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I catch you today

A boy of 14 years called Samson was not happy how his senior brothers use to carry big plates of food with bigger meats on top whenever their mother prepares their dinner. While him and his junior sister would be left with smaller plates of food and smaller meat on top to go with.

Just a family of four, with 3 boys and the last girl of 12 years and he was the third boy.  It has been a routine in their family that during dinner and sometimes lunch, everybody has to go with their plates of food except when they have decided to eat together. Samson  always was left to watch how his big two brothers use to carry the big ones, the kind of big meats that their mother use to left on top of their plates of food is always astonishing. Some special days they slaughter big goat, he watches those plates with better parts of the goat. Their mother will call them one by one to pick their meals

One day it came into his mind……

SAMSON: “I enjoy how you use to take care of us

MOTHER: “thank you for your appreciation son

SAMSON: “that shows you’re the best mother in the world

MOTHER: “and i will keep on doing that because i have the best sons and daughter in the world

SAMSON: “and i would like to help you to prove to you that you’re the best mother in the world

MOTHER: “help me like how

SAMSON: “I don’t like how you over work yourself

SAMSON: “after cooking would like to be the one to share the food for you so that they will come and carry

Her mother did not agree till she persuaded enough to get his request.

He began to share food after cooking. The corny Samson will share the dish in plates from a plate with bigger food to the plate with the smallest. He will now park fine and bigger meats under the second to the last plate. He will do it in such that they hardly notice the big mansion of meats beneath. Still the plate will still remain the second smallest to your eyes.

Yes all the time they will carry it turn by turn and he will go and hide to embezzle the meats. It kept on happening till one day his junior sister noticed what he was doing.

One faithful day their father came back with killed antelope and their mother prepared one pot of hot jollof rice filled with antelope meats. That was the first time he is going to eat antelope meat. Samson was very happy that he was going to chop meat to the brim of his stomach. Their father told their mother that the whole antelope was to be shared completely without leaving any meat behind because it was small though.

Samson did as usual after cooking. He put one, one meat on top with the bigger meat on the first plate to the smaller meat on the last plate.

He packed more than he use to pack beneath the plate that will get to him. Now the pot was empty with meats as father requested.

Samson went outside and called his brothers and then his sister who was near the kitchen.

SAMSON: ‘brothers, it’s time for fooooooood!

When his senior brother came in, he asked him why he was very happy this time, he said nothing.

Big brother carried his own, second brother carried his own, Samson carried his own and junior sister carried her own. Samson went to hide and embezzle as usual.  He got to his place, set the big fooooooood down and cleared his throat to chop as usual only to discover not even a pin of meat except piece of papers with inscription ‘ i catch you today’.

SAMSON: ‘chei !!!!

He looked up only to see her sister at a corner smiling with ‘‘i catch you today’’ paper raised up in one hand while her two brothers were standing at her back………………

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