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It was really a fun to have gone to such an adventure. No wonder why my brother sort for my birthday celebration to be in such a place.

**Read The Eye Of Onyino part 1 before this one**

I could even see others doing the same thing when we were there. But I felt something strange since we came back from the trip. Something new. The transfiguration feelings had not yet dissipated. I guess that was why I haven’t given my brother the answer to his wish. A wish of celebrating my birthday in an ancient ruined site. I felt I have been metamorphosed. As if; in fact, as if am now vulnerable to something. For the whole time we came back that day I locked myself in my room, which has kept my brother in question of what was really wrong with me.


’’Yes chi’’ I answer always

‘‘Are you sure you’re really fine…. what have you been doing all day in your room since we were back from the trip’’ He will say leaning at the door.

‘‘I guess am extremely exhausted’’ I will say pretending as if I was ok. ‘‘don’t worry I will be out soon’’

Enough is enough, I stood up from my bed, then to the floor and started doing press up. To see if at least it may ease me from whatever was the problem. When I was done I went back to my bed with my face buried in my pillow. Still the press up couldn’t do a thing. If one would teach me how to conjure Out-Of-Body Experience, I will love such a one. So that I could run away; run away from what was building up whether in me or around me. Run away from this body of mine.

At a point I notice that whatever was the problem was intensifying every minutes that passed. I sat startled, stood up and my way to my standing mirror. What I saw filled my eyes; it looked like I was going thin; and even pale. I was surprised. What is going on. Suddenly I felt like I saw something through my mirror, standing at my back. As if it had watched me and quickly faded away. I glanced back; nothing. I knew it was nothing. May be I was becoming sick. The best I can do was to take medication which I have already done. I stood in the middle of my room glancing intensively all around like it was no longer the same room I knew before the trip. As I lied down again. As I was about to cover myself with blanket, I felt the same thing again; from my word rope, like someone had watched me and then quickly faded away. With anger, I rushed to the word rope and began to search, inside and out. No sooner had I searched than I found out that my word rope was a mess. Almost all my clothing lithering the grounds. My shoes scattered everywhere. The suit case I kept on top was now on the ground opened and papers here and there. I was shocked; was I going mad.

This time instead of going to my bed I went straight to my reading table, pulled out the reading chair turned it to face the centre of the room and sat with anger. I stretched out myself on it as if ready to fight whatever I thing may or may not be possible. All my hand work was still lithering the ground, except for some few clothing that still managed to survive staying at the word rope. After some hours of waiting and anticipation of something that didn’t show itself, I became tired and fade up. I checked my time it was 12 midnights. It dawned on me that I had fallen asleep on my reading chair and had been there for up to 4 hours.  Why had I been here; yes, I recalled; I was in anticipation of an imminence reappearance of something I barely see. I looked around, no sign of anything; at least I think I was safe for now. I raised up to reach for my bed, my body aches, from head to toe. When I lied down in my bed, I decided to face up, at least to notice when anything happened. I also made show my light was turned on, at least nothing will escape my sight.

Then I felt that wouldn’t do; I turn sideways facing the walls and backing my word rope, but all these while I was gradually started again to have the same feelings that I think has been one of my main problem. A feeling as if I have been transformed. In fact, a feeling as if something is watching. May be somebody I don’t see or something I don’t see. That had made me more alert, more alert than my brain was. My eyes darting from one corner of the room to the other. Abruptly, I felt inform. Informed that someone was there. Someone was fully watching me. This one am very sure. I was even now sure that it was now at my back, within the word drop or between the remaining clothing on the word rope.  It was there looking at me, whatever it was I don’t know, because I was backing it; but am sure it was there. I can feel the air radiating from it.

With courage, with shivering, with fear, with anticipation and with vigorous spirit, I turned immediately, behold it was it. I caught a glimpse of a form, very big and nearly round in shape, but I managed only to see it when on a fading stage right behind the gaps between the remaining clothing in my word rope. It was no more. But dam I took off.

I banged my room door right behind me to make sure whatever it was didn’t follow me. Running like one being chased by a terrorist group, because if they get you; you are done. My heels nearly touching by back. I made my way through thehall way to the sitting room and nearly ran into my brother on a cushion watching sports.

‘‘Jeez, Ken What the fuck…. You nearly hit me’’

’’’Sorry bro’’ I managed to say still panting and my hands on my knees.

