Secret Cult Accident

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You might have heard at one time or another of the existence of secret cults in the part of the country in which you live. If you have already heard about them, then you will have no difficulty in understanding what I am going to write. If you have not, then follow this simple explanation.

Different kinds of cults exist in different parts of the world and are given different names. Usually a group of people get themselves together and meet in a secret place. They do not allow other people who are not members of their meetings. Also they make a secret of all the things they do and say there. It is believed that anyone who leaks out this secret is severely punished and dismissed from the group.

I shall not tell you what things are said and what things are done at these secret meetings for fear of being punished__kidden. I shall however tell you of a secret of the young boys to which I belonged when I was a child.

In our village, like many other villages around, children had always formed a secret cult. In this they imitated the elders. This practice had been handed down from our great grandfathers.

This cult to which I belonged was called the ‘Secret House’; but it was neither a house nor secret, moreover it was seasonal and as soon as the season was over we forget all about it. The activities of this cult used to last barely two and a half months in the year. These were the last few months of the dry season.

Admission into the cult was open to boys who were at least nine years old. This is the age at which it was believed, boys could be trusted not to tell the secrets to their mothers. In spite of this age limit however, some boys did tell their mothers, especially at meal-times, some of these secrets. When this happened, reports were often made to the group by their senior brothers.

During this season therefore senior brothers received maximum respect from their junior ones because seniority in the cult meant power. It was a common thing therefore to find that junior boys had to bribe their brothers with as much as half their share of any food served at home. All that the brother had to say to drive his point home was ‘We’ll meet at the house.’ In the morning you had to prostrate to your brothers as a sign of respect even though once the season was over you were once again equals.

The punishment given to the offenders was often severe. Flogging was the least form of punishment that one could get. It was not just ordinary flogging. The other boys would form themselves in a circle round the offender, clap their hands and sing, ‘Let’s see you dance like a sufferer’ The offender would therefore dance to the song round and round inside the circle and often in tears. As he dance round he received a stroke of the cane each time he passed the cane master. The ‘chief’ would rest back on a wooden easy chair and watch the show.

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