HollOw Monsters (The world most undefinable organisms)

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Yes, that’s what came to my head. At least I have searched for it on the internet and was surprised to see the Google return. Try it and you will be amazed. It was after doing so that I was surprised to see that modern day human submerged in their scientific world of research and development were now going beyond in their so called sophisticated research.

We are not yet done with the surprise and fascinations emanating from some thrilling and of course horrific biological researches going on around the world such as Stem Cell and the one that I thought was prominent now, termed Gene Editing research. Now this particular one that seems to be rocking the internet.

It was even my friend, a fellow chemist in Bi Polar Biological and Chemical Research Institute, Dr Patrick Nwosu that asked me. ’have you ever tried semen in an egg’.  I was surprise to hear that, at least I have imagined that one can cross breed from human to other animal, which has been showing up here and there. Just like news of goats delivering what looked like a human; or horses delivering what nearly had human head or body and etcetera. But It had never dawned on me that people were already on the trial of producing another specie of human by fertilizing an ordinary egg of a hen with a human sperm.

When Dr Patrick Nwosu told me that, I thought he was talking about mixing a semen with an egg and cooking it, hahaha, till he explained it better. Now when I searched the internet about Homunculus, brethren I was surprise to see a version of it on you tube, where a Russian Scientist had produced an entirely and unique organism that no one knows what it was. The appearance and its biological behaviour had form this wacky undeletable image from my head.

The Man had been claiming to have achieve that by trial and error. He had claimed to have been on it for a long time before making progress. The video showed when the man made an incision on an egg and injected some mills of human semen into the heart of the egg. The egg shell was somehow cracked to achieve such. Later after 40 days, after preserving some conditions he opened it to show what looked like a life form. At one point, the outcome of his research spat on him. You can check for the rest of the details on YouTube.

Now as I was sitting on my mini lab well situated at the back of my bungalow. I was imagining what could be the outcome of what I am about to do. A generation of an entirely different organism which has never been documented in the animal Kingdom, which some do group under homunculus.

My Mini lab was spacious, even though I called it mini laboratory; but that was just because it could not be compared with the spacious Bi Polar Biological and Chemical Research Institute. I had been a kind that don’t rely on a scantily equipped research lab. I have many equipment both large and small. It is a four room apartment at the back of my bungalow with a door connecting the little house to my almighty large bungalow of many rooms. I love to work in the second room which I call the control room. It is where I kept my expensive spectroscopic equipment such as AAS Machines, and my bunch of Chromatographic equipment such as GC-MS and HPLC; just for those in the field.

Without further ado I am Doctor Williams Onochie, a chief research analyst in the aforementioned Bi Polar lab; well forget the lab’s name; it’s not a psych lab, but it can be.

On my work bench I stood with all the materials ready to perform my first weird research on fertilization. I have eight eggs. Two are going to be my control, while am going to do the unthinkable on the rest six. All of them where on a flat glass bowl. I have three set of an injection strings. The first contained hexane and my semen, making up about 3 mills of the injection strings. The second contains about ethanol and my semen making up about 3 mills of the Injection string. The third contains only my semen. How I got my semen should not be your concern, haha. With a Saw-Knife I made an incision on all six eggs. Luckily none cracked too much, it was just an incision. With glove on my hand, I picked them in twos. First two were injected with my semen and hexane, the second two were injected with my semen and ethanol, the third two were injected with only my semen. Then rest two were free from injection, as my control. I sealed the incision with a neat bandage to avoid contamination by air or whatever. I made a specimen mark on each two of them to know which one contains which fluid combination.

I was happy. Am about to unleash a demon onto the surface of the earth. On a rack I put all of them. And kept them inside my fume cupboard. I checked the date and nodded; I was to come back after forty days to check on my experiment.

Sometimes I will go and check them only to find out they were still as I kept them. It kept on happening at the beginning till I lost the will to disturb myself.

On the 30th day I came back from work, happily I strode to the mini lab control room. When I got close I peeped through the fume cupboard glass, I noticed that the shell of one set of two eggs which was labelled H & S meaning Hexane and semen had gone brown and pale. Well I had believed maybe the hexane wasn’t suitable as a medium enhancer, that it had killed the two eggs in one set. The other two sets where still looking live and ready to release their Omen. I touched E & S meaning Ethanol and Semen; they were still looking fresh but cold. I touched the H & S; but something was different.

