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I opened my eyes the light still shining very intensely onto my eyes, before i realized that it was no longer the deadly seen in the other realm. It was just the sun rays from the glass window beside our bed. Most of the sun rays were still directed towards my eyes that i have to back off and roll away into the bed and on top of my skirts, lingerie, blouse and my bras that i scattered throughout the bed.

I suddenly seat startled on the bed, to gather them all up because Susan my senior sister was not a fan of scattered bed room. She frowns at it. The room was meant only for me and my sisters, a large bed very close to the glass window and our wood rope at the opposite side, a large table adjacent to the bed where we keeps our bunch of cosmetics because am a kind of girl that likes makeup a lot. Our room was sitting opposite to my mum and dad’s room and beside their room was Daniel’s room, our last burn’s room and just like that, because we are family of three.

I then gathered all of them and straight to the word rope, still very weak and recovering from the fierce event i had on my sleep. Heat all over my body, even though the fan under the ceiling was rotating with a high frequency. Or maybe i have entered my cycle that it had come suddenly like that.

But no, i went straight to the calendar closer to the word rope at the left side, read it well and confirmed myself. Am still ok in that aspect, it’s not yet time. Then i fully believe it was the dark sinister-like event from my dream. It was so intensifying that i felt like i was still feeling the heavy heat i felt while in the dream.

All i can remember was that i saw myself in a big dark cave. Total darkness, no illumination, except a spot at a very very far distance that was the only portion in that big cave that throws in rays of light to few other parts around the cave. With the remnants of the rays of light i can see few artefacts’ around the confiscated cave. It baffled me that even the stream flowing along the cave that flows pass me was radiating a very strong heat, far more than a 100 degree centigrade. The water particles bubble and spit their selves up, boiling more than normal water on a kettle on fire.  I tried to reach closer to the boiling stream, but no, the heat was too much. Nobody needs to tell me that it can burn deep into your bones through your skins. Seems to be more powerful than the most concentrated H2SO4..

While i was deliberating with the powers that oozes out from the stream, i had continues noise like sound from an opening coka cola bottle. I looked up around, and it was the mysterious cave. The cave was melting, and the walls were dissolving like plastic on fire. The heat was too much that it got to the extent of melting hard rock’s into molten forms.

Between those times, there were some flies like object speeding from one end of the cave to that spot with intense white light, each emitting fire from the tail like it’s what was propelling them. Between very shot intervals they dash out from that corner of the cave and into the direction of the spot till they disappear. That fire on their tail was what caught my attention away from the melting cave. I tried to reach close to their direction but the heats coming out from the long tunnel leading to that spot with intense heat was too much, then i withdrew back…………..

To be continued ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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