embarrassed you and reduced your ego.
Aneke Francis

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