EPISODE 2: THE CRIMINAL GADGETS (Story Name: The three way seekers)

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EPISODE 2: THE CRIMINAL GADGETS à bypassing the police


The three of them came out from a cab that stopped on Adhen Street. Paul deep his hand inside his pocket and passed 50 bucks the cab man. He looked up, looked at both sides of the street. He nodded and then faced a corny path leading to a slump. He lit up cigarettes and took a puff.

‘Wow good‘

MARTINS: ‘I don’t understand you man, where are you leading us to? ‘

Follow me guys!‘

Paul led them deep into the hood lumps where no crime is prohibited. A dirty environment with some tattered   houses.  Matching of feet began to close in as about to bounce on them. Do you think Joel was the most hefty man ever been told. This man was as giant as the mammoth in extinction. He appears with a face of a merciless killer. A big box on a left hand and a knife on the right hand,  a gushing stare that you wouldn’t let to be told what it means.

THE MAN: ‘hey!

PAUL: ‘so?

The man leaned closer, closer and closer………..

Martin had already dropped himself to the back of his two friends. Paul just gave a little draw back just like not expected of the two, who were about to take to their heels. Well it seems like he got the man, he knows the man. The man took a heavy breathe…

THE MAN: “Why?”

PAUL: “why what?”

THE MAN: “why are they here…..are you bringing me some police men?”

PAUL: “nooo!” [Paul waved his two arms in confirmation, towards the fierce man]

THE MAN: “so you’re a spy…..we said you shouldn’t come with anybody other than yourself”

PAUL: “Ok see man……these two guys are my real paddy, we aint doing the stuff without them”

PAUL: “and em….that’s why we are all here”

He stared for a while and nodded in agreement, released his tight face and dilated his wide open eyes. He looked down on the knife he was having on his right hand-gloved hand and tossed it up in the air, one more time again. Martins has already given up the ghost artificially, having seen the up and down movement of the knife in the air.

Finally the man put the knife into his knife sheet, dropped the box on the ground. He squat down, clicko clicko was the sound made by the unlocking box. The man spread opens the pussy bag. They were arranged in a stack, even though they look local. They were dangerous even though they were tightly at sleep, waiting to be called in action that will sound one in a million. He brought them out and laid them one by one on the ground. They were alive as shit, ready to fall in action.

THE MAN: “as you said you ain’t got much….then i picked the ones your money can afford”

PAUL: “Hey dude, that doesn’t warrant that you will give us local things because i know what am paying you though”

THE MAN: “your fucking money ain’t worth fancy ones, besides this one can even still sound and perform as you wish” [the man brought up one and was about to show case it up into view]

MARTINS: “no no no please don’t toss it like you did the knife, we have seen it man”

JOEL: “shut the fuck up martins, you’re always too afraid” [his both hands were already feeling the warm and irony nature of one of them as he was squatting down]

They were indeed what they thought it was tons of different kinds of grenade, most in their almost wrecked and tattered form. Almost all of them were not new. The short ones and long narrow ones to be fixed into rocket launchers.

Joel reached for two rockets and gambled onto the lines of other several types till he finally laid his hands on three hand grenades.

JOEL: “what of the launcher”

The man turns his head behind, looked into the tattered mansion in front and nodded. A young boy appeared with a long narrow object rapped in a black nylon bag, handed it to the man

THE MAN: “this can go as long distance as desired…..by the way where are you guys gonno tear down”

JOEL: “It’s personal”

The man handed it to Paul who collected it, pulled out an almost one meter cylindrical iron object and handed it to Joel who immediately fixed in one of the rockets at the end of the launcher, held it up and handed it to his left shoulder

THE MAN: “should we taste it”

MARTINS: “em… i think it’s ok….we shouldn’t doubt you, right?”

MARTINS: “and em…its gonno attract attentions”

THE MAN: “no bro we run this hood”

JOEL: “its fine, no need of testing” [he slowly lowered the gadget on the grass land as he removed the rocket from the launcher]

PAUL: “what of the other three”

The man reached his right hand to his back, and brings it into view again, this time with a semi automatic, put his hand again behind him and brought it into view with other two semi automatic. He opened the gun but there is no cartridge, put his hand again behind him and brought it into view with six cartridges.

MARTINS: “wow you’re fully loaded”

THE MAN: “this is all i have for you Paul as we bargained”

PAUL: “Paul that’s cool, that’s cool” [as he was packing everything back to the nylon bag, looking around in a zigzag manner and with anxiety mood as if police men are closing in on them]

THE MAN: “SO now, we owe you not a dime……and finally i don’t know you Paul or any one of you”

The man drew very nearer to Paul as if he wanted to enter inside him, bent his head onto him with his eyes fixed on his.

