Mars Explorer 2017

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It is not new to us that many gadgets are built for research on space. Some are built  with the capability of working on mars for the sake of data collection. We have many designs of them each with its interesting artistic pattern. As you can see; technology is already an art of its own, which you can explore from this one piece; Mars Explorer.

Mars Explorer which is all about avoiding our pending extinction!; Created by designer Daniel Chindris, the futuristic Mars Explorer is a single part of a larger expedition force to explore Mars’ tough terrain and collect data on the Red Planet. Designed for mobility, it features multiple heavy-duty tires for traversing the rocky landscape while carrying precious cargo. It’s equipped with sensors for collecting environmental data, tech for mapping, and a system for testing physical matter. Capable of running in spurts of 72 hours autonomously, this all-electric rover is sure to not emit any greenhouses gases so we don’t make the same mistake twice.
Designer: Daniel Chindris!
Via YankoDesign

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