The Mating Rituals of Ducks and Roadrunners are very Artistic

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Although ducks are often featured in children’s books, their mating rituals are not like fairy tales. In fact, their rituals are quite bizarre

Mating Ducks

Ducks represent the mere 3 percent of birds which have phalli or vaginal tracts. Perhaps it’s evolutionary biology that led female ducks to develop obscure vaginal paths and male ducks to develop phalli up to 38 centimeters (15 in) long.

Male ducks will often gang-rape a female to force copulation. The size of their phalli is often considerably larger than their entire bodies. As a defense mechanism, the female ducks’ anatomy allows them to select the right sperm for their eggs. Instead of a simple oviduct, the female ducks possess a complex vaginal tract with different sacs and crannies.

To make it even harder for just any duck to successfully eject his sperm into the female, the female’s tract has an anti-corkscrew shape that contrasts with the male’s corkscrew-shaped phallus. Except for extremely cold habitats, ducks are commonly found throughout the world.

Mating Roundrunner Bird

Food may be the way to a human man’s heart, but the roles are reversed for greater roadrunners. In one common example of courtship, a male will approach a female with a snake or lizard dangling from its beak. If the female accepts the offer, the two will mate.

Like many other birds, greater roadrunners can stretch their range of vocalizations from a low coo to a whirring call. In addition, the male will wag his tail in front of the female while making the cooing sounds. Then, he’ll leap onto her to begin mating.

Since it is capable of running up to 25 kilometers per hour (15 mph), the greater roadrunner could flee the scene immediately after mating. However, these birds will often choose a mate for life and share the duties in raising a family.

Greater roadrunners (Geococcyx californianus) primarily live in the arid habitats of the southwestern US but have been seen as far south as mainland Mexico.

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