12 Weird Facts That Proves You Are god!!

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My grandma took me out one night to pee, when I was small because I was afraid, I looked at her and said; grandma why are you not afraid of the spirits and she said: I myself is a spirit worth being afraid of. If a grandmother can claim to be a spirit; of course she is a god. Then has it ever occurred to you that you share similarities with the exact qualities of gods.  Feel free to explore those facts that prove them to you.

12.What your tongue says is what is likely to happen.

1_what your tongue said

Have you ever been returned a word when you say bad words to somebody? Have someone beaten you or nearly beat you because you cursed that person. I know that sometimes you encounter loggerheads with somebody simply because you opened your mouth to wish backwardness to that person. That is because of your power in making things to happen in the future with your mouth just like any other gods roaming the surface of the earth.

When you wish or command situations with your mouth, the virtue of your supernatural being is likely to transfer the power from the words into having a form. gods have the ability to recreate forms, making something that has not been there to start existing in the future. When you curse a person to go broke, the words of your mouth might take form in reality. Then it was said; “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: they that love it, shall eat the fruits thereof.”

When it was time for Jacob to roll his tongue in favor of his firstborn Isau whom Jacob has deceitfully taken his blessing.  Jacob brought it to him and he ate; and he brought some wine and he drank.  Then his father Isaac said to him, “Come here, my son, and kiss me.” So he went to him and kissed him. When Isaac caught the smell of his clothes, he blessed him and said, “Ah, the smell of my son, is like the smell of a field, that the LORD has blessed. May God give you heaven’s dew  and earth’s richness— an abundance of grain and new wine……” Till today, Joseph who was the descendant of Jacob was a king.

When Noah became drunk and lay uncovered in his tent.  And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father and told his two brothers outside.  Then Shem and Japheth took a garment, laid it on both their shoulders, and walked backward and covered the nakedness of their father. Their faces were turned backward, and they did not see their father’s nakedness. When Noah awoke from his wine and knew what his youngest son had done to him, he said,“Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be to his brothers.”. Indeed going further into the Bible shows that the descendants of Ham did became slaves and servants unto their brothers.

11. Witch craftsmanship

A Halloween witch flies across the face of the moon

Do you know that it is only humans, just like demon gods that has the ability to do witch craft? In The movie Harry Porter; you might see it as  a mere movie, but some few things they did  were part of real witch craft work.

In West Africa, some old men and women has the ability to transform themselves in the form of birds, infuse themselves into someone’s dream and attack them in one way or the other. A witch craft can feed their enemy when in a sleep without any physical contact. When the person wakes up he will notice that he/she has been fed with poison. A witch craft can set person up with a spiritual attack and if the one is not strong it kills the person without any physical contact.

One of the things that baffle us is their ability to transform themselves into other animals like pussy cat and owls and fly around in the night. The real magic they possess is very god-like.


In 2013 the aviation authorities issued statements which surprised many humans across the globe. They warned that high flying witches would be penalized. Swaziland cooperate affairs, Director Sabelo Dlamini actually said; a witch on a broomstick should not fly above the 150 meter Limit, Wow! On hearing this one may think it was something made up by one discrediting africa’s absolute wish of monarchy. Far from it, it was a policy statement from aviation authorities in Swaziland to regulate witch-flight in this 21 century.

It is not only in Swaziland that the notion of flying witch is taking seriously. In fact in Africa people believe witches fly in various forms, shapes and sizes mostly at night.

The incubus and succubus are demons gods that can infuse themselves into someone’s dream just like a human witch .You have an extreme ability to do what a witch can do, but no other animals can do that except you and every other level of demon gods. But I won’t advice you to go and find out how to do it; it’s very dangerous

10.What you dream is a mostly future occurrence (science call it premonition).

10_What you dream

Have you ever had a dream only to see that what you dreamt later manifested. Have something ever happened to you or around you only to recall that this is what you had once had in a dream. Dreams are most times the revelation of what is to come or what has past.  It’s a medium at which you reach into the future or past and search for what has happened or what is to come. Just like gods can tell the future to their seekers because they can reach into the future, you have the same ability to reach into the future. You can even decide that an event cannot take place in the future through your dreams.

When you dream a times, you find yourself struggling with a form, that want to hurt you or hurt any person dearest to you or your well wishers; you might strike it down preventing it from  hurting you or harming that person you’re seeing in that terrain. By then you have prevented an accomplishment of a future event, which if had happened, something bad will happen in the future.

Just like gods can halt a feature occurrence; you sometimes might do it with your dreams but you don’t know. You might come out in the morning saying how you defeated a weird form in your dream; but little did you know that by and by you have put a feature occurrence to a halt. You’re indeed a god. Checkout for Abraham Lincoln and his death, where he dreamt of himself dyeing and behold, it did happen. The titanic incidence is also a proof.

9. Spiritual Compatibility

9_Spiritual company

Have you ever met somebody at a distance, somebody you don’t know before and your spirit tells you that, this is your kind of person. This is a kind of person you can collaborate with. This person has features that your mind can flow with.