I was looking back from now and then to make sure it hadn’t followed me. That had made my brother to stretch out his neck into the hallway.

’’What has been wrong with….in fact why the fuck are you misbehaving Kenneth; why the sudden run. Is someone there or what’’ He got up strode into the hallway with the anticipation to see something.

I was somehow embarrassed because I have been trying to cover myself so far but here I was misbehaving. When my brother came back he was shocked. I thought he had seen something. But behold he had seen me. He began to gaze at me. But I don’t know why.

’’Ken what is wrong; was it under some couple of hours’’

’’And what is that’’

’’Did you look yourself in the mirror…. are you fucking sick’’

I wanted to open my mouth and say help me bro I don’t know what is wrong with me. help me I don’t know where it started. I think someone is following me. But I withdrew it back. ’’I don’t know chi’’ was my answer.

’’What the fuck do you mean you don’t know….meeen you ‘re so thin…and even your skin tone tends to have changed’’

It was there that I told my brother pump and plane. I can’t celebrate my birthday in such a place. After several attempt of trying to prove to me why there was nothing wrong in celebrating my birthday in such an artistic area. He gave up. He really noticed it. No way I would ever go back there. But whatever was my reason he doesn’t know because I refused to let him know. I refused because at the moment I feel it might be that, the ruined site wasn’t the reason; it might be just a mere sickness symptom that needed to be treated right away. He later agreed with me that I need it done right in the house. No more going to a special place of a thing.

But I can’t hang in with my brother while he kept bombarding me with what happened, who did and why questions. I made my way through the hallway, heading to my room. Then something hit my mind; no more my room. Yes, I remember there was a guest room; even two of them of course. So why should I border myself still going in to where I ran out. I was even beginning to think whatever was the problem was exactly from my room. Because all these while it was happening in my room. I was about to open my door when I changed my mind.

The guest room was nice quiet and very well kept except it has a few furnishings. The bed was even bigger than mine. You see….; fuck my room for now until I reason out what was the problem with my pity soul. Without further ado and without worrying of anything, I went straight, pulled over the mattress and lie down to see if I could buy some sleep ‘cause it’s very early in the morning; 1:30 AM. But even though I was trying to assure myself that the guest room was different; different from the room of the spirits, I at the same time was between a mixed feeling that something still, may be watching me or maybe that was the leftover fear that followed me from the other room.

On the morning of 16th August, Woow; I woke up healed, hale and hearty. I looked around; yes, I slept in the guest room; I know that. At least that was better than deliberately entering the lion’s den. At the moment I reasoned it was even better to do it like that next time or even be sleeping in the guest room. But that wouldn’t prevent me from going over to that damned room to be doing one or two things. In fact, wasn’t it better I pack in there I reasoned; I knew my brother wouldn’t oppose it.

There was a swinging chair in the corner of the room, as I was about to go sit down, I heard my name; it was my brother. And that made me check my time because I believed he must have gone out while I was still in a deep sleep. It was 11 AM. Then I recalled that I slept very late and again to my brother Wednesdays are his special, doesn’t go to work early. As I was thinking, I remembered the guest room. My brother doesn’t have to know. I hurried to the sitting room where I heard his voice.

My brother had already prepared my favourite African soup, with a nice rounds of pounded yam; it was a special vegetable soup garnished with stock fish. ’er; stock fish’. He summoned me to go wash and join him to which I did.  The stock fish; why would the stock fish be sounding strange in my ear. What does it have to do with the feelings that something or someone is watching me. Why had I suddenly developed spasm and suspense for a mere stock fish. May be the monster is now here, I looked around, but no sign. Still I was doing it in a disguise, for my brother not to know.



‘‘Its ok if you believe that nothing is wrong with you….but honestly, looking at you..’’

’’Yap; I have become thin; I know it’’

’’No no ken; not even that…. you are going thinner and thinner every minutes that passed; and even pale. I suggest you go see a doctor and know what’s wrong with you.’’

My brother doesn’t discover that all those while he was talking; I was staring at my food. Then he excused me. He wanted to do something inside the kitchen and that had giving me a whole lot of time to express my fear and the wonder soup. A tension I didn’t invite overwhelmed me. I looked down on me he was saying the truth. I am gradually dyeing. But I can’t explain the exact cause. Then down on my food, shimmering with meats and fishes and aromatic steams trailing its way to my nose. The head of the stock fish half-way dissolved into my hot soup. It was tempting as it was the only part of the fish that stood out visible. But I have to satisfy this one appetite. I raised up my hands; aiming the stock fish head. Before I could touch; it recalled to me the reason I was terrified with the fish. It was a stock fish. Stock fish in my area are known as ’Okporoko’. They are very skin dried fish. The deadly part was that it reminds me of the artefact in the forbidden cave. The stag’ head that had skinned dried like stock fishes. Like the Egyptian mummies. And then the revolving owl head some meters away.

