Jungle Boy and the Bees [script 3]" />

Jungle Boy and the Bees [script 3]

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Read script 1 and script 2 if you haven not.


Nana gave a cry and it was all over. As if that was a signal and as if they were waking from a sleep, the bees started to sting. They settled on us. They stung and we shouted and ran from panic, fear and pain. We felt a hundred needle-brick all over us. Perhaps the bees heard our cries for they pursued us and stung us again and again. They pulled the hair on our heads. We clutched at them and pulled. Some came off others had their stings so deep in our skin that they broke into parts leaving the heads and the stings in the skin.

Someone fell and screamed for the bees went down with him and stung hard. At this point we scattered in different directions. No one waited for the others. The bees had not returned and we dared not to stop. We did not see one another anymore. Our one thought was to escape from the bees. We used our heads and hands to open the bush in front of us.  I kept running even though the bees ha d turned back and no longer pursued me. I didn’t know it .  At least I hit at the main road leading to our village. I sat down, worn out, breathing hard. I realized now that I was not seeing clearly and putting my hands to my face, felt big bumps all over my face. My eyelids had become swollen and almost closed.  My eyes and lips had doubled in thickness. My nose was enlarged. I was seeing double.

I was conscious of sever pains all over my body and a strong headache. I wondered where my mates were. Just then I heard someone howling. I knew that one of us was trying to make his way out. I answered back and from different directions my mates emerged from the bush.

We were all in the same plight. When i managed to look at Dara, he was funny to look at. In spite of myself, I laughed. The others too joined in the laughter. Each looked at the other wondering if his mother would know him. The four of us sitting down there with our singlet vest turn to pieces, and our pants ragged, made a sorry sight.

We had lost our bags and cutlasses and we had not enough courage to go back into the bush looking for them. Even the honeycomb which Dara has collected has dropped from the bag. That was the saddest thing of all. Our lips and arms were bleeding from scratches. Nana had a long thorn buried in the sole of his foot and he wept from the pain it gave. We had no knife to remove the thorn and though we were sorry for him we could not help him.

The headache and pain we felt has increased. I was feeling very hot indeed, and my face was burning. The others must have felt as bad for we readily agreed that we should hurry home. We all knew what alarm our mothers would raise and how our sisters would laugh at us, but we had no choice.

We walked home. The pleasure and pride which we had felt earlier in the evening had left us. In their place we had regret and sorrow. But we did not blame anyone.  Our main concern was how to get fit and well by the following morning, for the girls and boys at school were bound to ask questions. What answers would we give? What would the teachers do? Perhaps they would stand us before the school and mock us. Perhaps they would flog us on top of it all for going honey-hunting when we should be doing our home work. We were sad indeed.

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