Though they look pale and as if were dead, but they were very warm. I took out my thermometer; upon measuring the temperature, it was 60 degrees centigrade. woow. I was shocked. Even if the eggs were dead; it wouldn’t be releasing that kind of heat. It touched my mind to throw them away. I brought another glass bowl, removed them from the rack. But suddenly I heard a noise; it sounded like the inside of the two eggs; H & S, were bubbling as if boiling.  I then made up my mind that I will see to their end, whatever was happening inside must be found on the ending day which was remaining 10 days to go. I put them back into the rack and then into the fume cupboard and closed it perfectly.

On a Saturday evening which was the day it clocked 40 days. I was happy but at the same time afraid and inquisitive of what my weird research might yield. That I have sort to crack them open on the evening was not because I just wanted to; but it was because I was getting tensed up as time draws nearer and nearer. Something in me kept telling me I would meet the most undefinable and dangerous organic form of my life. I remembered the discoloured specimen H & S, what possibly might be causing them to bubble inside and the unexplained enormous heat radiating from them.

I arranged my work bench. The beakers, bowls, washing bottle, some tweezers and some other stuffs I needed. I slide in my hand glove and made my way to the fume cupboard in the extreme end of the wall opposite the little work bench and near my Chromatographic machine in my lab control room.

I had not gone 1 meter, when something like ball or rat rolled passed me beneath my work bench close to the wall. Before I could reach up to it, it had rolled out of sight crossing my big ASS machine to the other end of my room where I kept other equipment. I tried to block it from the other end of the machine, but dam me; it was I lizard and not even a rat. Rat or Lizard does not roll any way; they walk and run on fours. But I was foolish enough to assume it was rolling. Well may be my eyes pictured it as a rolling lizard. Whatever; it scared me.

Little uneasiness mixed with fear gripped my heart. When I got to my fume cupboard I peered in from the glasses as usual; nothing much, except the set of two eggs that looked dead to me. Well within me I had somehow believed the game will show up once I had opened the fume cupboard.

Slowly I opened the fume cupboard, still nothing much. But my first surprise was that I could perceive a smell. Not even a foul smell like a rotten egg, but it smelled like magnesium which’s one of the chemical element on earth. Another thing was that I could see some patches of white stuff that looked like a carbide all around the inside of my fume cupboard which I had never seen before.

Well I ignored it and was bent on looking at all my specimen. I carried the rack full of six possible mysteries to my work bench, pulled out my chair and sat down. I picked up a flat narrow steel like spoon called spatula; turned around the E & S Specimens, but they still looked fresh; except the taped incision I made on them. The eggs serving as control were still Ok by look. Then I turned around the H & S specimens; behold, there were holes. The holes looked like a neatly bored hole; some millimetre in diameter at the tip of each of the two eggs. I was surprised as well as overwhelmed with little a twitch.

From observation it looked like something had bored a hole and escaped. If they were bored by something formed inside the egg, I would have seen them from the glass doors of the fume cup board. I knew there was no way or exit through which they can escape from the fume cupboard. The only possible escape route was the tunnel above the cupboard through which all the gases both dangerous, odourless and foul smelling, escapes out into the atmosphere during chemical experiments. But the real deal was that the tunnel was covered with a strong tiny sized sieve which would never let in or let out solid form of even smaller sizes.

For me to confirm; well I poured out the remnant fluid from the H & S specimen into a glass bowl. It looked dark, sticky with this traces of white stuff in it. But I could perceive some smell; like magnesium; which was the same smell I perceived from the fume cupboard. That prompted me to go back and check very well. I gradually observed every inch of the fume cupboard, but nothing. I scanned again and again, but nothing. I looked up the tunnel up the inside of the fume cup board, but nothing. Except the white patches here and there.

In fact, they really were a dead specimen. I marked H & S as a failed experiment in my log book. Then Specimen E & S has nothing much in look. It was fresh but no longer felt cold like the last time I touched it. At a point I began to feel that E & S must contain something. Then I became alert. I still could remember when weird form spat on the Russian alchemist who had grown monster with almost exactly with what I was doing.