All these while, I strongly was fighting whatever memories that had wanted to prevent me eating my stock fish. Then to my mouth it went, fighting all odds; fighting all fears and at the same time trying to control my heart beat. Between the time the fish was entering my mouth; I was having a little memory of the mysterious revolving owl in the cave. Then the owl’s eyes. How they were transfixed to me. Suddenly; It appears I could no longer chew. It was big and heavy, filling the whole of my mouth. May be I had bitten large chunk of the stock fish. But no, this one was different. It was hard. I could no longer control my heart beat. I looked back; my brother was not yet back. A trail of sweet from my fore head sank into my soup. But all these were not the main issue. The issue was that it was wet or should I say it was round and flat. But I was sure, it was big. It was then that it occurred to me that whatever was in my mouth was slippery, fully alive and even breathing. Wriggling as if I was holding up its breath; I spat and behold…

Right on my table, it was big, very bigger than human’s. I stood up from my dining table. It was indeed round and flat. With this horror look; just like the lady has described. It has a big round membrane. Very dazzling white colour and then a very tick dashed red line in the middle; transfixed to me. It was an eye. The eyelid was not like humans; it was made with maggots with their ends fixed to the edge of the eye cover like they were the eye lashes. They were wriggling and very alive just like the eye. All those while it never blinked, but was staring. For minutes I stood transfixed just like the eye was transfixed to me. Then…. then slowly; it blinked. I took off once again.

Into the hallway I ran. Running to meet my brother wherever he was. This time I can’t hide this. It’s now unbearable. That was real because I saw everything. Now I could recall the terror felt by the young man described by a passer-by on 14th   of August. As I was running, it felt like the eye was following me. It felt like something was watching me. It felt like whatever was watching was closing in on me spiritually and in reality. Now I see that the eye might be what was watching me all these while. I felt the eye was what was showing up and disappearing in my own room. Running to the guest house may not do, because the thing has broken the rule of being only in my room. The only remedy was my brother. It was him that can save me now.

Into the kitchen, I jammed my brother. Him, me, the cup of water he was holding, everything smashed to the ground. His furiousness would be better than staying with something I don’t know whether it had come to kill. After unleashing his anger on me, I followed him. He was at the front while I was way at the back, with my eyes darting from all corners it could reach. Even my brother was somehow afraid because of what I told him.

Slowly he went into the sitting room with his kitchen pestle; ready to knock out whatever was the tormenting demon. I saw him peep from the corner of the hallway into the sitting room. He didn’t behave like he had seen a ghost; just like I had expected. Then he disappeared in. I was nearly at him waiting to hear something but nothing. Then there came this laughter. My brother was laughing at me from the sitting room.

’’I told you…you need to get checked this freaking young man.’’

’’like…..does you mean you didn’t see it’’

’’What do you expect me to see rather than a fucking eye of a stock fish mixed with soup, splattered on my table’’

’’Stock fish eye?’’

’’yeah; you moron……Ken what’s really wrong with you; are you now seeing things’’

I slowly came in and behold nothing; I mean nothing rather than one tinny eye of a fish on the table. My brother pushed the fish’s eye with the tip of his pestle; it was as dead as the eye of a cooked stock fish. But I was sure this time my own eyes were not playing me. The thing has been there before. It has been on my mouth; where has it gone. Was it playing hide and seek with me.

It was only then I began to have a feeling that whatever was the problem was from the ruined site; maybe the forbidden Cave full of mysteries.

’’You know there is this story I didn’t tell you when we were on the ancient ruined site’’

As if he had known what I had been eager to ask. I was anxious to know ’’Yes Tell me…please’’

Jeez…. nothing much Ken; it’s just that your funny behaviour looked like…..’’