THE MAN: “nor neither have we done any transaction with you”

Paul carried the black nylon as the three of them were moving out of the hidden area. On the main way, they were about to stop a cab when this sound that use to trigger bad guys that police is on the way, shocked their boldness. Suddenly the police car hauled in front of them. It looked as a joke, the car didn’t move again, the engine died and in their brain silence roamed around the street like an empty Zion. The hearts is now filled with blood in-flow, as heavy are pumping out like water from the nozzle of a fireman’s host.

MARTINS: “We are dead” [he said in his mind]

Now, it’s about to happen, a full tall man in a well structured police kit and a pistol on his waist appeared out of the drivers sit, turned and faced them and then…….

Well, what’s your mood now; relax it a little bit let’s check on what happens next.

…..he stepped towards their front, his eyes fixed at the big pussy nylon bag, with a gaze switch between the bag and the three of them. He reaches his right hand on the pistol. Paul wanted to move behind them. A grip of hand held him at the tip of his shirt, it was Joel; “don’t move…..don’t make him suspect” Paul held firm on the ground. And for Martins this is his second death. As the policeman reached close, he started looking at them one by one as if he was to read their minds.

JOEL: ‘’how is it going cop, the….’’

THE COP: ‘’what’s in that bag brethren’’

PAUL: ‘’it’s just em….’’ [Paul was murmuring]

THE COP: ‘’by the way where are you guys going….you went shopping. Is that why you’re carrying those bags’’

JOEL: ‘’yea, a kind of’’

THE COP: ‘’like we have some pretty motherfucking girls to satisfy…hahh’’

THE COP: ‘’l could remember then when i ain’t married…i just use to buy some chunk of those to entice them’’

The silence came again, like if the man will shift his attention back to the bag. Heart started pumping again. If you could persuade us to show this fucking bag, we are done. If you could say ok and back off and enter your car, i think we won’t forget this day.

THE COP: ‘’ok which direction, let me see if we can drop us there, because trying to stop a cab this side means you are going upwards and pretty good that’s my direction’’

The police man can read their face. They were about to reject his offer.

THE COP: ‘’ and no no, don’t even try to reject me because i won’t like it’’ [with a funny gesture as he demonstrates with his hands]

‘’n…’’  wants to pop out of Martins mouth before he felt a grief on the back of his shirt

JOEL: ‘’ sure, it’s good that way. At list there is nothing wrong from getting a lift from a nice handsome cop like you….would you?’’

THE COP: “good men…..you gonno carry that one on your hands?”

PAUL: “sure haha it’s not even heavy” [he tends to toss it to confirm his statement]

Joel fixed himself to the front as martins and Paul went to the back. Imagine undiscovered criminals in the hands of law enforcers. At least sometimes, being in the hands of death can save you from death. They are now moving freely through the piles of snakes without being bitten by any snake because they are now in the hands of a snake. They move pass many police check points as their new friend would hook up and chart with his friends at the check points. All they could ask is what nigger are you carrying in your car.

“They are just friend pals”

At least they have to strike up a conversation to keep things cool.

JOEL: “like em….you’re on patrol right”

THE COP: “yea trying to fetch out criminals where ever they are”

JOEL: “bad guys”

THE COP: “you know most at times that’s the way we use to get on them”

MARTINS: “you get one tonight what are you going to do to them?”

THE COP: “yea trying to fetch out criminals where ever they are….if we see one i shouldn’t tell you what will happen”

MARTINS: “then what if you see a suspect?”

The cop pursed a little, slowed down a little, turned head to martins and turned around again.

THE COP: “did you see one?”

MARTINS: “oh sir, know sir……just studying the law….you know, it’s good to learn sometimes”

THE COP: “you better, son….to know the rules…..it’s ok”

But it will be bad for the policeman to stop them on their destination to avoid later disclosure.

JOEL: “we will like to stop here we are going into this house sir.”

The car screamed to a halt and the three got out while calming their mood. The cop peeped through the other window

THE COP: “you with the bag”

MARTINS: “yea sir am cool”

THE COP: “what’s your name?”

“Martins sir”

The car speed off into the distance. That was very close, but they were lucky, for that moment.

[CURTAIN] Next time on the EPISODE 3 on “attacking the target”…………….

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