This little shivering occupied me immediately.  I raised up my spatula and on the specimen E & S eggs it went. I broke and gently poured the first one on glass bowl. It looked way different from the H & S eggs and the control eggs which already had been marked failed experiment after opening. The fluids have some bloods in it. With this lumps of tissues. Behold here we are; my mind told me. With the tweezers I shifted the lumps of bloody tissue….but..but, I was disappointed. Nothing was there except the lumps of blood. I did the second egg it was the same as the first. But somehow I believed whatever was forming could not finish up or its dead. I marked E & S as a failed experiment.

Yap it was a trial and error experiment on which I would upgrade my method and procedure next time. I was somehow happy though. Because I managed to observed something. The little fear that had held me before now went down like one who had poured cold water. With happiness I gathered all the bullshit into one glass bowl and staggered to the lab bin in the general research room across my control room.

I staggered across to the large room, because I was now feeling sleepy; it was night. I checked my time it was 9 O’clock. I love to switch off the white light to avoid acceleration of the chemical reactions going on within my reagent bottles. I open the door to my general research room; grope for the switch and bam; it took off; I couldn’t see it but am sure it was one of those rat disturbing my work space. Still under staggering spirit I raced up to it to make sure I chased it far away. Dam rats!

I then switched off the light and groped my way out of the mini lab apartment and into my bungalow through the connecting door. This time there was no time to arrange the stuffs my wife begged me to help arrange in the store; a large ware-house. After all, I knew she would not be coming home tomorrow but next. She went to visit her sister. Then I switched on my nightstand beside my bed and went to bed. As I was lying down I heard a shattering on the floor. I jumped up trying to hold my nightstand from falling, even though I knew whatever that had bashed to the ground had already reached the ground. I guess it was a responds to stimuli though. Then it suddenly occurred to me that the noise was coming from far end of my backyard at my mini laboratory. But due to dizziness. Due to that I had over worked myself during the day at our institution. I went back to my bed.

At 5 O’clock the next morning, I woke up with one thing in my mind. To check whatever that had smashed in my mini lab. Though it was a normal thing for me to always wake up at 5 O ‘clock for every morning for many reasons best known to me. I hurried to my backyard. Banged open the door linking my bungalow to my mini lab. It was quiet and very cold as usual. I first looked around to see if I may spot any movement, maybe rat; but nothing. Normally rats use to disturb me, but my lab is the right killer to them. They willingly die always after eating sweet poisonous reagent they perceived to be food. So I don’t need to look for other pesticide. Most reagents they eat or inhaled do preserved them well and prevent them from smelling, so no worries.

So I then grope for the switch beside the door to the control room, on the light, scanning all around to see what had smashed to the ground. The control room’s where the most important and most expensive equipment were kept. I can’t manage to see any of them damaged by those merciless rodents. I scanned the room well but nothing.

Then I went to the general research room; to see if any of the reagent bottles had fallen from the reagent racks. I grope for the switch, turned on the white light and gently made my way inside. This room was a sure room for me to never leave without light out. Otherwise it may speed up the chemical reaction of the reagents in my racks; like I said before. I scanned the lab room from the front; nothing, because it was divided into two by a big and long cabinet that contains most of my reagent bottles. I went to the backside, only to noticed that one of the big bottle at the lowest divider was smashed to the ground. When I went close; it was magnesium bottle. The bottle contains a powdered magnesium element.  The powdered element was even scrubbed all around and even far away from where it was broken. Dam rats! I gently did what I had to do; clean it up.

But it was an unlucky rat, because magnesium is one hell of a poison for rats. But between a confused mind, I somehow was wondering how a rat no matter how big it was can push a big bottle of reagent that weigh 15-20kg. But another me told me that there was a possibility of the bottle just falling off by itself because it wasn’t kept well. All the magnesium and the broken pieces were all put on a large dry plastic rubber and was covered to avoid hygroscopic reaction; that is; moisture adsorption.

