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graduate searching for job

A graduate who studied Animal husbandry was searching for job in Nigeria, but all to no avail. One day he came across a post written ‘‘ Zoo attendant needed here‘’ Not wasting a time because he has suffered many weeks looking for job, he went in to seek for the job

Zoo man: ‘’There are no more jobs here, but our gorilla died yesterday’’

The jobseeker: ’’and what’s that suppose to me’’

Zoo man: ’Our tourists who are coming because of our gorilla will soon find out. If only you can wear the gorilla’s skin, enter the cage and sound like a gorilla

The jobseeker: ‘’Then what’s my offer‘’

Zoo man: ‘’we will pay you just like they pay workers in Oil Company ’’

Having heard that, the man accepted the offer. He took up the gorilla’s skin and hump into the cage and started roaring and behaving like a gorilla.

He immidiately took up the gorilla's skin because of the offer

He immidiately took up the gorilla’s skin because of the offer

After a time he started moving beyond his territory to take sightseeing around the zoo. Until he came to cage that belong to a lion. Suddenly a big lion appeared immediately and jumped directly on him and he already has forgot that he was a gorilla and was shouting…….

lion and gorilla

He jumped on him

‘’Please help!  Please help! …. A lion wants to tear down a human being!’’

And the  lion lean closer and whispered…….

‘’Anderson it’s me john, your fellow university course mate’’


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