20 Funny Signs You ‘re A Complete Artist!!

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Artists are sensitive, creative and original, with a sense of the aesthetic and natural artistic talents. Independent in character, they follow their own system of values and are optimistic in outlook, with a positive approach to life and an ability to enjoy the moment.
Helping others is a source of joy to them. They find abstract theories tedious and would rather create reality than talk about it, although starting on something new comes more easily to them than finishing what they have already started. But not farfetched we  have those funny things you do or wanna do often that you don’t know  has qualified you as an artist…Now check the list and know where you belong…hahahahah


20. When you easily create visual forms with your imaginations.

This is where the act of an artist lies, just like we said in the beginning that Artists are sensitive, creative and original. The forms in your imagination can be brought into reality and people can view it the way you view it in your imagination. Just like a creative Movie director who was able to put the ideas of the writer into scenes. He was able to do it just exactly as the writer has it in his/her imaginations and in script; he is already an artist and he is a big one. Producing a music video to synchronize with the harmony, rhythm and more especially the message of the lyrics is one hell of a tedious job that not everybody can do. It is only a work of a creative fellow; an artist who can gather and arrange the cloud of images rooming around his/her memory; the images directed to the piece of work at hand. His output will yet blend completely with the lyrics message. That fellow is an artist, and you are an artist if you have this organizing talent.


19. when U enjoy gossiping even about the little things.

Well I feel like scientist majorly don’t derive joy in gossiping because they mostly derive joy in solving those scientific problem like how to do this controversial surgery at hand, what perfect calculative dimension would suit this road construction, what forces can we give this reinforcement to be able to tilt this mansion house and create a style or how to finish this infection eradication project. But you really love none other thing than to gossip about what you see or the happening trend. And indeed there is soo much joy attached to when you do this….don’t worry; you are a talented artist, because you are a potential journalist. The truth is that you have to have those qualities for you to make a good journalist.


18. When U hate mathematics more than anything else in the world.

Yea you know it right when you frown when that mathematics teacher comes for his/her period. Not because he doesn’t know how to teach because we know quite sure we have many student who still enjoy that assumed naughty subject called mathematics. But because you really can’t figure out how to solve for X even after many time of teaching that one algebraic problem over and over again; with his excellent method of impacting knowledge into student. Then you most at times wonder what happens to you when your close friends loves it and always find it easy to solve almost any problem from that assumed naughty subject. The funny case was that you go out for maths extra moral classes with them in other to learn maths together with them, solve with them, even though you really was pretending to love it as they do, but deep down you it wasn’t for you.
The truth was that you know deep down in yourself that you have better subject that invokes that inner sense of happiness when they come into the class to pass knowledge to you.
Most of those friends who love the art of mathematics were the ones talking about furthering into becoming Engineers, architects, Technicians and mathematicians. They mostly were the ones who did became Scientist but not artist, while you have long dreamed of going into art subjects less heaped with maths…..so for sure you are an artist.


17. When u are always captivated by the aura and elixir of romance

The world itself is romantic, and so does the gift of nature. When you are soo emotional to certain attributes of life like love, that you are triggered by little affection given to you, and then you began to requite the affection under a twinkle of an eye that you began to found yourself responding to it not only affectionately but also sexually. You are always willing to succumb to the sweetness of the romance it has brought. You are always sunk sexually into the hands of whoever has shown affection to you and you really know how to express that gift of romance….hahaha you are a real artist.


16. when you enjoy the flower and aura of nude arts and really want to be part of that world where everything is barred

Everyone who loves to take nude selfies of him/her is a lover of nude art. Just like painters who love to paint nude images of ladies lost in an expression of romance. Example of those painters is Titian…Venus of Urbino (1536-38). No one has ever painted naked women as gorgeously as Titian did. His ravishing Venus is a lover laying her beauty bare, and the recipient of her optical largesse is anyone who happens to stand in front of this painting in the Uffizi gallery in Florence, Italy.


Titian creates with mind-boggling skill the lavish presence of this nude: the rapture of her carnal glory. There’s something divine about such beauty. Those professional Nude artists who stay in different positions receiving the aura of nudism as their images are being captured were the same as those nude paintings from those renowned artist, like Titian. If you are in this…..you are a badass artist…hahaha.


15. when U are more of a comedian than a mean inventor

Even your body language is funny and when you talk people will laugh and laugh till they throw. You are an artist.


14. when they do positive you do negative

They draw tattoo on few places on the body; you draw it one thousand times and even inside your ass…imagine!!. They do piercing of the skin on the top of an eyebrow; you do pierce all nuke and cranny of your face to the extent that you look like a funny demon. They wear jean trousers with pocket inside and you wear jeans with the pair of pockets hanging outside. You sag your trousers to the extent that its bellow your needs….what!!!!. Hahaha they speak English and you speak Nigga; you are an artist.


13. when you love or really enjoy being a photographer….a studio person

Whether you are a nude art photographer or a photographer of normal people with their cloths on…you are an artist. Photographer’s photos are just the same as the paintings of a real painter. The artistic position which a photographer took give different positions and depth to his/her photos is the same as the depth which a painter gives its work with different shades and colors of paints.