I went back to my control room to run some chromatographic test on my gas chromatographic machine. A test which was given to me by Dr Patrick Nwosu to run for him. I was bent on doing my work when I heard a knock on my door to the mini lab from the backyard. Sure; its none other person than Dr Patrick because he was the only person that knows his ways around. To my surprise Patrick came in holding something like a worn out scales, about 35 centimetres in length and 10 centimetres in width of somehow irregular shape, probably from something like snake. The most surprising stuff was that it’s made up of heavy scales, even rocky in nature.

’I got this one right behind your door when I opened it’ Dr pat said in surprise

‘What’s this’ I said trying to hold it with my tweezers

‘Well I think I should ask you doc’ he gestured. ’but how come I do perceive heavy smell of magnesium while I was coming in’

‘I don’t even know…. but I guess it’s a snake’ I said still holding it up on my face with my tweezers.

‘This was no snake scales to me Doc’ Dr Pat said going to look what I was doing on the gas chromatographic machine. ’Check it very well; and see why I said that.’

I raised it up very well and behold through my eye glasses I could observe that the scales really looked like they were made up of something strong. Like hard rock, Igneous rock for that matter. I pinched on them, in deed they were as hard as igneous rock. To the other table under the microscope I shoved it in. Took a look and really confirmed that the scale was in shot a rock, but whether it was a sedimentary rock or igneous; I wasn’t sure of that one.

‘I said I could perceive magnesium when I came in’

‘yes a bottle of magnesium fell from a rack at my general research room’ I said still observing the stuff with little uneasiness and a contorted face.

‘Not there, but here….around this place; on this fume cup board’

I looked only to see Dr Pat holding open my fume cupboard. Then I remembered, even me had perceived the smell the previous day when I was doing my weird experiment. But I don’t want to tell Dr Pat that I foolishly had used my sperm to try to fertilize an egg. It has to stay with me after all it was a failed experiment.

‘What experiment did you ran that made you fume cupboard smelling like magnesium’

As he was talking I was looking out for plan to take his mind off the cupboard. Then I saw one, when I put up the patches of the scale, trying to make them whole, I noticed that the appearance was very weird; which I couldn’t comprehend.

‘Doc, could you decipher what animal you think this came from’ I said with my face wrinkled in disbelieve and suspense, with my hands on the arranged puzzle on my work bench.

‘I have studied it before coming in…couldn’t figure something out’ he said moving away from the fume cupboard and coming close to my table. ’That’s why I was eager to bring it on’

‘What of reptiles’ I suggested.

‘Don’t think so…. have never seen any recently living vertebrate with that form let alone the reptilians’ Dr Pat said with a soft undertone and with this intense look that signals me that something is weird somewhere. ’even the so called extinct reptilians…dinosaur and the rest’

We were somehow fed up after trying to fit the form into many reptiles we could think of. Even the extinct reptilians were checked to see if any could match, but no avail. At a point we came to believe, may be it could be any reptiles or from any other animal family we don’t know.

Before we could finish studying the scales and before we finish the chromatographic test I was doing, it was late. ‘You better check yourself well, because this kind of thing does not come in handy’. This was the last statement the Doc made before leaving my mini lab. But I really don’t want to read meaning out of the statement. But somehow it would flash my memory; what could have a rock-like scales as skin. What could have an undefinable shape with a rock-like scales I have never seen in the history of reptilians. Undefinable! Then I remember when I was about to explore the outcome of my weird experiment; no this has nothing to do with my experiment. I was sure I got nothing but a chunk of coagulated blood and a thick sticky dark fluid. Even the H & S specimen was dead before they reached their speculated stage.

I went to the spot were Dr Pat had said he found the rocky scales at the back of the mini lab backyard door. I had just seen him off. I scanned the spot, but something was strange. The same patches of white stuff were scattered in traces around the spots. It was somehow tiny that I managed to see them due to my intense scrutiny around the spot. I then remembered how they were also scattered in traces inside the fume cupboard. How was the two event connected; I couldn’t decipher any way. Another side of me told me it might just be all those stuffs dragged in by those stubborn rats disturbing me.