’’Looked like what?’’ I snapped

’’Ok ok…. just the remaining of what a told you then…..well still a crab story to me….When I told you that one local said the cave is a ritual chamber, a place they engage with the spirits…..with the underworld; bla bla bla…I didn’t finish that story because we needed to get moving to tour the area which are not forbidden…..Well it was said that there was a strange and mysterious revolving artefact inside that forbidden cave. It’s was the ritual spot of the ancient people who worshipped there. Anyone who seek for purity, beneficence, and wealth has to stand in the middle of the point of its centre of rotation holding what you are seeking in your heart.’’

I was dumb founded; so this was my problem….I had been initiated. Initiated into the world of the underworld. Initiated into the world of the gods. No wonder I felt such a suddenly transformation when I stood in the centre of the point from which stiffened dead owl revolves.

On the other hand, I reasoned, if it were for those seeking for purity, beneficence, and wealth; it wasn’t a bad thing to seek for those, so these things shouldn’t be happening to me.

’’Then if it is for protection I didn’t see anything wrong….’’

’’Did I tell you I have finished?’’


’’Now…one has to stand in the middle’’ Chidozie continued. ‘‘and at the same time be looking up at it as if it’s his/her saviour…then the number of rotation matters’’

Immediately I had this I began to tremble, because I felt that’s where my problem lies. I began to move back…. farther than I thought. His words echoing and his words fading away.

’’If it rotates not more than seven times; You are safe, and not greedy; especially the money ritualist who seeks for wealth. But if it rotates more than seven times; it means you want to be over protected by the gods’’

Suddenly I recalled when the lady had said her brother was moaning, please stop protecting me. With this I began to move farther and farther away, maybe to the hallway. The words of my brother fading away more and more as I was being preoccupied with something yet to come.

’’The locals even said many things can happen to such a one whom the gods are over protecting…..another local said the site had a monument shrine in the far neighbouring town. This new shrine in the far neighbouring town is Known as Onyino shrine’’

’’Eye of Onyino god’’ rang in my head; then I took off.

My brother was calling me, but I didn’t look back. I ran like I used to. Running to out run the eye I felt was watching me. Upon reaching my room door, it immediately had dawned on me that my room had been the residence. The residence of the eye that rarely blinks. Then I diverted suddenly. I shot the door of the guest room behind me. Then felt a breeze at my back. I turned immediately, leaning at the door. I knew it was there. I can feel it, but I can’t see it. No, not in this room. My eyes darting across the corners of the room.  Then I spotted it. Right behind the window.

Right behind the curtains. I was sure I closed it early in the morning to make sure I was safe. But now, it was open in between the two curtains; with my tormentor behind in between them. It was bigger this time. Bigger than I could imagine. With all its features alive and horrific.

The maggot-like eye lashes wriggling like usual. This time it was like the eye of a hurricane with the winds whirling and whirling round it. At the same time the rocking chair at the corner of the room started rocking. Maybe the wind the eye carried were pushing it. It was rocking with a rhythmic pattern; just like the owl tied up in the cave.

At that moment; I didn’t know which one to follow. Whether the monster eye that carried a hurricane wind or the rocking chair. Then it blinked, and I turned to take off. The door handle. I twisted and twisted it. It wouldn’t open. I was dead. I looked back, the eye was still shimmering behind the curtains. But I can still feel the wind radiating from it. Then Something instilled courage in me and I rushed and close the curtains. But its hurricane-like wind was very strong. Strong enough to blow the curtains. Then I reach and closed the glass window.

Then the curtains stayed still. I ran and jump onto the bed; covered myself with the thick mattress; then buried my face on the pillow. Then something felt cold under the mattress; I can feel it. It was the eye; very slippery. Very big, round and flat. Though I was not seeing it, and I don’t want to. I jumped out of bed. My heart had reached to its pounding limit. Pounding as if to break out from my chest. Sweat all over my body, just like terror has overwhelmed me.

I stepped backwards from the guest room bed. To get away from it; the stuff under my mattress. I kept on stepping back; till I suddenly was scooped up by the mysterious rocking chair at the corner of the room. Onto the chair; I looked around it only to notice it was still rocking, and I was rocking with it. Then I felt the same coldness. It was it again. Under me. Under my buttocks. I looked down; behold I was sitting on a very big flat eye. Very wet and slippery under me. The maggots wriggling and jiggling under me; the feeling sent a stream of electrical pulse into my spine. With all my might I jumped up and ran to the door. I was the luckiest human being on earth when I gave it a twist; it opened. Leaving it opened I ran towards the sitting room. Still, I can fill it watching, closing in on me, as I was racing up to meet my brother. May be the company of my brother would make it go away. I has to stay with him even though that would make him obvious that I was not only sick but mad or have developed bipolar disorder.

