Jungle Boy and The Bees [Script 4; the end]

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Read script 1, script 2 and script 3 if you haven not.

_While we were still thinking of this, my sister came out of the bush at the back of our house and saw the sorry plight. She was shocked. She clapped her hands out of the concern. She felt for us and dashed in to tell mother. We feared the worst.

When mother came out I was standing alone shivering with fever and fear. My father was not in and this I was lucky for he, a sever man, would not mind whipping me there and then. Just then we heard an alarm coming from Nana’s house. I heard ‘Help! Help! Nana has fainted’. I expected it would be my turn. What would it feel like to faith I wondered. If only i could faint too, I would have my father’s sympathy.  But I did not faint.

I was laid on the mats and covered with my clothes. The village doctor was sent for but he took some time in coming as he was busy treating Nana When he came he gave me some medicine to lick. It was sweet. It was mixed with honey. Every part of my body was rubbed with the same kind of medicine and i felt sticky. In about ten minutes I was sick all over the place. A little time after this  I fell asleep and woke up in the morning hale and hearty. All the swelling in my face and sleep had disappeared in my sleep. I looked into the mirror and I was my old self again.

As i got ready for school, I wondered what had happened to my mates. Just then Dara came in looking happy. We both moved on to Nana’s house. Apart from the bandage on his foot; you wouldn’t know it was the very boy who was very ill and who fainted the night before. We were now satisfied that nobody would hear of our adventure at school.

But the news of the adventure had gone before us to the school. We did not know it. We walked into the school as usual as if nothing had happened. Then the boys and girls burst into laughter and a song, ‘Tell us boys, how sweet is the honey, how hard the bees sting?’ They clapped their hands around us. All we could do was bto bend our heads in shame.

On our way from school we sat down by the roadside and went over our misfortune of the previous day. Where did we go wrong? No one knew. Dara denied either moving or licking the honey in the presence of the bees .The others denied making any mistakes. I even denied dropping the green leaf in my mouth. In truth, I did drop the leaf when my mouth trembled. Nana told us that he did not realize that he fainted but remembered having a dream that he went back to the bush, sat down by the hive and removed all the honey-comb. We, once again, remembered how each of us looked after the attack by the bees and we laughed and laughed again. Just like your happy Now

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