Nigerians Reacts To President Buhari’s Absence In Ogoniland Niger Delter

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When it was announced that President Muhammadu Buhari would on Thursday, June 2, visit Ogoniland to flag-off the clean-up exercise in the region, many were elated, however, the militant group Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) did not think it wise.


President Muhammadu Buhari’s cancelled trip to Ogoni land has become an issue of keen debate. Nigerians again were sent into a frenzy when news broke out that the president had cancelled his trip and in his stead, Vice President Osinbajo would attend. The cancellation of the president’s trip to Ogoniland has caused so much uproar on social media, with some Nigerians calling it cowardice, while others defended the move. Below are the takes of Nigerians on the very controversial issue.

Chidimma Joy said: “Buhari is afraid of Niger Delta Avengers because of the threatening letter they sent to him yesterday. But wait o,I thought Buhari said he is the strongest man on earth, and that he will crush Niger Delta Avengers; but now he is afraid to visit their land as he promised.” Lukpata Jeremiah was of the opinion that Buhari cannot go to places like the Niger Delta, when he has no clean mind or conscience. “He promised to come to Lagos but failed, he only sent his houseboy. Now he promised Ogoni people but failed again. He is a promise-and-fail person. His next promised place will be Sambisa forest but I know he will fail also. You northerners i do know quiet well that you people will attack me on this buh i must tell you the truth. When GEJ was there, he entered anywhere including military camp in Sambisa forest that is the quality of a leader with a deep love for his country,” Lukpata.

Hilldon E Meku said: “Everything I have heard and seen about this APC regime is all lies, can’t the same so called president also delegate his deputy to go and represent him on foreign trips? I believe those foreign trips are for his selfish interest and not for the benefit of Nigeria. Jonathan may be corrupt , Yes! But Buhari is one of the leading vanguards of corruption if not their father. To me he is not a worthy father because he is a dictator and its all over his words and actions.”

Buhari is “The coward-in-chief of the Nigerian forces Buhari has his tail between his legs,” Kalu Azu Elijah. “General that cannot lead the war from the front. Is that one General?,” Kami Eazychi Meanwhile, Senator Shehu Sani has reacted to the situation. “Whether it’s PMB or Vice President that travelled to Rivers,the most important thing is that the FG has taken a bold and unprecedented step in cleaning up Ogoni land and the Niger Delta in line with ‪#‎UNEP‬ report and recommendations.An initiative hitherto disregarded by past administrations.By his action,PMB is present.Action is the soul and testimony of physical presence.”

Amaechi Babatunde B Yusuff said: “Why are you all wailing? When an Ijaw man was president for six years and cannot clean up his own Ogoni land. The measure was implemented in 2011. Another man now comes and do it and you are not ashamed.” “Sometimes, most times, common sense is not always common. GEJ saw the need to concede defeat to prevent bloodshed. If PMB sends his vice to stop trouble makers from having a field day, does that mean cowardice? No (in d upper case). It is just common sense. Of course it’s d timid soldier that usually conveys the corpse of the brave warrior home(words of our elders),”

Ujay Udobong said. Dickson Ighavini said: “I think the president is in order. He knows the consequence, in the event of anything happening to him, on the Niger Delta. Surely, you can’t expect him to leave such a burden of guilt on his family if the rascals should carry out an act, the consequences of which they do not know.

Lanre Azeez: “Do u think he (Buhari) stopped going because he is afraid? He is not afraid to go but he avoids spilling of human blood because the wailing wailers would cry foul when Ogoni water land becomes blood land. Humility of a tiger is not being afraid. Buhari is ahead of the game.”


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