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Luckily we dashed out of the open door into the hallway. My wife dragging me as well as running. We looked back we hadn’t seen it but we were sure it’s going to show up soon.

***Read Holl0w Monsters part 1 before this one***

Moving towards the front door of our house to get out of this misery. To run away from the house that had begot the ugliest organism of all times. On getting to the front door; behold, it was a mess. The Iron door, the two halves were melted. Melted and fused together that one can never open it if not with the help of axe. But who would use such tools now. Now that we are being close up by a demon.

’Was it….was it the one that did it’ Uzomma cried still holding me.

But no time, I motion her to turn back and we did. Still with her arms under me, carrying me along. I noticed my left leg seemed to be clued up all around with something white, on top of the severe burns it had acquired. Running past the open warehouse. No glance of him. On getting to the back door of the house, the same thing happened, but this one was different. The wooded door seemed to be glued to the frame with the so called white sticky substance.

My wife let loose of me as being the one who still have much energy. She forced and forced the door. No way. Suddenly it slowly emerged out of the hall way at a distance from us. Coming towards us with an emotion to kill. Leaving the trails of the white stuff as the hot larva like fluids gushes to the ground. At the distance we can see its glory. The radiating heat emanating from it. She kept forcing the door to open as it was closing in. Then I went in to help. All hands on desk. We pull and pull and pull. The only response we could get was nothing. So no escape out of the bungalow. To me it seemed the mysterious organism was even intelligent. Intelligent in that its knows how to prevent us. Then it came to me, the room, the room beside us.

No sooner had we closed and locked the door behind us than it whipped its long tentacles on the door. My wife rushed to the big room divider, hauled it slowly towards the door. Seeing that we might be delaying, I rush and helped her as much as I could till we blocked the door. We added other bunch of heavy furniture to make sure we were safe for the moment.

Relaxing at the corner and planning on what to do next. I could notice my wife was completely weary. She was still sweating heavily just like I do. I pitied her for the whole thing. How she had carried me around as we were running. I draw closer to her and made her rest her head on my right shoulder while we anticipate an imminence clash with a demon.

’Honey…what is really happening’ Uzomma said wearily breathing so heavily. ’Where did it come from?’

‘I think may be….’

‘Honey look at that corner!’ She snapped pointing as usual at the left extreme direction.

My heart jumped right into my mouth upon thinking the mysterious organism had entered. But not yet. It was another one; another hole. A very big hole just like the one we have seen in the warehouse. About the size of a 5-year-old child. With the same tuft and patches of the white stuffs here and there. The wall seemed to have dissolved and parted ways for whatever that went through it. Of course it might be the mysterious monster.

I draw very closer to examine it. My wife was bent on holding me back but I resisted. Heart pounding. My bloods moving so faster and sweat trailed down from inside. I bent down to peep through, only to discover it lead into my mini-lab. It seemed as if it came in though the mini laboratory.

In the middle of a battle between humans and a weird form, it had completely dawned on me that it was from the mini lab. It is really the product of my creation. It was the outcome of my sex cell transferred to the eggs of a bird.  I have unleashed a demon onto the surface of the earth. It was a part of me; my semen, my sperm precisely.

I began to reason that the eggs formed something. It was what that had bored a hole and escaped way long before it reached 40 Days. I thought all were a failed experiment. But they weren’t.  It probably might be from the H & S specimen. The white stuff really had explained it. Under disbelieve and trembling I scooped up some of the sticky white stuff smelled and examined it thoroughly, bam; I discovered what it was.

‘Did you know what it is’ She asked looking at me as I was holding it against my very eyes.

‘Mag…. magnesium. It is magnesium!’ I said in surprise.

It was it, but this one was a little different it had been partially combusted; It was a white highly infusible compound. The stickiness was as a result of a colourless gummy substance mixed with it.

‘Magnesium Oxide…it was magnesium oxide’ I said laughing in disbelieve.

‘A you sure’

‘Yes…yes. Uzomma’ I said in affirmation. ’It was my experiment. my….’

‘What experiment Wills…. what experiment. What do you mean’

‘You won’t understand’ Still trying to find any other stuff around that will make me believe more.

‘What have you done Williams’ She suspenseful said knelling down beside me.

But I ignored her still examining the area. Before my very eyes as a chemist it began to unfold. The mystery. The mystery of my monstrous experiments. Yes; the eggs; it must come from the eggs; in the fume cupboard. And I really need to examine the fume cupboard once more, to see if I could see a bored hole.

’I asked you Doctor Williams Onochie, what exactly did you…. ’ and she hung the rest.

