CONFIRMATION!! (Horror movie; 2nd and Last Episode)

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This was the decision they made together and now she feared coercing him to transform was now about to kill him.


The priest on meditation

Thrown into gran mal seizure, Dorian’s spine arched so sharply that his head curved back under him and the assistants struggled to control contorting limbs. Bloody foam frothed from his mouth as he choked and coughed. Muscle spasms constricted his chest making every breath a paralyzing challenge to overcome. When she was certain she could watch no more, and his slender body could endure no more, the fury subsided as his back slammed the altar rendering him motionless.

Tempting the anger of the priest, Caroline rushed to the altar that held Dorian’s quiet body. The priest’s assistants hissed, baring their imposing fangs at her, but the priest waved them off and allowed her to approach him.

“Father, is he dead? Did he fail?” She wept, gazing up at the black cloaked vampire crusted in Dorian’s blood.

“Give him time, Corbeau. Give him the chance to rise up from his ashes, like the Phoenix he wishes to be.” The priest’s velvety voice swam through her ears, calming her, allowing her to breathe. An agonizing eternity passed, until finally his eyes twitched and he groaned softly.

“Dorian!” She shouted, squeezing his hand and touching his face as his eyes quickly opened. The whites were now blood red and they frightened her, evoking a sharp hitch in her breath.

“Caroline. What happened?” He whispered. Sharp bright white flashed as he spoke, his new teeth were already formed.

Stepping forward, the priest smiled, “My child, you passed. You have been welcomed into our world for all eternity! Your Confirmation was a brilliant success! The most exciting I have seen in decades. You will be a powerful vampire indeed, with such a fight in you!”

The priest wrapped his arms neatly around the weary new vampire’s shoulders and cradled him as he sat him upright on the altar. Kissing his forehead firmly, the priest turned to the attendants and said, “Give thanks and welcome our newly born brother, Dorian. The Phoenix has risen from his ashes to soar eternally! ”


Trembling Caroline

“Caroline” Dorian was feeling power and strength run anew in him. The colors in his eyes were brighter, the sounds in his ears were crisper and the air in his lungs was sweeter and more plentiful than he had ever known. “Caroline, it was worth the pain; worth the challenges and tests. I never felt so powerful, so indestructible, and I owe it all to you. I am alive now more than ever before.”

She leaned close, relieved her beloved had transcended so beautifully. The ceremony was intense and she feared for him, but she had faith in his strength and he had never disappointed her. He coiled his long arms around her slight frame and drew her into him, embracing her with the strength he had gained. She floated away as his kind eyes connected with hers. Never in her life had Caroline felt so protected. His arms were home. “I love you.” She exhaled. Looking out to the congregation, wanting them to continue sharing in his triumph, she found only vacant pews behind her.

Oh yes, that’s right, we always left right after the new vampire was born. She was now seeing the rest of the ritual for the first time.

“You honor him so much by staying after the end of the ceremony.” The priest’s face beamed, his arms wide. “Most would not have and this, Dorian, is proof of her commitment to you, even more than her commitment to herself. She has chosen to be part of the final ritual.”

Tears flooded his eyes for a brief moment and Caroline’s heart pounded with love. Yes, she had chosen to be with Dorian. “What is the final part of the ceremony, Father?” She turned to the revered vampire with a flutter of joy.

Caroline and Dorian

Caroline and Dorian

Dorian’s embrace tightened as his kisses moved down her cheek and across her thick pink lips and under the tiny lobe of her right ear. She loved his kisses; always surrendering herself to their ecstasy.

“The First Sacrifice, Corbeau.”

The End

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