EPISODE 2: THE PICNIC (I don’t feel you)

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Now on that cool Sunday morning three of us girls were planning to go on a picnic with these three innocent looking guys from my school.  Me Jessica, Abigail, Margret, then the guys were Joshua, nelson and one handsome, quiet and intelligent guy called maximus.

I put on my Casual Dress, applied my lipstick,  put my  pink heel shoe and retouched  my hair. And then a knock on the door.

JESSICA: “so good to go girl”

ABIGAIL: “and Margret”

JESSICA: “Well called on her not heard any replies”

ABIGAIL: “like she is at it again this time”

“Don’t have energy for her behaviour for now, she will show when she feel like” is what i replied.

A cool Honda vehicle revised in into our yard. It was awesome. It was nelson and his friends. I peeped in of course the new guy was with them. He was the maximus we are talking about.

ABIGAIL: “Hi guys, what’s up! Good to go”

JOSHUA: ”yea my gal”

He rushed and toasted Abigail into the air. Abigail is not much of a heavy girl. She was slim. I have been observing their flow lately. In fact he seems to like aby as his behaviour use to tell towards her. It’s good for them right?

NELSON: “Hi Jessie”

Well am always relieved whenever this twat calls my name. Why? You might guess it. Well, i must tell that he always like to make fun of me as he hovers around me. He knows how to make me look funny, a kind of use me for his joke. Have you heard him, he called me again. For sure i must admit that something is going on in my heart for him.

ME: “Yes there but don’t jump on me this time.”

NELSON: “No i aint jumping at a you this time not on till at the picnic”

NELSON: “So what’s up”

He hold my right hand, take it behind me with his left hand, grabbed my neck and drew closer to me with his eye fix on my lipstick. Is he wanna kiss me. Any way nelson has been use to this game with his teasing attitude towards me and i should admit that am also feeling it.

This has been a group of five friends all working in Carter marketing plc. One of the biggest marketing and sales company residing in the town. We advertise other company’s products and services using our knowledge in marketing. We win over costumers with our method of packaging and rebranding. Our websites are also one of our key medium between us and our customers. We also advertise using all our competent agents who reach people with door to door services and at any nuke and cranny available. The company has many departments, IT, marketing agents, accounting, customer care, management, etc. Being a company that has lasted for decades since 1967 and also a company that knows their marketing strategy, it has been on top ever since.

He stepped down from the driver’s side with his handsome lean body, fair in complexion, and that stylish hair cut that i can’t quantify. His black shinny jacket exposing her ash coloured neck round polo. With a cool black jeans that flew down on a canvas with a white line ran around the sole. Who wouldn’t need to have this guy. Not for me because am kind of hocked up.

Now we are gonna be six to the picnic because Maximus was a new guy employed just last week to work in the IT department. He introduced his self to us because we had barely known him and we all kept on conversing till we forgot that we are waiting for the alpha girl. We called and waited for like one hour before she called.

MARGRET: “Jessy listen i have a lot to do in this boutique”

JESSICA: “What!”

JESSICA: “what boutique. It thought we all heard one plan……. better change for better”

MARGRET: “Jessie listen i have a lot to do in this boutique”

MARGRET: “listen Jessie, if you won’t wait for me you better go“

MARGRET: “but i bet you better wait for me”

She hung up on me as usual. Please not this time marg, not this time. Do you know the reason why am saying not this time? Because if i don’t wait, you’re in trouble, then if you wait, the night will come up on us and there will be no picnic, no picnic. Ooh dear, i hate this temptation. I know the new guy wouldn’t accept this kind behaviour because he has not been use to it. She has stated to show herself again. Should we go now or should we wait……….


WATCH OUT for the next Episode

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