Thank Lord when I caught sight of my brother backing me. He was on the dinning cleaning my mess the previous time. As I was about to shout the name of my brother, he turned, only to appear like his forehead had undergone metamorphosis. He had begot three eyes. Three eyes in one face was what I have never seen in my life. His two eyes looked normal. But something so strange was that the one in the forehead appear bigger than the other normal two. In fact, it was exactly the very big eye tormenting me. Resting in my brother’s forehead with the same maggot-like eye lashes. All were looking at me.

My brother wanted to make a step towards me, and I ran back again; like a mad man I have become. If you call it schrezophrenia it’s a better description. If you call it hallucination it might be the best description. I was running; I noticed my brother was chasing up to me. Then I increased my speed. Faster than I have ever known. If my brother was the monster, I don’t know. If the demon eye has possessed my brother I don’t know. All I know was to get away from this evil. All I know was to get out of my very self; even from my brother.

This time was no guest room; because to me it was the womb of the real demon. Now I knew my room was even better; better than the guest room; that was how bi-polar disorder makes one to behave. I opened my room door I locked it. To ward off as much evil as I could; even my brother’s.

Behold my room was still a total mess as I left it before. The clothing lithering the ground and papers and the suit case still a mess up. I rushed to the mirror; I was now the demon that begot the eye watching me; so thin and pale that one may mistook me as a living dead.

Without further ado it had already made its way into my room again. I could no longer see myself in the mirror. It was the eye. Bigger than usual. It looks like every moment that passed it adds to itself, both in flesh and in feature. The maggot now seems to have grown longer. The wind whirling around it can even reach me now, blowing me away. I rushed to my bed, removed my mattress and buried my face so deep in the pillow.

There came a bang at my door, then another bang. May be it had changed the pattern of its tormenting. May be it was now planning to kill me. I was panting and sweating and trembling. If I could disappear into the bed, I would do it. Then the banging began to come consistently. Behold I didn’t know when I had myself saying ‘‘Please am done….stop protecting me, please….stop protecting me; pleaaaaaaaase’’

’’Open the door Ken it’s me’’ I heard from the door ‘‘it’s chidozie…Open the door; what’s fucking wrong with you. This your behaviour is out of hand. Ok no child’s play again, it’s time for hospital; Open up!’’

It was now obvious that my brother had known that am not well at all. But on the other hand I was trying to prove to him that it’s just a mild illness. I will soon get better.

By the time it was 17th of August, it was no longer one eye but many many eyes. It was then a matter of eyes everywhere. In the kitchen. In the bathroom. When I enter the toilet, eyes will fill the water system. When I filled the tube to bathe; upon coming back, hundreds of eyes will be floating on the water in the bath tub with one very big one in their middle. All fixed at me.

At some point my brother would ask me if he would call off the birthday party. To avoid people seeing the way I look and to avoid seeing me behaving oddly that day.

’’Don’t worry I could even give them excuses of why it would no longer hold’’

But I would be stubborn to say no. It kept on till 18th and 19th  of August. I said to myself whatever this thing was I must win it to do my birthday. It even looked like it had made me madly stubborn.

On 20th August which was the D-day. I woke up somehow free. I waited for my friendly eyes to show up but they wouldn’t. It appeared as if they were now tired of me. Or maybe they have decided to quit on the day of my birthday.

Everything has been prepared by some friends and the ones whom my brother hired. Ones in a while my brother would come to check on me, and he would find out am ok for the moment. I even joined in arranging things and even answer to some folks who loved to greet the one who has added one year to his life. Questions filled the air. ’’why has you gone so thin, what’s wrong ken, are you sick, blaa blaa blaa’’ But I do tell them I was sick but I was now getting far better. Once in a while I will check around; but nothing had shown up. May be they had lay low. But some part of me tells me that my pulling off a birthday celebration was the time I won them. A little bit of confidence overwhelmed me. From distance my brother will be watching, praying that I don’t disgrace him in front of his friends.

Everything seemed normal to me. The tension, fear and anticipation in me over shadowed my happiness. My heart beating louder that I can hear it; but I managed to suppress my fear. There was a big round table arranged in the centre of the table to which a round big cake was kept. Candles made round the cake, shimmering with light.