A big patch of the concrete walls beside the door we had locked and block began to dissolve. The walls began to flow down like molten liquid in our very eyes. As if it had turned to a hot molten magma. Gradually and steadily they melted giving way to a big hole. About the height of a normal 5-6-year-old.  A very hot steam making their way out of the creating orifice. With this bubbling of liquid which were due to the walls turning into a very hot liquid larva. Temperature of the room raised immediately to an unbearable maximum. I was panting just like my wife was. Then we spotted it; we spotted first its hollow mouth. As it was gushing out the very hot material that does the dissolving wonders. The long tentacles then emerged out of the dissolving hole.

I looked at the big dead hole beside us, looked at my wife and found she was looking at the hole too. It better we escape through the hole that lead to my lab, away from the one forming right in front of us. Without even saying a thing, my wife dived for the hole. I pushed her to make it faster. Struggling and wriggling through its own hole as my wife was struggling and wriggling through our own escape route. In no time she was over and it was my turn. I wriggle and wriggle; forcing myself against my very injured leg, while my wife was at the other end, pulling me. No sooner had I pumped out of the escape route than it hit itself against it, perhaps the hole was too big for it now.

’Sweetie…the ASS Machine!…the ASS Machine!’ I was shouting pulling myself and my injured leg far away from the hole.

As exactly as she understood the code. Uzomma pushed down my hard earned Atomic abortion spectroscopy machine, AAS for short, that worth not less than 100 thousand dollars from the worktop. Splashing it to the ground; she hauled it towards the hole while I caught up with her, helping her with it. We held it there blocking the hole, expecting to feel a tug; but nothing. As I was still holding it, I motioned her to go get other stuffs to support the ASS Machine. She hauled once more my hard earned Gas chromatographic machine. Dam this woman! But truth be told I was too trembling to read meaning behind the destruction. At least the two seemed ok. We moved backwards slowly and slowly till we felt we were safe for the minutes.

Then I rushed to the fume cupboard to see if I could see any hole.

’What are you doing…you haven’t answered my question’ She said coming right up to me at the fume cupboard.

’Ok ok’ I said panting and breathing heavily. ’I fertilized some eggs of a hen with….’

’With what?’

’With my sperm’ I muttered still ransacking the inside of the fume cupboard.

’What!…not possible, humans and animals can’t be cross bred’

’But I did it… perhaps it has been going on before I see the reality. Haven’t you heard in news when a goat delivered a human like baby or horse or whatever; that is cross breeding between us and other lower intelligent animals. But recently I discovered from YouTube that some guys are taking it up to a new level’

’what level’ She inquired and at some point looking around and in direction of our blockage.

’They were trying to see if something can be formed’ I said scanning the fume tunnel at the top. ’by fertilization of eggs of birds with a human sperm’

’So this was what this was all about’ She said in disappointment. ‘but that wasn’t what we should be doing right now. We should be looking for our way out’

As I looked critically at the base of the fume cupboard, I saw it; it was covered by the white patches. I pinched a spatula on it and it went through. I pinched it again, it went in again. Then I began to clear them of from the spot. It was a hole. A very small one. As small as the one bored on the eggs.

Then it came to my mind. It wasn’t only one.

’Two…There were two of them that made it’ I said with eyes wide open looking directly at my wife with suspense and more tension. ’they were two H & S eggs’

’And therefore two holes’ my wife completed.

I put back my head into the cupboard only to find another one beside the previous.

Bringing my head out in disbelieve and in surprise ’And therefore two monsters!’

Behold, the iron door to my control room, began to dissolve and melt in our very presence. Melting down as if in contact with the world most corrosive acid. Smokes trailing their parts upwards as the dissolution continues. Liquid metals giving way to a very big hollow space around the door. Having known what was going to happen. We hauled the heavy iron Fume cupboard to the melting door. Instantly it started melting down as if had been in contact with the same deadly chemicals. Right in front of us a big hole started appearing in the middle of the cupboard as its body washed down to the floor. The worktop followed suit and under minutes it was going down. Ideas ran out of us. Pulse pumping, heart hammering, temperature raising inside and outside.

We began to move back. Moving back to no other place other than the wall. I looked at my left side, my ASS machine, the chromatographic machine was also washing down. Before us everything were dissolving. Death enveloping us as we were eager to live. Behold the two very long tentacles emerged out of my dissolved control room iron door. And then what stood before us was way bigger, bigger than the other one we have seen before. It was more scally than the other. Its long tentacles seemed stronger and swifter than the previous as it wags them around. It was very aggressive by look. Gushing down the hot-like larva from the hollow mouth more heavily than the one we felt was appearing from the left side. In fact, it looked like the male version. There was this short round stick body hanging down in between the two scally human legs.

