Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

  • Yes any thing concerning short stories to read is here
  • Do You feature Novels?…We have lengthy novels for our viewers who like reading Novels
  • Do you feature ScreenPlays?…We have Screenplays for our viewers who like reading screenplays
  • What of Science Fictions?…..Yes, Sci-fiction comes also from time to time having known that there are viewers who are more interested in that.
  • Romance shorts stories is what we love to feed our romance lovers on weekly bases.
  • How Do you show us these you short stories or novellas?…..For Romance, sci-fictions, horror novels, we show them in episode by episode. Sometimes we my use up to one week therefore we can finish showing the whole episodes of the novel movie; like episode1, episode2, etc .
  • Do you use graphics Images to decribe you page contents?……Yes we make sure that we presents our shows while making sure that we use graphic images to convey the ideas of the story like movies into your understanding. Like looking at this image will help to describe what visually is actually happeneing to the Boy
    Whirling fire2_test2
  • In fact that is why we say we offer you movie to watch because we make it look as if you are watching a movie
  • Can I bring in my short stories?…….If you have free short stories of any kind(But not Erotica), feel free to email us the script and we may incorporate it into our movie site. We shall me sure your name is appended to it.
  • By the way, do you do any other things apart from short stories shows?,,,..,,We also carry news from around the world more especially the ones related to movies celebrities and all forms of arts; even politics is an art.
  • Now you questionnaire!……One thing we shall ask from you is to comment on any page you have read because it gives us the power to write more for your taste..

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