After singing happy birthday song; I was ushered to put off the candle light. I bent my head, blew the candle and then they gently went off…..but, but…the wind. It wasn’t only the blown air from my mouth that put them off, it felt like an external wind other than mine. I still feel the wind because it was still blowing. Blowing gently. Then It hit my head; the whirling wind. …..The eyes….

I raised up my head and my brain nearly went blank. Everyone. Not even a single soul was left out. They all have three eyes. The one in the middle was bigger and sitting right in each of everyone’s forehead, including my brother’s.

Behold I let loose of all the fear that had been accumulating in me since the beginning of the torment. Right in front of every three- eyed persons in the room; I was shivering, trembling, shaking, panting and transfixed.

Suddenly I began to sweat; backing away from them. It seems they had noticed my sudden change in mood that every eyes now fixed on me. The fact of having all three-eyed persons gazing at me makes my brain feel as if it was going to blow. Wind began to blow harder, but it seems they don’t notice it.

Suddenly the eye in the middle of their faces blinked and I started to back out. Moving slowly away from them. ’’Ken what’s the problem….what is wrong’’ and this and that. But their questions were not getting to my head. As I was backing away, they seemed to be coming closer. I kept on moving away and they kept on coming closer. May be they want to kill me.

Suddenly I hit the wall. No more places to run to. But they were still coming closer. Closer and closer. Some carrying a cup of wine, while some holding forks meant for eating the cake. I said it; they want to kill me. The Onyino gods has possessed them. Onyino gods want to use them to kill me. They will pierce the forks in me. They were now very close. Eyes everywhere, eyes where surrounding my pity soul. Each paired up in threes. Yet they kept closing in on me. They were many. Then I saw my brother, shouting what looked like ‘‘Ken what’s definitely going on’’. I heard myself shouting ‘‘Leave me alone!…leave me alone!…. please stop protecting me!…. please stop protecting!….I don’t wanna die!!.’’

Am sure my body is done. It can no longer take this. My heart is about to shot down. I barely was reasoning. The sweat coming out of my body can fill an ocean. Immediately when their hands wanted to touch me….I went blank.

I woke up. Looked around. They were no more. Then I spotted an open door at some distance at the right side. I saw two persons dragging and pushing one man. They were all in white apron. The man they were pushing forward seemed to be misbehaving. Maybe mad.

I looked down on me I was in a different clothing. A white one for that matter. Then I noticed I was lying down in a bed. A drip-stand, beside me. Hospital! Then I heard a noise and I looked again at the door. It looked like the man had broken loose; running back across where they had taken him from. It was then that it dawned on me that I was in a Psychiatric Hospital. Immediately with my faint sight; I spotted someone coming close to me. She was a woman. Very beautiful, tall and black in complexion. She wore a nice brown suit with one hot mini skirt and on high heels.

’’Don’t worry ken…’’The beautiful lady said with her right hand on my right shoulder ‘‘Am Doctor Joy Ude. Am a psychiatrist as well as a psychical researcher. I have heard all that is happening to you from your brother…. But you need to tell me one thing Ken’’

I wanted to talk but I found out I was even tired to do so.

’’When you entered within the centre of the revolving stuff in the cave’’ her face leaning close down on me, very serious but beautiful. ‘‘how many times did it hover around your head’’

Was that the fucking question this sexy lady doctor has come to ask me. Ok, if that what’s going to make me alright.

’’More…more than seven’’ I managed to say.

’’That was the real problem’’ She said and patted me on my shoulders.

As I was still looking at the beautiful lady and what she said, then it came. At the wall; before I could see it clearly, I went blank.

When I woke up, my brother was sitting beside my hospital bed.

’’Don’t worry You went into deep sleep; it has now been three days. With the help of the lady Doctor we fixed your problem. We have appeased the gods of Onyino. Even though the sacrifice we did were tedious but its ok; You are now a free man.’’

I noticed I was hale and hearty. Free from body ache. Free from fear that something is watching me. In deed I was now a free man.

I sat on my brother’s house porch with all kinds of food, fruits and drink. Eating to regain my lost flesh and spirit. The big stock fish on my vegetable soup reminded me of what trans-versed between me and the gods the previous days. But that was not really why I remembered the trans-verse.

It was just that a I felt a hurricane-like wind whirl past me; but it’s nothing. Because AM OK. AM OK NOW.

Written By Aneke Francis

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