Adventures of the Jungle Boy

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Souza!  Souza!  Souza!  My love,’ his mother sang. ‘souza will be a father; his children will be brave. Souza!  Souza!  My love; perhaps someday you will be a chief; perhaps someday you will be strong; go to war, win the war, come back home a hero and win the prettiest damsel in the land. Souza!  You are fine. Souza!  You are a gem.’

Mother bathing souza</span

Mother bathing souza

While bathing Souza, the mother would sing ‘souza is bathing; you damsels bring him sponge, bring him soap, bring him towel, bring him powder, bring him grease or you lose him.’ When souza cried in his bath, the mother sang, ‘souza don’t cry the damsels are coming; they must not see you cry or you lose them. Souza!  Souza!  Don’t cry. Souza my dear.’

But souza was too young to understand; he was barely six months old. He was helpless. But the mother didn’t mind. Souza was her first son. Souza was the best son in the world.

When souza cried, the mother teased him, kissed him, fed him, and tossed him in the air. Souza smiled, played and slept. His favourite bed was his mother’s back.

It all happened in Makele village in waste Africa. Many little children were born at about the same time as souza. Three of them grew up to be souza’s close friends and mates. Everywhere souza went, the others were sure to go. Together they had an interesting childhood and had many adventures.

The story of the childhood of souza is the story of the childhood of the others.

Today souza has distinguished himself in many ways The village has changed, his playmates have all changed, but the adventures of the childhood of souza will never change. Read them. They are told by souza himself. They are true……………All his adventure stories are on your door step……watch them

 part 1:  Jungle Boy and the Stinging Bees
 part 2:  Secret Cult Accident

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