25 MINUTES MAN [Episode 1 Begins (Going for a HiT)]

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25 minutes man 2


With an intense look and a contoured face that confirms that it’s done and done perfect. He moved backwards to observe the red colour and the smell that ooze out from the pack of the rose flowers. The sweet morning sun rays that enter through the window frame strikes the potable big ceramics flower verse and reflects back to his refreshed smiling face. He looked at his left side towards the big shelve with tokens of decorated gadgets on it,  reached for a fancy white bottle with a brown fluid filled half in it. He smelled the tip of the sprayer nodded, shakes it and smiled.

At least this can enter her brain” he murmured.

The morning bless was meeting him at some better angles through the two wound down windows of the front doors. [It’s now summer]. He beats his hands on the steal creating some happy tones as he claims. He smiles in between flash back of the other day he had the other lady who nearly died on a 25 minutes game in a pool of orgasms.

So Bowen, you’re really telling me that there is no woman with you for now” Tina said as she was under the hands and under the control of Bowen in this large bed that was about to spread through Mr. Bowen’s sitting room.

So even up till now you don’t believe me Tina

She lowered and gave him a tight kiss “Who would not believe a gentle man like you

Don’t worry...your more than a sweet lady you know

Yea....of course... and you know how to give it for a long time

Are you tired?

Yea... bowen you nearly killed me” she smiled, still with some remnants of random heavy breaths.

Hahaah haaa, Mr Bowen burst laugh in his [car] speeding on the high way, almost forgetting his presence. The [car] slowed down and cleared in front of Osmond fashion Canter. Mr Bowen turned   back and his eyes set on the well arranged bunch of rose flowers  sitting on the back seat on its shiny portable ceramics pot, labelled “the taste is gonna be more than 25 minutes” with red font on a white paper canvas. He turned back in affirmation, nodded and with his right palm he wiped his face, giving his mind a new bold step. He unbelted himself, reached for the handle and stood out of the car with his glory created from his attire. Then he carried the gift and off into the path way that leads to Osmond fashion Center. He maps out his step, wide by wide, like a cheetah targeting its prey and completes it with his soft whistle, and the morning was chill.

Mr Bowen wasn’t sure whether it was his whistling sound or an aggressive call from the back, till he turns only to see the same Tina behind him a little at a far distance spitting out his name.

Oh shit my bad

He knows it, what he has done, but this time her mood has spoken everything that Mr Bowen needs to know, the heavy reaction he was going to get. He has no other option than to wait and see it.

Tina Jackson on her shiny blue gown approached heavy, leaving her car, her eyes was so intense on those frowned face.....

So is that it....hoo...is that it Bowen” as she was opening her hand bag searching for anything and then poa! On Mr bowen’s face, her lipstick, just imagine.

Hoo...so the only reason why you’re winning me was to suck on my clit the way you like and then throw me into the lion’s den hoo

Calm down Tina” Mr Bowen drawing back as she drew nearer.

“I should have known it....but because i was carried away just because of the way you do you magic”


Don’t start....you done even return my calls.....you don’t see me again...you even denies not to be in office

Tina you’re calling attentions here

Only to send me that message that you’re poa” The ‘done’ word synchronized with the poa sound that you cannot tell whether she said done.

Mr Bowen held his left chicks with his left hand and the pot on his right, as he was standing in a realm of astonishment. Tina has already entered her car.

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