With heavy sigh of tiredness; I strode towards the General Research room nearly opposite to the Control room. I had to switch on the light as usual and I did. Suddenly I remembered I heard a sound of something like; a rolling rock. A sound of a rolling stone just thrown across a cemented floor.  It seemed to have rolled past the same vicinity as the rat I chased the previous day; at the back of the reagent cabinets. Wamm; the light came back on. The sound of the rolling stone faded quickly to a far distance in the extreme wall. I ran tracing the fading sound to see if I could catch up with; may be those stubborn rat that I think can now push anything. Without success; I came back; and on getting to my stock of magnesium bottles at the lowest division, they were still OK. Due to dizziness I quit my check up, switched off once more and headed to my room in my bungalow.

The sound of a rolling rock again, but this one was less heavy than those I heard in my mini lab. I felt it was from the large ware house closer to the backyard door. But somehow I was tensed up and nearly swallowed my tongue. I turned right back and tiptoed to the large wooden door at the ware house. I listened on to hear the sound again but no way. Fuck me; I went back to my room.

I was in my bed. But I had notice I was somehow worried, but the other me seemed to be denying it. I somehow beginning to think that something has been unleashed but I don’t know how. Right inside my house; inside my lab, but I was not sure or maybe I don’t see the possibility of it happening. The only thing I had believed was the annoying rats here and there which my reagents knows how to kill. But before I could think further I was occupied with Uzomma my wife who was to come back tomorrow. With that I decided to shift my thought to the circumstances surrounding Mrs Uzomma Onochie.

As if her thoughts were still in my head I heard the sound of a car parking in my lawn. Before I knew it, my wife was already ringing our door bell. I jumped up from the bed. It was 7 0’clock. I knew it; she would ask me if I had helped arrange the things in the warehouse. It was where she loved to keep all junks of fashion materials and furniture, and also were I loved to keep my used and worn out laboratory equipment and machines. It is filled up to the brim with anything you can think of.

‘Can you perceive the smell…..’.

‘Of what?’ I snapped as she was already sniffing around.

’Don’t tell me you don’t perceive this smell like I do’

‘No my lady’

’It smells like chemical’

‘I know…yes I could remember. It was a spilt chemical in my lab’

She then gestured towards the hallway ’Honey the lab is still far ahead down the hall way’ and then pointed down. ‘but how come the smell is so dense around the house’

It was then that I really began to feel that something weird was happening. Some strange thing is developing. Not far away but around my house. Now smell that I believed should have faded away since the day before. For all I know Magnesium smell does not stay forever if you take precaution to clean up. How could something that splashed down the lab have a concentrated smell around my house. Doesn’t it me there were some spilt magnesium, even around my house. Does it mean that the rats; yes, the rats; I think so. They carried some remnants of the powdered element down the house.

Still within the thoughts of what was radiating such a smell in my house; I strode fast to my lab. Tuft and patches of the white stuff here and there down the hall way to my lab. The suspense began to grow. I got to the general room door. Open the door, switched on the light. At least nothing; because I was expecting to hear such rolling stone sound. I went round the back of the cabinet. But everything was intact. The ones that had splashed the day before yesterday by an unknown force had been washed down the basin because somehow it became hygroscopic and useless at the moment. Therefore, to me; no more smell. So the question was how did the smell get up to my house. What was releasing the awful smell of magnesium in my house. But having remembered I have rats around, I began to laugh at my fearful thoughts. Then the little suspense and fear in me went down. Then it came; a call.

’Honey!! What the fuck is this’

I was shocked because there was horror in the voice, as if she had seen something. It was my wife’s voice, from a deep distance from my house. I knew my wife; she had never addressed me as such, not even when I have not helped to arrange the warehouse as she had begged before travelling. I took off, why was I running I don’t know. May be because I was uptight and in suspense. Upon passing the warehouse, I spotted her; the door was open. She was standing transfixed backing the door.


’This?’ pointing at a far distance in the corner of the large warehouse.

Behold I spotted it, it was the same thing. Just like how Dr Pat had seen a similar stuff at the back of the door down the mini-lab. It was a scale. A rock-like scale. But something was different. This one was bigger than the previous. Longer and wider than the previous but with the material ripped apart in several places as if something forced itself out of it.

It was then that I had begun to feel an uninvited shivering and a faster heartbeat. Something was wrong which I don’t know what it was. I began to believe that right in front of me my house was harbouring an organism which would soon be dangerous and its action about to get out of control judging by the way its unfolding.