Sometimes when you see somebody; by and by you already know that you being with that person or working together with that person is going to be war, because your spirit already has notified you that it doesn’t agree with the person’s spirit.

This phenomenon mostly occurs in relationship when a guy sees a girl, he will feel okay and mind-filled in the sense that this is a kind of girl that will suit me, and this should be my type, which is called love at first sight. A girl might ignore a guy when he wants to talk and woo her not because the guy is ugly, has big head, but because her spirit doesn’t accept the spirit of the guy, and she can feel it.

Your being able to stay longer in a business with someone might not only be because of the benefits, is just because your spirit endures the spirit of the person, just as the spirit of the person was a able to endure your spirit, and then both of you are compatible in the business; after all there has been a lot businesses where parties benefit well from each other and yet there is still compatibility issues.

This phenomenon helps you to detect what’s best for you or for your friends just like gods can tell what you need or what you don’t need.

8. Instantaneous feeling of what is to come

Surprised woman isolated against white background

Surprised woman

Have you ever suddenly raise the issue about somebody that is not closer to where you are at the moment, and suddenly the person come in and you say: I was just to talk about you. Have someone so close to you wanted to embark on a journey and you approach him saying that you don’t know how you feel about his journey, that you are not feeling fine about it and he should avoid the journey for then.

Sometimes you got and instant shock with a sharp feelings and later on when they told you what has happen to one of your friends or relatives; you find out that it happened as of exactly the same time you had that shock and feeling. You probably have had the cases of someone that before he died, he felt awkward and suspicious of something weird at that time before it happened. The person might complain that he doesn’t know how he was feeling, that he was a kind of feeling a little weak.

Sometimes that you do see someone as a suspect of a crime is not because you have gathered any evidence on him, but just because you have felt it or has been feeling it whenever you saw him and most  times you’re correct.

Before princes Diana died, she had the feeling that someone was going to kill her and she lamented somehow for that, and by and by it did happened.

Instantaneous feeling is just a medium that you can use to detect that something has happened, that something will happen or that this person is the person that did the hidden event that nobody knows; just like gods can tell who did certain thing to you when you invoke them.

7.Your highest Intelligence over other animals

7_Your highest Intelligence

From scientific evidence and from religious evidence, we all have seen the proof that man has the highest intelligence over all other animals. Not even the intelligence of ape family can near the intelligence of man.

‘We’ are Homo sapiens and our species’ intellectual abilities distinguish us from all other animals. Our technological sophistication, capacity for introspection, and ability to create and manipulate symbols is unrivalled. We engage in behaviors that are profoundly unique.

gods have high intelligence over other creatures; that’s why they rule over them. God himself who is a supreme being is the most intelligence of all creatures ruling over the universe. Without very high intelligence you can’t preside over things and beings around you.  A boss is a king in his domain because he tends to have a very creative intelligence that made an establishment where others are working for him. Most times you made someone the ruler of an organisation because he has the ability and the high intelligence needed to run the organisation. In Holy Koran, Mohammed was the leader of his time because he has the high intelligence that it takes to rule. Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible is God himself; that is why nobody outwitted him.

This is how it is in terms of you and other animals; you are god because you have a very unique intelligence over other animals.

6.Your ability to create and invent better than any other organisms on earth.

6_Ability to invent-Rocket

No other animals on earth have done what you as a man has done. Birds can create nest to lay their eggs, ants can make ant hills, grass-cutter can make a habitable holes into the earth, and apes can create simple devices for their conveniences. But none of this can be compared with what man has done.

Man is the ultimate on earth; that went even far to the extent of mimicking the unique features of other animals which they don’t have. The right brothers made it clear that not only bird’s can fly, that man can be on air using the aeroplane medium. Over recently, the flying medium has been harnessed in such that man can now fly with fixed wings and a propelling engine. No other animals could device a means to make their transportation from one location to other very faster; but not only did man created vehicles, he went further to create high-speed trains .

Man saw his environment with limited comfort, and began to recreate his environment, inventing things to expand his comfort ability. Man first landing on the moon was one of the greatest achievements of mankind.

But animals had made just little effort in advancing themselves and their environment, but just like gods can create things for their worshippers and every other creature around them; man do the creations for other animals.

Producing high breeds that are resistance to diseases, finding better environments where they can thrive the more and many others. So you as a man can create and invent more than any other organisms on earth.

5. Your control over other creatures on earth.

Female scientist researching in laboratory, pipetting cell culture medium samples in laminar flow. Life science professional grafting bacteria in the pettri dishes. Photo taken from laminar interior.

Female scientist researching in laboratory, pipetting cell culture medium samples in laminar flow. Life science professional grafting bacteria in the pettri dishes. Photo taken from laminar interior.

According to the Holy Bible; God created other things and handed them onto you as a man to take care of. You have pets in your house that when you tell it what to do it rushes and do it fast. What you order it to do is what it will do; you’re in control.