As we were moving back I was scanning the area to see what I could do. Suddenly, my eyes caught hold of a huge magnesium bottle sitting on a basin at a corner to my right. The one I brought into the control room the other day to run some experiment.

’Magnesium…. they feed on magnesium’ I murmured.

It gave their high pitch ear-scratching sharp long wail, casting some of its hot fluids on us and adding to the burns on our body. And behold the one at the left burst out in view. And we were done. They began to close in. Standing side by side with the one from the door standing some few inches taller. Their glory multiplied as they were slowly closing in as pairs. In agony, in panic and in throbbing spirits, we began to draw back with anticipation of something imminent. Death probably. Temperature became so high that it looked as if we were boiling inside and out. Smokes both from the burning hot larva and the melted irons filled the air. Long tentacles waving and wagging all around as they were measuring their preys. Automatically my control room became a melting chamber; walls melting, Machines melting and humans melting. No sooner had they surged forward to pounce on us than I splashed the huge bottle of magnesium in front of them and they were diverted, pounced on it, scooping the powdered magnesium into their mouth with the radial short tentacles around their hollow mouth.

We tiptoed round them and made for the big hole in the door. The hot irons at the irregular edges of the hole grazed and burned us as parts of us were in contact with them. We ran. I limped. My wife dragging me; with all her last energy. Running to escape before they realize. Before they noticed we played them. At intervals we looked back; but they hadn’t appeared. Then the doors. All of the hall way wooden doors were now clued up with the sticky white stuff, Even the door to the warehouse. Perhaps they were preventing our escape. Perhaps they were channelling us into their trap. Perhaps they were in deed very intelligent. We banged and hit on the closest door to us; but it was better we forge ahead, because we were wasting our time. The main iron door. The main entrance door to the house. It was now our only hope and option even though we knew the two halves were also melted together.

No sooner were we about to get to the glued up iron door of the front entrance than they bounced out of the mini lab into the hallway. With everything they got, they pushed forward. Occasionally jamming each other by sideways in a bid to reach out to some wonderful meats down the hallway. Tentacles whirling and whipping all around in the air as they run down to us.

We stood at the melted door after a few wasted attempt of banging. Helpless. Helpless as the clock of death was counting down. It seemed as if I was even counting the time bomb which may stop when I black out.

’Heeeelp!’My wife cried in agony while leaning at the door as she was alive watching her death. ’heeeeeelp!…heeeelp! us pleeeeease!’

I reached my arms around her; breathing heavily, I then with my hands I covered her eyes. Perhaps to ease her the pain of death. Perhaps to help her painlessly pass to the other side of the world.

’Uziii….’ With my last loving and petting voice. ’I love you; I love you very much. Am so sorry for what I have done. Please forg…..’

The remainder of the statements were snatched away…..Ok, Ok; but my brain hadn’t shot down. The remainder of the statement were snatched away by an intense vibration. The whole spot around us were vibrating. My wife became a little alive. It was the door. The door behind us; at which we were leaning on. We suddenly moved a little bit away from them. Before we realize what was happening, the door, the frame and the walls around it heavily pushed away from us. Then they burst out of view into the lawn, crashing on the ground.

We looked up there was a heavy bulldozer at a distance standing with big chains at its tail. I looked back and the mysterious organism were already close. Men everywhere around in the yard. Armoured Soldiers with bullet proof vests pointing heavy guns towards us.

’Come on!!….come on out!!’ They were shouting on top of their voices as if on a battle field.

Behold without wasting much time we sluggishly ran out; with my wife’ left arm still under me. In our very surprise everywhere was filed with armoured cars and pick up, probably from the soldiers. Some other vans were there. We nearly stood in their middle backing where we busted out, while bunch of soldiers seemed to have drifted away; rushing to the mouth of the pulled down entrance. Each pointing his gun into the entrance. And while some even seemed to be going in.

Suddenly I saw a big long van with inscription ‘Bi Polar chemical and Biological Research Laboratory’

Then I saw about eight guys from our company, rushed past us. Two very big iron nets, each per four of them being dragged along into the entrance. Another eight guys followed suit, carrying two very big glass cylinder labelled Hexane, each per four of them. How they knew that we were in full attack by two undefinable hollow monsters was something I nor my wife wasn’t aware. As they were about to disappear into the monster inhabited house, it came to me; the melting power of the organism.

’Wait! Wait!…don’t go in!’ I cried pointing out to them. ’the iron chains!…’

’It will hold them on long enough to help haul them into the container’ A familiar voice said in front of us while my face still turned to the entrance. I turned; it was my friend. He was Doctor Patrick Nwosu.