’Honey what…what do you think’ Uzomma said with a trembling voice.

But I don’t want to make her panic. I don’t want to make her feel like something had been unleashed in my house. I don’t want make her feel like I feel, like something was around the house. I draw nearer, scanned the whole spot to see if I could see something; but nothing. I looked around, into the deep suspenseful ends of the large warehouse; but nothing.

My wife was standing at my back waiting to see what I could do or what I may found out further. I reached up to it, to scoop up the tatted material with a curtain rod as much as it can grab; but then; a splash. We heard a splash that I suddenly dropped the long curtain rod. Uzomma was already far away, even out of the warehouse.

’Something ‘s weird honey’ Uzomma said with head’s up, whirling around.

I Knew but I was deceitfully keeping calm. Not wasting any time, I strode fast to my lab. Uzomma was reluctant to follow up. Wamm, the switch went on, still expecting to see or hear the sound of the rolling rock moving through a cemented floor; but I didn’t. An unusual heat I had never experienced filled the room. The temperature of the room was so high that I have never experienced it before. But that was not the issue. The issue was to see what had made a smashing sound. Scanning all around, my reagents were intact as usual.

Then I moved behind the cabinet like I used to do. With my gleaming sets of glasses. I could see the horror. It wasn’t one this time. It was two, three; three bottles of my magnesium. I glanced around but I couldn’t see anything; except the white carbide like stuffs here and there. But to my greatest surprise it looked the magnesium had reduced in quantity while a few leftovers were scattered to the ground. Er; what is wrong. I stood close to my cabinet in confusion and with this uneasiness that made me so hot that I felt as if my body was about to boil. I was sweating just like I was shaking. Could feel sweat running down my chest inside of my shirt. Then it occurred to me the room was never up to this temperature or was it because I was tensed up.

I read my room thermometer hanging beside the wall; behold, it read 60 degrees centigrade. ’60!’ It was then that I began to correlate the previous event with what I observed the day of my weird experiment. I could recall that the H & S eggs read 60 when I found out they were very warm.

’Honey!!…Wills!; Wiiiiills!’

Into the warehouse I found myself panting. My wife; I could not see her again. But her voice, her call; it all were from the warehouse. I was sure. I stretched my eyes into the deep dark far end of the warehouse. I didn’t spot her; maybe just because the stuffs in the warehouse obstructed my view. Has she gone missing. Has whatever I felt has been unleashed in the house snatched her away.

’girrrl….Sweety’ No answer.’Sweeetieee’ Then I began to move into the deep. Scanning left and right as if I was next.

’Did you bore a hole’ She said at last, freaking me out.

’a hole’

’Look!’ pointing in her front while backing me.

Behold. It was a very big one; a very big hole that one need not to be told that something was wrong. Right at the base of the wall. Almost as the height of a normal 5-year-old human, and a width of 15-20 centimetres. The hole was bored right at the extreme end of the large warehouse, at the wall joining the kitchen. It looked like something fresh, something new. One weird stuff was that it looked like whatever that bored the hole, melted through. Like as if it dissolved the wall with an acid. Something like a solidified flowing magma here and there. Some seemed to have spilt down from the wall before solidifying, just like melted candles. The white stuffs; they were there also. Some patches of it made their way through the hole. It looked like the hole was bored through into the warehouse from the other side.

’Hot…. everywhere is hot. Very hot’ my wife lamented.

I turned my head from where I squatted down in front of the mysterious hole. She looked wet. As if someone had poured a warm water on her. This one was beyond her being afraid. She can feel it; the unexplained raise in temperature. I thought it was only from my lab. Then it hit my mind. The warehouse; whatever that bore this whole might be in warehouse planning how to dive on us.

’I think we have to leave this house Wills’ Uzomma muttered looking around as if she was already in the hands of the ghost.’…. maybe call the police, the fire fighters or whatever’

Yes, she was correct. We need to go out of the warehouse. We need to go out of the house entirely; and plan for what to do. May be call Dr Pat my friend. Not only the scales, the ghostly bored holes but even the mysterious very high temperature had made my wife to see it. To see that something was wrong.