The nomadic farmers in West Africa can take their cows from a distance to another distance in search for weeds they can graze on (link8). The camel owners in olden time Egypt can take their camel on a journey to a far distance, directing and controlling them till they get to where they were going. The Morden games have requested that animals be used in games such as horse racing in which they were controlled by man.

If you have animal farm, you feed them, protect them by putting them in a protective house, and you see after their breeding; you’re in control.  Man gathered most animals in one place and called it zoo, they meant to see to them and have more control over them. You were able to use a powerful pesticide that is specific in action to control the quantity of organisms that are disturbing your farm or disturbing you in your house.

Since you as a man can control other creatures just like gods can control whom they possessed or someone that worships him; then your god.

4. Your eternal soul/Near Death Experience.

5_Eternal Soul

Evidence from a book written by Alexander De foe

Do you know that you can never die, just like every other god? When a doctor confirms a person clinically dead, it’s just because his flesh has died. He still continues in the afterlife.

According to the Holy Bible, the person will find himself in hell on in heaven depending on his work on earth. A soul once created is a soul once created, it shall never die again, but only the covering of the soul is what will only die, which is the human flesh.

According to evidences from near death experience men, it was found out that when a person dies his another body which is the soul will leave the first body which is the flesh. He will be left in seeing a duplicate body, the new body and the old body.

The (Out of Body Experience) OBE has been reported and documented by the most diverse cultures throughout time. Anthropologist Dean Sheils (1978) concluded that some form of a belief in OBEs is a feature of most cultures. Sheils found that 54 of 60 (90%) cultures studied made some mention of the phenomenon. Of these 54, 25 (46%) claimed that most or all people could travel beyond the physical body. An additional 23 (43%) claimed that a few among them were able to do so. Three cultures expressed a belief contrary to OBEs (0.6%), suggesting no belief in this phenomenon. In a further three cultures the possibility of OBEs was admitted. From this evidence, we can see that prominence of the OBE is evident in both ancient and modern cultures.

We can observe that different persons throughout history have had experiences and continue to have OBEs. These experiences occur in persons independently of their culture, education, financial situation, religion, credo, sex, or age. There are reports of OBE observing relatives or even their pets floating about their bodies during some stages of sleep, suggesting that the experience may be as natural as breathing or sleeping, though not always with awareness and recall.

A case from the early 1900s involves an Irish clergyman who found himself lost at night in an area riddled with abandoned mine-shafts. He moved slowly trying to avoid the dangerous terrain. He was about to step over a short wall when suddenly a small stone struck him on the centre of his back. He turned around and was shocked to see a young girl holding a lantern and beckoning him to follow.

Surprised to see a young girl out at night in such a dangerous area, the clergyman was also relieved to be rescued and he followed the girl to a small cottage, at which point she promptly disappeared. Shocked, the clergyman entered the cottage and inside found the young girl lying in bed, deathly ill. The girl told the clergyman, “I dreamed I fetched you here. You are just like the gentleman I saw in my sleep. You were about to step in Pember’s Shaft when I threw a stone to stop you”.

Furthermore all Near death experience are all OBE which signals that there is something in us that thrives after the death of the physical Body.

gods leaves eternal and so do you.

3.You ability to command matters to change their state.

Have you ever had of the word telekinesis? You have the ability to command a matter to change from its original state to another. Just like said in the Holy Bible that with you faith you can move mountains. You can possess the ability to manipulate matter with the mind alone.

Yes in did people are making things happen in this present world most of which we call magic…..but in the actual sense some state are being altered without any observable forces

Just like you watch the best of The Best of Magic Lance Burton, knowing fully well that their is no observable force causing flame of fire he was holding to turn into Bird; hahahaha you yourself is no different in making that to happen, if only you will tap into your god-like nature…..but be careful.

You can command that you’re mobile device or your system to flip away from your hand; if you believe.


2.Your ability to command other gods.

2_Commanding other Gods

This phenomenon is very common around you. With your belief, you can exorcise or force a demon god to leave a body; that is your power as a human god. The chief priest guiding a deity can command his god to go and kill. This is mostly found in West African and Asian society where people can command their gods to go and strike their enemies.

Do you know that you can grow a bamboo tree, every money you come and spray food and blood of chicken on it, do some incantations and command something to happen for you, before long you will begin to notice some weird changes around your life. This is because a demon god has come to inhabit your construct, tending to do what you command it to do. But I won’t advice you to do that. It’s very dangerous. So you as a god can command those filthy gods in form of forces around you.

1.You as a homo sapiens is the only specie that hell and heaven is described for, just like gods.

God making a pact with the Devil shaking hands.

The controversial believe that there is heaven and hell has been for ages, but this believe is almost only an attribute of humans and no other animals. You are the only specie believed to go either hell or heaven. No other species on earth is believed to see hell or heaven when they die. It was believed that when animals dies, they life vanish into thin air because they don’t have soul.

According to a prove from the Holy Bible, God and his good angels which are good gods has been in heaven for ageless ages before some of them misbehaved with the Lucifer and God now made the hell for them and the offending humans.

The heaven and hell is there for gods just like they are there for you.

By: Francis Aneke Chinedu.




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