A Dual Purpose Seat, a Seat That Can be Transformed To a sheet

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Wonders shall never cease just like creative pieces of art shall never end. Even in their awesome ways of appearance, the mind of human shall never cease to upgrading and modifying the existing art piece to better flexibility, portability and aestheticism. Imagining when an art piece can serve two distinct purposes, being in a two different form like it has never been in the other form. This was what lead us to a dual purpose seat, a seat that can be transformed to a sheet


The Design Sheet


Folding chairs are usually a design exercise in functionality. Making sure your chair folds into something nice and slim, and opens out into a good, comfortable, fully functional chair. You’ll seldom find a single folding chair that is designed to look elegant in both it’s folded and unfolded avatars.

Ollie’s the kind of foldable chair that you’d display grandly in your home, whether kept open, or closed. Its design is nothing like any foldable chair you’ve seen before, and truly so, since it comes from a design company known for their amazing kinetic sculptures! Made by RockPaperRobot (a truly inspiring woman-led company based out of Brooklyn), the Ollie takes inspiration from its surroundings. The chair has a unique folding design that makes it only 2 inches thin when folded, and looks like an innocuous piece of art. When opened out, it becomes a rather sturdy chair with built-in lumbar support, making it not just beautiful, but incredibly comfortable too. The chair’s construction uses Aluminum sheets and a beautiful looking flexible wooden tambour made out of Teak wood, making it great for both outdoors as well as indoors.

Ollie’s magic is in the way it gracefully opens and closes. With a movement that seems almost like a magic trick, the chair opens out wonderfully and one simple string on the back can be pulled to close the chair back into its sheet avatar. In both closed as well as open formats, Ollie looks nothing short of a work of art. In fact, the tambour surface makes a great canvas for any artistic work, so you have yourself a chair when you need one, and a custom painting to proudly display when you’re done (instead of most flexible chairs that get stored in your closet).

The Ollie is perfect for both homes as well as outdoors. Its wooden/metal aesthetic makes it go well with almost any decor, and trust me, you’ll be impressing your guests for a long time with its hypnotic folding/unfolding technique! A complete marvel of design and manufacturing… Or should we say ‘woman’ufacturing!











Francis Aneke
Designers: Jessica Banks & Pete Schlebecker

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