Man killing wife then uses her dismembered head to drown himself in lake is not the only case where a murdered victim is left as a dismembered body parts around;

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First, in Austria: Man kills wife then uses her dismembered head to drown himself in lake


On a Sunday in January 2016, a passerby noticed a suitcase floating in Lake Traunsee in Austria. He pulled the case ashore and discovered human hands and feet inside. Shortly thereafter, a police dog found a second suitcase containing the rest of the female victim . . . minus the head. The following day, divers trawling the lake discovered the body of a man weighed down by rocks and concrete.

The bodies were identified as a married couple, both in their seventies, from Frankfurt, Germany. The woman’s head was found encased in the concrete used to weigh down her husband’s body. An autopsy identified strangulation as her cause of death, followed by dismemberment with a saw.

Since the man seemed to have drowned without a struggle, police deduced that his death was a suicide. It is believed that the husband strangled and dismembered his wife before he weighed himself down and walked into the lake.

No motive was reported, and police have ruled out any third-party involvement. Many questions still linger regarding the execution of this bizarre murder-suicide.

The Man In The SuitCase

In January 2015, authorities were called to investigate a suspicious suitcase left on the sidewalk of a San Francisco street. A dismembered torso was found in the case. Soon after, police discovered a leg and a foot in a nearby trash can. Surveillance recordings pointed officials toward 54-year-old Mark Andrus. He was seen wheeling the suitcase along the street with several backpacks slung over his shoulder.

DNA evidence revealed the victim to be Andrus’s friend and former roommate, 58-year-old Omar Shahwan. A small-time drug dealer and long-time drug user, Andrus was released after questioning due to lack of evidence. Less than a week later, he was admitted to a hospital where he died of drug-related septic shock. His public defender, Jess Adachi, stated that he was “engaging and kind,” while Mark Keefer, a mutual friend of his and Shahwan’s, showed surprise and disbelief at the alleged actions.

With the only suspect dead, authorities followed the digital trail from Andrus’s mobile phone to find the hotel where he stayed. Shahwan had also been checked into the same room. Officials questioned the neighbors, who reported hearing loud banging on the walls and someone begging for mercy. No evidence of murder was visible in the room when they searched a month later, but Andrus’s phone revealed that he had recently searched for hand saws and power tools. Officials have closed the case, believing that Andrus is to blame even though there’s no apparent motive and the murder weapon hasn’t been found. Another problem is that the victim’s head and hands are also undiscovered.

The River Of Travelling Body Parts


As recently as February 2016, a human head and torso washed up along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand. Considering the size of the river and all the canals running into it, it was not surprising that various body parts were found in different districts. A lower leg was found by a boat operator, who roped it in and called the officials. A plastic-wrapped head had been swept under a riverside house, and a dockyard worker discovered a severed arm tangled in weeds. All of them came from the same body.

Police believed that the body belonged to a man of Asian descent and suspected that the Chinese Triads were responsible due to the method of disposal. By the end of that week, a total of seven body parts had been found. One of them was a hand, which helped the police identify the victim as Spanish businessman David Bernat. An autopsy revealed signs of torture and suffocation. According to police, Bernat was forced to transfer money to people in Thailand, Spain, and Singapore. More than $1 million was transferred from his accounts right before his death.

The investigation led police to a condominium that was believed to be the location of Bernat’s torture, murder, and dismemberment. DNA collected at the scene belonged to Artur Segarra Pricepand and a female accomplice. Pricepand was apprehended in Cambodia and handed over to the Thai police.

Thai officials are confident about the case. Between the incriminating statements from Pricepand’s girlfriend and the money that was transferred from Bernat’s account to Pricepand’s, they hope they’ll be able to get a conviction. The investigation is ongoing.

The Serial Female Circumciser(Female genitals found in Bloemfontein man’s fridge)


A small town in South Africa was rocked to its core in September 2015 when an elderly man named Peter Frederiksen was arrested for having 21 female genitalia neatly packed in his home freezer. Frederiksen, a Danish national who owned a gun store in Bloemfontein, South Africa, was also wanted by Danish police for illegal firearm dealings.

In his house, police found surgical equipment, sedatives, and meticulous records that indicated who each grisly trophy belonged to and when it was removed. They also found a mobile phone with detailed photographs of the circumcision process. Officials believe that Frederiksen’s victims are still alive and have appealed for them to come forward.


Peter Frederiksen denied all charges and claimed that his wife, Anna Matseliso Molise, was the true culprit. He was recorded saying that all the evidence found belonged to her and that she’d given him permission to record the circumcision rituals, which took place in her native country of Lesotho.

Frederiksen was exposed by his wife, who spoke to municipal workers and said that she feared for her life and the lives of their two children. The 28-year-old was allegedly one of his victims and first attempted to report the case at the local police station in early 2015, but she was inexplicably sent home.

Molise was set to testify against her husband and refused witness protection. Before the trial began, she was fatally shot. Frederiksen is now a suspect in her murder, despite shedding tears at his bail application in November 2015 when he heard of his wife’s death.

The Chicago Child–YfI4LE

In 2015, police recovered a suspicious object found floating in a lake in Chicago’s Garfield Park. It turned out to be the badly decomposed hands and feet of a small child.


Further searching uncovered the child’s head. Police were able to create a sketch of the child and shared it with the public. The lack of a complete set of remains left basic questions unanswered, such as the child’s gender and cause of death.

Later, DNA samples revealed the victim to be two-year-old Kyrian Knox, who had been missing for months. While Kyrian’s mother was moving from Iowa to Chicago, the child had been staying with some friends of the family. Police hit a dead end because those family friends, Kamel Harris and Danyelle Foggs, refused to cooperate with the investigation. They have not been named as suspects, and all attempts to contact them have gone unanswered. As a result, the case has gone cold.

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