Amazing Building Made Entirely Out of Bamboo with Lotus Flower Pattern

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The beauty of art is that more can be calved out from flora and fauna just any way you could think of. Nature can provide you with an endless works of art due to the flexibility in. Just look around the green world around you and see how you can transform its natural contents in many ways, just like did the Panyaden.

The Panyaden International School is an education center located in Chiang Mai, Thailand built entirely from natural materials. Architecture firm Chiangmai Life recently designed a covered recreation hall for the school’s sports teams, creating a 2,500-square-foot bamboo terrace that echos the Buddhist values found in the school’s curriculum. The lotus-inspired structure was built without any steel reinforcements or other manmade materials, and stays naturally cool in the city’s humid climate while also withstanding high-speed winds and earthquakes.

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