THE THREE WAY SEEKERS___becoming the unbecoming

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The Three Seekers


The Three Seekers

Three guys where planning how to make money after their four year   struggle in university,

Martins read pharmacy, Juel studied in military school and paul was yet     to enroll in ICAAN to become an accountant.

No serious work around to do, even though that, not a day will go by without each of them having their daily bread because they have some things doing, even though it’s not what will make  a full man as they believe.

Is it how we are going to make it like every other hustlers that has been on top.

MARTINS: “does it mean that this is how my life is going to be. I did my own part, studied well, made a good grade and yet no Benjamin pumping in”

PAUL: “my father doesn’t send me to school to become like him”

JUEL: If not for the crime i committed i would have been a soldier now earning some money though”

MARTINS:  “I can’t be getting dough nuts as money and expects to hit it one day”

PAUL: “so what shall we do to make a change?”

     They were deliberating on an issue which seems to be the most important aspect of their life.

The three of them has known each other for a long time from their high school days.

Martins was not much a happening guy but he was smart, tall and handsome. The only child of his parents.  Paul was a calculative guy and he use to know his way out on certain situations.

Mr Juel was a strong guy, huge and tall. In fact you know when you  see somebody, you know in your mind that this is indeed a GIANT. Yes he is. Am i correct, yes because i could remember a couple of times I bumped into him and he took a spirit out of me? I nearly died in those occasions, because i thought he was a monster set out to kill me.

Sorry lets continue……………

Hours goes by, weeks goes by, as they are debating on what to do to better their lives

Martins has a girl friend, Hannah, She use to come   to no:1 dakel street to visit her dear friend.

One day, Martin and mr  juel  were in a street facing the famous New Era Bank in dakel street, chilling out after their long day work.{Have i told you that Martin and mr  juel were working in a barbers shop in dakel street while paul was working as  a bouncer in Homesteed club}

Poom, it came into martins mind like an African thunder storm and the whirling sound of a dark sinister wind.

MARTINS:  “What if we reason out this?

He said to mr  juel

JUEL: “like what”

Don’t worry Dear viewers, martins was not trying to tell mr juel about an ideal of robbing a bank. But at least for them to do what martins has suggested might be a good ideal for them when they sat together and delegate on it with paul.

The dakel street was quite a busy area with many business offices around, well, enough shop and a bunch of restaurant to go with, and again this bone of contention The New Era Bank. At about 15 meters away from the bank was martins residence. A Two bedroom apartment, one quite ok for him and his buddy and the other living room can serve paul and mr juel whenever they come to pay a visit. Sometimes the three of them and martins girl Hannah will all be there for a cool day rest and a merriment.

At that very warm afternoon, the three of them were in this apartment just chilling with each other when they finally came out with this warm idea.

JUEL: “I have told martins that i cannot get myself into anything”

JUEL: “You know what i mean paul?”

PAUL: “Well it depends on your spirit, but let’s not go there. Let’s follow the other way round”

When you see desperate men hustling for money to a stage that they need to take a bold step to hit it once, nobody will tell you what will be nest or don’t you know?

But we believe that you might be guessing what will happen next. Please don’t guess the story is twisted…………..

What is needed in this game? They had already borrowed  a 2010 Toyota Tundra Double Cab, red in colour from the far end of the state, Three pieces of  scream mask, Three pairs of black leather hand gloves to avoid finger prints identification. one new phone sets and some few other things.

leather glove

leather glove

Scream mask

Scream mask

thundra car

painted thundra car


Do you think that they are just going out for a kidnap, no!, if you have that in mind you are wrong and again, please don’t guess because the story is still twisted…………..

But nevertheless, there is one more gadget they need to get is also very important before they begin this their precious game that is hidden away from Hannah.

The three of them came out from a cab the stopped on Adhen street. Paul deep his hand inside his pocket and passed 50 bucks the cab man. He looked up, looked at both sides of the street. He nodded and then faced a corny path leading to a slump. He lit up a cigarettes and took a puff.

‘Wow good‘

MARTINS: ‘I don’t understand you man, where are you leading us to? ‘

follow me guys!‘

Paul led them deep into the hood lumps where no crime is prohibited. A dirty environment with some tattered   houses.  Matching of feet began to close in as about to bounce on them. Do you think Paul was the most hefty man ever been told. This man was as giant as the mammoth in extinction. He appear with a face of  a merciless killer. A big box on a left hand and a knife on the right hand,

THE MAN: ‘hey!

PAUL: ‘so?

The man leaned closer, closer and closer

{CURTAIN].Next time on the three seekers   >>>>>>>>>>>>

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