The Alfa Romeo Disco Volante that takes the natural curves of a woman’s body

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You can call it ALFA ROMEO or you can call it ALFA JULIET. Imaging when a vehicle takes the shape of a woman, it calls for absolute beauty and perfect figure.

For all its aggressiveness, the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante concept by Alex Imnadze also has a delicate femininity to it. Makes perfect sense considering its flowing form was inspired by the natural curves of a woman’s body!

Like the 1950s Disco Volante before it, its distinguished by streamlined bodywork, a uniquely Alfa Romeo nose, and dramatic contours. Unlike the vintage racer, it ditches the convertible top for a low slung hard top. While modern Alfa’s are known for their quirky shapes, this is one that’s beautiful from every angle.

Alfa Romeo7

Alfa Romeo6

Alfa Romeo1

Alfa Romeo10

Alfa Romeo3

Alfa Romeo5

Alfa Romeo4

Alfa Romeo2

Alfa Romeo10

Designer: Alex Imnadze
Francis Aneke

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