I was in agony due to the aftereffect of the previous war as well as in astonishment for I don’t know how Dr Pat knew about the whole thing. Or how he knew about the insurmountable melting and dissolving power of the mysterious monsters. In fact, had he known hexane has a connection in the organism’s evolution or was it just a mere coincidence.

’Don’t trouble your minds Mr and Mrs Onochie’ as if he knew what was going on in my mind. ’I called the soldiers as your rescuers and our lab workers to help me out’

’But how…but how did you’ I was gazing at him and the whole thing in surprise.

’You did let us know Dr Williams’

’How?’ me and my wife simultaneously said in surprise.

’your CCTV’ he gesticulated in affirmation. ’and your laptop you forgot at the Bi Polar research lab.’

I still was gazing trying to figure the whole thing out.

’Like you have forgotten you set up two cameras; infra-red for that matter’ he continued, still haven seen my confused gazing. ’one in your general lab room and the other in your control room. It seemed to have been installed five days before now. The Infra-red CCTV which is also capable of seeing even when the light was turned off was synchronized with your laptop. I could have brought the laptop to you the day I came, bought I forgot. Today Just like the horrific event in your house was unfolding, I confidently and coincidentally happened to open it up to see if a can justify my thoughts. Behold I began to have live evidence of you guys being pursued by hollow monsters I have never seen in my life. The past video shots of the evolution that had been taking place in your lab that you have limited information was perfectly saved by whatever software used. That was when I ran for help’

‘I didn’t install anything Partner’ I said with certainty.

‘Then who else did?’ Dr Pat said with a little anger as if I was labelling him a liar. ’Who else?’

At the moment both our gaze shifted to my wife who seemed a little tensed up rather than the one felt inside the hollow monster occupied house. As if we were expecting her to defend herself too.

‘Ok Ok guys I did’ She said with her right hand in the air as if she had thrown in the towel. ’I did’


‘Oh dear Wills spare me that why, since I don’t’ know why you have chosen lately to spent much time with your lab instead of with me. I don’t know whether it’s now a sexual fetish place you love to masturbate’ satisfy your sex urges and even jack off….’

‘Damm! Sweetie…’I cut in in anger. ‘I thought you would have known I have lots of research projects going on, and I don’t have time..’

‘Spare me the time Wills. ‘She snapped again.’ You now hardly make love to me, we now hardly go places together, it had been as if we are very apart from each other. That was why I decided to call someone to install the camera five days ago to see what you have been doing in that lab of yours, having seen you had refused to go with me. But when I came in today and rushed to check the system in our room. It was gone and I presumed you have discovered the whole thing and kept the argument safe for the evening’

‘Alright couples that is not an issue to be discussed here’ Dr Pat Intervened.’ Settle that later. And somewhere’

‘We will talk about it later’ I said then turned to Dr Pat. ‘justify your thoughts why would you want to justify your thoughts Patrick’

‘Opps..I saw your log book’

’You what?’

’Yes’ responding with an am-sorry look ’your Sperm to egg experiment log book. And I took some part of the rock-like scale I found out at the back of your door. Sorry for not telling you…. I studied the stuff, relating it with what you have in the log’

‘The H & S’ I murmured in anger.

’Yes the Hexane & Semen Specimen; linked them up with what I saw on the Laptop before I was able to deduce that our highly unstable and world highest temperatured organism might calm down inside…’ He then looked up past us, pointing into the direction of broken entrance. ‘Hexane’.

And the two big transparent containers labelled Hexane was being carried out by four men each for each container. They were staggering in their direction showing that whatever they were carrying was so heavy. Then it was it. They were carrying in each container a very big two flat sided orb shaped structures, stony in appearance. I guess the monsters had chosen to crawl back into their old form. And thoroughly Dr Pat did his own side of research very well. They carried both containers into the Vans and made away. Some of them precisely the ones who went in with the big iron chain nets were coming out looking tattered and even burnt somehow. They entered other vans and disappeared.

One of the soldiers came right at us standing and looking straight at Dr Patrick.

’All cleared…’ He said to him at last.

After that day, I made up with my wife concerning our little misunderstanding. We had rented another house far off in another town, hoping later we could fix our old dilapidated one. Our previously tormenting demons were now resting far off in the heart of Bi Polar Chemical and Biological Research Institute. A nurse once in a while will come to give us some treatment. My wife was a fast healer. I was almost on the verge of healing completely. Except the gradually healing injury on my left leg.

Well what caught my eyes on today’s morning newspaper was that a neighbour to an old dilapidated bungalow once tormented by a mysterious living animal was complaining of her pussy-cat being glued all up by a white sticky substance….


Written By Francis Aneke

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