12. When you love English or basic language and literature more than physics chemistry or mathematics

Just like you don’t like mathematics….you get excited when ever English or literature class is going on. Most times you feel like not letting the teacher to go. You had become one of the students who felt that their time usually runs faster whenever Mr/Mrs sweets comes into class. You know you know your teacher very well, loves to do things for him/her and he/she knows in turn that you are serious student…oops what happens to your mathematics. Then you do your English assignment first not because English is less difficult than physics or maths but because there was this inner sense of natural bond that exist between you are not only with English but with other arts related subjects. Then you had loved to launch into fine art or social art subjects free of disturbance….Your really an artist.


11. When U were fascinated by every little little works of arts.

You saw that fancy works of art by the store, like a clean sculpture of elephant or combination of colours or may be a construed work of abstract painting. Then you began to tell your close friend whom you were working along and she was like she didn’t see any interesting thing behind that piece of abstract work. You nearly nagged with her due to trying to let her see the hidden beauty of abstract arts, rather she will just agree while you know she did it to free her. Indeed it was just because she was not artistically seeing the hidden beauty and understanding of the abstract nature of that piece of work just like you easily do with your artistic mind. She wasn’t artistic just like you but concretely, you are an artist.


10. When you enjoy being a member of that band group.

Your band group is you and you are your band group and you feel extremely happy to be with them as they make their jazz. Or if you love heavily to be with a band group as you watch many of them display their talent; then you are an artist.


9. when you love and really want to be a singer/rapper

Haha we shouldn’t emphasize much on this one; rappers, singers…in fact musicians are pure artist. When you have this sweet voice and once you have this secrete urge to voice out to the world with tender tones and indeed you feel blessed and happy whenever you’re doing that, which makes you feel on top of the world…you are an artist.


8. When you love the aroma and sweetness of poetry.

Ok did you feel anything or found yourself cherishing this art piece. Does it tends to make sense to you….if not forget it, you may not be an artist. The rhythm in aroma of a piece of poem that is well written and standardised touches the inner most heart of its victim; an artist. When you found yourself wanting more and more poems that made you to seek for more books or literature websites were you can always high your romantic emotions through the piercing words of a poet. When you randomly write down pieces and pieces of poem on a paper on any surface you could lay your eyes on. Sometimes Now or then in your high school room, you had scratched all around your walls or bed frame with tender words of poem….you are an artist always opening your heart to let free your secret love or sadness with poetic statements


7. When you love works of painting or gifted in painting

Painting is one of the beautiful works of art that capture the heart of people, but it isn’t compared to when your spirit is drenched in the works of painting. You love it, you dream about it and you have to check and explore every bit of a painted piece. You always like to go for exhibition and you love to buy even beautiful little painting whether from the exhibition room or not. Sometimes it happens that you friends don’t see what you see in a piece of painting work. If you, as well is gifted to painting; that adds to it. You are an artist.


6. When you are always fascinated about movie characters and the works of movie acting.

For me, I have always wanted to be a movie producer, writing and directing my own movie, i repeat my own movie…now you guess who I am. For sure I know i have that inner me that loves to write and write words into short stories, into screenplays that will come out visually as a movie. Just like I am fascinated with movies, especially horror movies and Romance, taking the piece and parcel of a scene to get how in the world the director has staged this wonderful behaviour. When you are like this and also loves to be an actor,,,,you are an artist.


5. when U love partying and enjoying life in a creative way

Of course those who have the will or urge to party are those who had fallen into category of those who are musicians. Most musicians love to live their live partying, going to shows and places were life is filled with fun and enjoyment. It has been notices that most people who dashed into music are fun lovers. Fun lovers are with a positive approach to life and an ability to enjoy the moment…you are an artist to be in this category.


4 When you love ballroom dancing, step dancing or any form of dancing.

Just like artist sensitive, they love to indulge in things which makes them full away and sensitive to their emotions of which several forms of dancing has provided. Notwithstanding you already know that a dance is an artist. Dancing where couples move to the music using step-patterns and rhythms that match the character of a given song triggers the sweet part of your emotion as an artist. When you love being a dancer or its already in you to easily sway yourself in sync with an ongoing music that you most time feel like bursting yourself out in the open and began dancing…you are an artist.


3 When you love rich styles of dressing, then you love fashions by all means.

The creative styles of a fashion designer or a tailor leave no person who is thrilled by the work of fashion. When you love to wear different styles of dressing because you found your heart cherishing that sense of joy that it brings you whenever you have them on. You had already or want to be a model that showcases the creative style of a fashion designer to the world. You love to put different styles and type of jewellery around you. You will have not less than three set of ear ring in your ears; not less than 20 different kind of bracelets on your wrist; your ankle is tired of being choked on bracelets. A special example are musicians like Rick Rose and them who wears not less than four chains on his neck that makes him Stoll…hahah. Most time it looks as if you are addicted to stylish clothing. Don’t worry it is the artistic personality in you.


2 when as a man you know how to use your mouth to capture the attention of those hotties

Hey guys if you are the kind that drop by a girl and just utter those magic that we don’t know how you do it and then she agreed to all and even ready to have a night with you; then you are a ladies artist. The constructive work of your statement and how you combine those catchy words that makes them thrill for you is a creative work on its own


1 when as a man/woman you have that sweet sexual swag that captures the libido power of men/women

When you have that swaggalishious swag and you really know it’s killing some people whether provocatively or sexually. You put on your dressing in a stylish way and walk with that carriage and gimmicks that penetrates the air. That is the creative minds of an artist at work…you are an artist.

Written By Francis Aneke Chinedu
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