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the dream is free

From every womb all nuke and cranny around the world, bloods comes together to make foetus. The foetus strives, grows and stays for week in other to mature enough to come out into the open world where an ocean of dreams exists, flowing from one domain to the other. Each child on earth is destined to pick up what he will like to dream of acquiring. It’s made to be free. The dream anybody aspires for, is just a free product the person can get. From zone to zone, continent to continent, they hover around waiting for whom to crab them as their target for life, if not for life, as their target for a targeted period of time.
But one problem face by human race is that dreams are fulfilled not in the hands of all who has hunt for it. All are free to choose a dream to acquire, but not all can acquire their dreams. The graves are full of lost dreams but yet it’s just a free gift given to mankind.
The way we achieve this so called dream is different from individual to individual. You are left to choose the method you fill that your dream can be acquired. The way a child struggles to be famous might be different from the way another child struggle to get that same fame. A child might choose a line of movie acting to get him or herself to the ground of fame, while another child might choose to walk his or her career into politics where there is also a reign of fame. But what matters is that they achieved the same fame, even though they followed different root. A child who became a medical doctor after studying in the highest university is no different from the one who studied in an average university, because they are all doctors.
Now what has you meant to be your dream?
Have you acquired your dream in life?
Now if you have acquired your dream, what is that you achieved?
If you have not acquired your dream, please feel free to share that your dream with us, so that we can deliberate on how you can achieve your dream……

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