I quickly stood up from where I squatted; grabbed her hands so that we can may be vanish. Then….it was the sound, the sound of a rolling stone thrown across a concrete floor. A Sound of concrete driller.  It was coming; it was coming right at us, from the other end of the warehouse. At the door side. Its sound was heavy and earth quaking; as if the ground below us was shaking. I was shaking just like my wife. Hands still clasped together. Then the sound stopped.

’What was that’ Uzomma muttered peering into the distance obstructed by junks of her fashion materials and my disposed equipment.

She increased her grasp; while I increased mine. Silent grew in the quiet room. The world seemed to stand still as we stood stand still. I was transfixed, staring into the deep dark direction. In anticipation of an immense evolution of a mysterious form. I looked at my wife and she looked back at me. She was already melting down right before me. Heat surging down her face as well as mine. The temperature of the whole warehouse increased more as if it were being invited by the sound we just heard.

It then began again; still coming towards us, out of the darks, out of the mixed of piles of disposed equipment and heaps of dilapidated furniture. We started moving back, slowly and focused. It then…gradually….rolled out of our view. It was Something….something like a rock, a very big rock that my eyes could not decipher its actual shape. It was about 3 feet tall but shaped like an orb with nearly two flat sides. Like a big tyre. Something like a steam of hot water flaring out of it that it became difficult to see through.  My pulse was hammering that I can’t even here the moaning cry of my wife.

At some distance out of the darkness it stopped. Stretching out and unfolding its self out of its old form like an unfolding Venus’s-flytrap; releasing some flaring steams and gushing out gummy white substances that what stood upright before us became a turtle shaped organism with the tip end of the buttock standing on two small scally human legs on an ostrich web-like feet. A very large hollow mouth from the flat front side facing us. With little tentacles finding their ways outside of the hollow mouth in radial pattern. Two very long tail-like tentacles from both sides of the turtle shaped body; that might be serving as arms. There were these many little bulbs clustering immediately on top of the large hollow mouth, which I presumed to be the eyes.

Quite at some intervals; some red hot larva-like fluid gushes down, from the darkest deep that stretched into the hollow mouth surrounded by the small tentacles made out of it, radially rounding the hollow mouth. The spilling hot fluids then cools to leave some whitish substances, sticking to the ground. Wagging the two very long tentacles and wriggling them all around. The kind of heat radiating from the mysterious organism was incomprehensible. But yet it doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable of the heat. If you call it an alien, you may be correct.  It stood there at a distance and the clustered tiny bulbs staring at us, like we were staring in disbelieve.

Suddenly, it dawned on us that we have been living with the world most undefinable organism. Breathing heavily and fast; her hand vibrating mine while still clenching never to let go. I looked at my wife again she was dissolving, right in front of me. As if her life was counting down nearly to zero.  My brain pounding inside my skull that I was confused of what to do next. we can’t continue like this; watching a mysterious form till it gathers momentum and pounce on us.

Then it spoke. it was a very high pitch ear-scratching sharp long wail. All its short tentacles stretched out to help let loose of the sharp long wail. Spitting and splashing a very hot steaming fluid at us that we were instantly subjected to a first degree burn. Our faces, arms and legs burnt. I was severely impacted because I was at the front. Trying to raise my left leg; behold it was burnt well.

We took off, and it pounced. The issue was that it even stood in our way to the door. Running from the back of the warehouse, where there was narrow track that may lead us were to hide; I found out I can’t lift my left leg. It was paining me as well as going numb. Uzomma who was already in front of me noticed I was lagging behind. She raced up to me, put her left arm under my right arm and carried me while I supported myself on her. We ran for our dear life as well as dragging myself along. But I was delaying the whole thing because of the injury in my left leg. My wife holding me tight while I was doing the best I could to lift up my body; limping along the run way. It was coming. It was intruding. It was closing in on us, wanting to get its long tentacles on us. Whipping it left and right and around, may be to hit us. Splashing glasses, plastic casings of my equipment, used bunch of furniture along its way. I looked back it was running close on its two web-like feet just like we were running on our human feet.

Luckily we dashed out of the open door into the hallway.

Hollow Monsters 2 (Continue Here…)

Written By Francis Aneke

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